AGLA Pro League Community Rankings by Crusader

April 27th, 2018 by

Hey Everyone!  It’s the first AGLA season on the new site so you know there’s gonna be some rankings and Crusader has us covered.  The rankings are based on what the community voted with write ups for each team by our very own admins, The Piggies and Rage More Nerd!  No sense in waiting, here are the rankings!



1. Notorious (1.3 average ranking)

Pig: Notorious has possibly the best duo to have ever been formed in Nets and Saintz. This is Final Boss minus Digital and plus Nets, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can carry that chemistry over to the AGLA. Saintz is admittedly the best player in the league when I’m not trolling, and Nets is a capable role player, probably also the best in the league at what he does. Between the two you have dominant tanking, excellent positioning, extremely good decision making and the in-game leadership needed to keep this team organized on the court. Couple that with two extremely veteran support players in Silva and AJ, and you have, very obviously, the best team in the league (and also one that’ll be really fun).


Silva will no doubt be the runner for this squad. He can clutch up a lot but he absolutely needs to be patient when he’s behind Saintz and AJ and just wait for either them or Nets to create opportunities. Reckless running isn’t something this team will need; if Silva can channel his inner Crusader and stop trying to punch anything that moves, that will just make this team even stronger. AJ is last but definitely not least. Best thing AJ can do is not betray his entire team on his own plate and then have his controller disconnect lemayo. Someone should find that clip btw. Seriously though AJ brings a lot to the table, but I think his biggest impact will be his attitude. Between him and Nets this team will have a constantly good outlook regardless of if they’re having a great game or a really bad one. People underestimate the chemistry of the people not just on the court but in the xbox party as well, and I think this is where AJ really shines. Don’t misunderstand though. AJ will play the passive support tank to Saintz and have a big impact on the team. I’m looking forward to seeing if Nets can be the first player to 3-peat in the bid league, if Saintz can finally seal any doubt about being better than Ace, and if AJ and Silva can win their first (pro) bid league ship together.



2. One Hit Wonders (2.3 avg)

Rage: Defense wins championships.  Crusader, Sab, and KDSkill have built their careers around their defense and if you didn’t know, Jea can pop up a runner as well as anyone and is no stranger to ridiculous sword and hammer lunges.  This is a typical One Hit Wonders team that is all about defense, playmaking and chemistry. I’m not sure if Crusader or KDSkill will be the dedicated runner for this team, but I don’t think it matters, this team has everything they need to be successful and judging from this #2 spot, it looks like everyone is done sleeping on the teams that will be going mass negative.

The only real wildcard on the team is of course Jea, he’s a proven talent but has yet to be on a team where he can thrive, and this very well may be the team.  He’s going to have the freedom to play his game and has a lineup around him that can make it work. As per usual, teams will attempt to tank this team into the ground and it probably won’t work.  There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said about every Crusader team ever, so I won’t waste your time.




3. Ghosts of Grif (4.1 avg)

Rage: Let’s start off with the good, this tanking line is ridiculous.  Galv and Gingy will be near the top of any list of best tanks in the league and are capable of carrying a team on their own, this is half of a god squad tanking lineup which will ensure they will always compete.  Ezy is back alongside Gingy so you can expect him to get away with the usual bullshit and is a very capable tank when he’s on his game. It’s unlikely you’re going to tank your way to a win against this team and you can expect them to tank their way to most of their wins, the other half of the game is where the flaws are exposed in the lineup.

Runners have been a dying breed in Grifball since the end of the Reach days and this season is no different.  There’s plenty of talent on this team that can run the ball in customs and make plays here and there, but when it’s a 4-4 game and the pressure is on, there are few players who are ready to embrace the moment and get the job done and I don’t believe there is someone on this team that fits the criteria.  A tanking line headlined by Galv and Gingy will make life easy for any runner, but history has shown that it isn’t enough in a pro league with this level of talent. Once the most dominant runner in the league, Ezy has almost completely converted into a tank and is the last person on this team I expect to run, and having Galv or Gingy run is a horrible misuse of a player.  Similar to last season, this season is going to fall into the hands of Rick. Having played with Rick last season and putting him in a similar situation, I feel he is better off the ball and isn’t meant to be a dedicated runner. I would argue this team would be better off if they used Boss as much as possible and have him hold onto the ball. Either way, the success of this team will be in the hands of their runner.  Play it slow, play it smart, and they can be the best.





4. Xbox Record That (4.2 avg)

Rage: There are serious teams that are here to win, and then there’s teams like XRT that are here to have fun, and just happen to win along the way.  There’s going to be a lot of lulz to be had, a lot of passes thrown, and many swords swung. Poptart and Drk spend most of their time in Late League running around with their swords and Pigs is no stranger to cheating as well.  Dig uses it here and there, but let’s be serious, his heart is with the hammer and he still knows how to use it. This team is going to have plenty of playmaking and a tough defense. Drk and Dig will be creating a brick wall on defense and they’re all capable of running the ball.  Unaware runners and lazy defenders beware, this team will punish your mistakes.

The clear issue with this team is going to be tank ins.  There’s plenty of tanking power on this team but it’s a very passive lineup.  Where teams like Ghosts of Grif have plenty of pushing power with Gingy and Dig, and Notorious has Saintz to finish off all their pushes, this team is perhaps too patient and may end up relying on pass goals and defensive turnovers as the source of their offense.  If Dig and Drk can set up shop on the opposing pad, then they can make something happen, but don’t expect anyone to run straight forward and wipe out your team.



5. Grammaton Clerics (4.3 avg)

Pig: Rain and Ace were the third most expensive duo in the pool, which seems kinda odd when you consider the duos above them. They both have an AGLA ‘ship compared to Saintz, Sab and Crusader’s zero. On top of that, I think Rain might be our longest running captain; he’s been a captain since the third season of the bid league when he took over Vital Signs from LightSabre. He’s definitely been a household name for quite some time now, and it was hype to see him get Vital Signs a championship. Now he’s coming back with Ace as his duo, and yet while I personally think he’s positioned his team to do well this season, the community still placed them at number 5.

The question mark here is definitely chemistry, coupled with the fact that their fourth, SKM, is completely new to the leagues, and a stat padder. I have no personal problems with stat padders, but we all know what all of them outside maybe Jea and MrAA do…they run straight to spawn. Few of them have a regard for the bomb or which plate its going into, and so they struggle with positioning and decision making. We’ll see if SKM has the skill to adapt or not. (Though in truth it would not surprise me if Rain simply played Rose.) Couple a questionable fourth with a lack of chemistry and a lack of in-game leadership and you can see why this team is ranked so low. I have a lot of faith in DCleak and Ace though. I think this team could definitely be a dark horse team and we could see them higher in the rankings come the beginning of the season.





6. Elevate (4.8 avg)

Pig: It’s CRAZY to think a team with Rage and Larry on it would be so low right? Undoubtedly the best runner in the league coupled with a early Halo 4 version of Rage who would just dominate everything and doesn’t die? Larry had a crazy good season with Impulse last season, creating goals and opportunities on his own as he usually does. Rage has stepped it up big time, becoming the late league God and returning back to form. He is, for me, the most frustratingly patient player in the league to tank against (though to be fair I have Drk and Dig on my team). So then the obvious explanation for such a low ranking (similar to Grammaton Clerics) is because of the new kids on the block.

It’s common practice to doubt the skills and abilities of players that are new to the pro league, which I think may be warranted these days since pro is so small. Pro league AGLA games are guaranteed to be some of the sweatiest games you can have. All-pro custom games don’t even come close to comparison. However this is also where people REALLY get to develop themselves as players, and I think you’ll see massive improvements in BCN and Thumping Hawk this season. I think the biggest question, and largest obstacle on this team, is whether Larry can get over his attitude and learn to have some patience while these guys learn how to play in the pro league. Luckily he’s paired with Rage who’s patience on the court entirely reflects his personality. I have faith in Rage to be able to keep Larry calm and focused and to help Hawk and BCN overcome the learning curve at the same time. They obviously have no heavy expectations on them, and the only place they can go up. Get it boys.


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