A Statistical Analysis of Controller Settings Among Pro and Non-Pro Players

April 28th, 2018 by

Hello Grifballers. I posted a link a week ago or so to try and get some insight if controller settings has any correlation to skill in a player. Unfortunately I did not get as many responses as I would have liked, so this article is unconclusive. But I will post the comparisons I have between Pro and non-pro players.

The categories I will talk about are: Button layout, thumbstick, look sensitivity, look acceleration, look inversion, toggle crouch, auto-stabilize, and vibration.

Button Layout:
This data was all over the place. Pretty much the layouts are distributed even amongst pro and non-pros. There is no indication of which layout might be best with this data.

Everyone but one person plays on Default Layout. So no advantage there.

Look Sensitivity:
So the numbers for the pros are going to be skewed here, most pros play in sensitivity 10. Rage plays on 3 so it brings the average down a little. The Pro average sensitivity was 8.75. Where as non-pros was only at 8.34. So a tad of a difference there, and it would be a lot more if not for Rage’s approach.

Look Acceleration:
Given this is a 1-5 scale, the difference between pro and non-pro is a significant amount. The pros play at a 4 even average whereas non-pros play at 3.5. The look sensitivity combined with a lower look acceleration shows that pro players have a faster turning capacity than non-pros.

Look Inversion:
The pros that responded do not play inverted. 100% have it off. On the non-pro side of things only 61% of the players have it off. This is an interesting data point and the most divergent of the two sets we have had yet.

Toggle Crouch:
Pros do not like to accidently crouch and 75% play with toggle off. Not too huge a difference here but only 61% of non-pros play with the toggle off. I do not see this stat REALLY making or breaking you as a pro player, but you never know.

Pros mostly stabilize themselves with 63% of the players opting to turn it off. On the flipside, 85% of the non-pros like it turned on. Looks like I might need to turn mine off…

A subtle controller feature that the pros are almost split on. 55% of the pros turn it off. The non-proers follow suit and only 54% of them turn it off.

Hopefully at the end of the season I can send the link out again and we can get even more participants for something a little more conclusive.

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