Silva’s SML18 Top 28 Pro Players

June 17th, 2018 by


Here’s how my ranking of the Top 28 players from this season’s Pro league looks.  Please note this list was compiled based upon our grading sheet so it’s not a Top 28 overall players – it’s limited to those who actively played in Pro this season.



28) VenomWetBlanket – He’s kind of struggled both in Pro and Legacy this season, but props for helping Shad and company save Galv’s trainwreck.  I’ve seen Venom play a little and can see the potential there, but he definitely needs some more time to develop his skills.


27) El Diablo X230X – One of the good ol boys.  He played a game, went -80, and was never seen again.  But really, when he was actually playing more consistently, Diablo was actually pretty good at everything.  I feel given more practice he would be able to compete in Pro as a 5th or maybe even 4th if he cared enough, but for now maybe Legacy is more suited for him.


26) Annihilation – Another call up to help save the team who shall not be named.  He did his best, and has actually played more games in Pro than the other leagues it seems.  Annihilation is a player you can definitely see the potential in.


25) Myst The Cold – Before the stork came, Myst was looking like she was going to tear things up, looking pretty scary in customs as both a tank and a runner.  Hopefully we see her back someday.


24) AJDaJuiceMayne – The boy.  I had hoped we could get AJ his first and likely only Pro championship this season, as he had planned on retiring after this season (really had planned to after last season, but I convinced him not to), but we failed him.  AJ has actually stepped up his running and especially sword game between last season’s Legacy run and this season, but his tanking has stayed about the same. Unfortunately we just couldn’t really make it work as a tanking team and take home that ship for him.  The AGLA has lost an icon.


23) MrAboveAverage – We only saw one game from Average in Pro, and it wasn’t with his actual team that drafted him, so it’s hard to really rank him accurately.  However, it’s Average, and he has admittedly torn up Legacy at least statistically. Like Rick, maybe one day he’ll get the chance to really shine in Pro as he’s still a great tank.


22) King Rick – Rick is a good all around player that has moments of brilliance.  It’s honestly a shame he hasn’t had the chance to play on a serious team in quite a while now, but if he sticks around maybe he’ll get a shot at it next season.


21) imShad – For what it’s worth Shad definitely put on a bit of a show at least statistically.  If he had been on an actual team, we probably would have seen him somewhere between 11 and 16 I imagine. Come back Shad.


20) oUnique Rose – After playing with and against her more in customs and a league game this season, it’s easy to see the improvement from Rose.  She has improved her tanking a lot, and can make some serious plays with the ball and sword. I still think she’s best utilized as a push tank, she can go on some insane sprees on the enemy’s side leading to easy goals for her team.


19) ThumpingHawk – Hawk has come a long way in a pretty short period of time.  Coming off of a winless Legacy season last season to making playoffs in Pro this season is definitely an accomplishment.  I’ve also seen a lot of him from streaming Elevate’s games and see a ton of potential in him as a Hybrid. He’s really solid with the ball, and can go on some insane tanking streaks.  Look for Hawk to rise the ranks in seasons to come.


18) A Man Canon – Canon was finally forced to get on and play H5 being in Legacy as well as having to start for his Pro team, and it’s finally starting to show.  As of last night he’s been on practicing and has stopped dropping huge negbombs, while improving his running and positioning greatly. Are we starting to see the rise of Canon?  Will he make it back into the top 10 where he’s been the past two Halo games? Only time will tell, but I’m hoping his interest in playing and improving extends past just this season.


17) PoisonxPoptart – The memer himself.  It’s hard to really nail down Poptart. He’s supposed to be a runner, but his running is more of a meme, so he was forced to tank instead.  His tanking  started off great but then also became a bit of a meme, so he’s kind of bouncing back and forth these days between the two.  That being said, with whatever role Poptart is doing at the moment, he’s usually pretty solid at it.


16) NetsPride15 – Nets also had a bit of a rough season, being the 4th most negative player in the league at -307 which, while he hasn’t been a k/d god in H5 really, he’s never gone that negative.  I could be wrong but I think personally his struggles stemmed from simply not playing except for league games, and not needing to last season because of the support he had with Impulse. Nets certainly has the ability to be a top 10 player, but I think it’s just a question of dedication and/or having the right supporting cast around him in order to excel.  He’s still a great push tank and great at defense, but his other skills have seemingly faltered in recent months due to lack of playtime.


15) KDSkill – KD has proven her adaptability this season, playing into OHW’s style perfectly.  I feel like her individual tanking has dipped somewhat as a result, but that’s not really the way OHW plays anyway.  Her running and especially defensive punching with the ball are also top tier, and I feel if she wanted to take running seriously sometime she would excel at it.


14) ST0P K1LLING ME – Stop has been getting a lot (like a lot) of praise lately in the wake of Notorious’ destruction, and some of it is definitely warranted.  He’s a great tank and positions himself well, but I don’t see him as being complete enough of a player yet to crack the top 10, where others are already placing him.  You can only get better in time though, and it will be interesting to see how Stop does in playoffs and beyond.


13) Jeakilla – Jea has been wrecking it for OHW.  At least in my experience, he’s been their main push tank, leading to a lot of goals for them.  Jea excels at pretty much every aspect of the game, and is one of the more likely members of the mid tier here to eventually break into the top 10.


12) Silva – I can either be top 5 or top 15 depending on the day and how warm I am, more often than not somewhere in between.


11) Rage More Nerd – Rage is still a great support tank and playmaker who has drastically improved his tanking over last season (-122 to +78) which was the main weakness he was having before.  His running is still on point as far as I know, as well as his defensive and positioning skills. Rage is consistently good to great, which is why he’s just on the cusp of top 10 for me.






10) Sabasauros Rex – Good ol Jake.  Sab is a really good hammer tank, being the only person on OHW close to being not negative (-4).  That itself is impressive considering his teammates combine for a whopping -636. I’m not hating on that fact – it’s OHW, it’s kinda what they do, other than win.  It’s impressive because unlike any of the other top tanks in the league, he doesn’t have the tanking support any of them do. He leads the OHW tanking line statistically, while also having 26 goals under his belt.  Sab positions himself extremely well, like all of OHW, and can hold the ball if necessary. He’s one of those players where if you swap them out of the lineup it changes the entire dynamic of the team. Sab’s just a really solid player, I don’t see him advancing higher than top 8 however unless he randomly decides to get on the grind.


9) DCleak – Cleak is damn good at all aspects of the game when he tries, but his goal is never to go positive or really put on a show.  Cleak does the dirty work – throwing himself into the other team time and time again just looking for that one opportunity to get the ball back, or that one double kill on your plate to create an opening for his team to score.  It’s kind of crazy he can be top 10 in the league while consistently being the most negative player.  His selflessness, positioning, and team play skills are already Crusader-esque. It just has to make you wonder what discussions Cleak would be in if he stayed alive a little more.


8) The Eastbrook – Larry has had kind of a rough season.  This season, he’s found himself on a team where he has to usually be the second best player in order for them to really excel which, speaking from experience, is not something you want as a runner.  So, I think Larry has had trouble really giving it his all at times. We’ve all seen what Larry can do, both with and without the ball, so it’s really just a question of him trying his hardest.  Hopefully we’ll see full strength Larry in playoffs.


7) BCN19 – The newer model Digital Pain (thx Larry).  I don’t know if he intentionally modeled his playstyle off of Digital, but regardless BCN is one of the best defensive styled tanks in the league and is certainly coming for that #1 spot over Digital.  Outside of tanking, BCN kind of does it all, and does it all extremely well. I can easily see him climbing this list, but it’s going to take a little time. FL17 wasn’t a great time for BCN, neither was IGL before that.  One season in pro isn’t enough for me to put him above a bunch of others who have been consistently doing great forever, but the crazy numbers he has put up this season is a good start.


6) DlGITAL PAIN – The wall himself.  To me Digital is still the best passive tank in the game which is why he is who I try to emulate when I decide to play passive.  He’s not gonna swing first, and he will kill any push you have by just standing there and waiting patiently for you to make a mistake.  While his tanking style has stayed the same more or less (other than flying at you with those whacky jump-boosts), I feel Digital has improved both his sword and running ability over the past season.  He’s somewhere in the top 8 in all the stats that matter other than goals, which is pretty impressive.  Still, I think the biggest thing Digital brings to the court is his awareness, positioning, and playstyle.  If he can keep improving his decision making with the ball, and get a roster around him that doesn’t explode, I can definitely see him rising the ranks.





5) Invayda Zim – Poor fellar.  XRT was in the talks all pre-season of being a potential contender for the ship, lead by up and coming superstar Dark.  It’s a shame what happened to XRT, but even given the circumstances Dark hasn’t slowed down much. Dark is what I would call a Saintz Lite in terms of ability.  He can go super positive and provide the tanking power for a team, he can sword well/play good defense, and he can run pretty damn well too. He just doesn’t do any of those things to the degree of a Saintz or Ace really, but he’s getting there.  I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see discussions in a few seasons time for Dark 1st if he keeps improving, but I know he hates H5 so who knows if we’ll see him on the grind to get there.


4) InfiniteRain – Look who decided to finally SHOW UP.  Ever since he snuck into that AGLA ship last year with VS and won, Rain has been in a bit of a slump.  Blame lack of caring, or teammates, whatever the case was, Rain just hadn’t been the force he was in pre-IGL Halo 5. That being said, he seemed to take this season more seriously.  Rain put together a squad that can support him as main tank quite well, and he also upped his individual game a ton since even the last season. Rain is back to being a dominant tank, but he’s also improved his running and sword games a little, as well as his positioning.  To me, at this point in time, he’s about as good as you can get without being in the discussion for 1st.


3) Ming Crusader – The smartest player in H5.  There are those players who rarely seem to make a mistake, and then there is Crusader, who seemingly almost never misplays (no pressure).  It’s weird because, as I’ve voiced in the Discord, Crusader doesn’t really dominate with his hammer, or his sword, and certainly not with running.  That’s not to say he’s bad at any of those because that’s not the case, but you just aren’t going to see him go on a big hammer kill streak, or punch anyone really.  Crusader is very calculating, playing everything safe, especially his running. Good luck getting the ball back against OHW because Crusader isn’t going to try and punch you pretty much ever.  Getting the ball from OHW typically relies on someone that isn’t Crusader having the ball and/or everyone dying.  Crusader’s positioning and teamwork, similar to Ace’s (I’d argue slightly better) are another huge part of his game. He makes his teammates better, and if you took him out of the OHW lineup I’m not really sure that team would work without him. That being said, I can’t justify putting him any higher because of the lack of individual dominance which the other two above him display.


2) Saintz The God – Saintz ended this season with a whopping +701 k/d spread which is pretty impressive tanking numbers considering the current next closest is at +537.  Saintz has yet to really run seriously, but if he ever took a season to do so, I feel like he would have the same results as Ace considering they both run so similarly.  Saintz has improved his sword over the past couple of seasons and it has definitely shown considering he’s 1st in carrier kills currently and 3rd overall in sword kills.  So, while he beats Ace in a number of categories statistically, and runs very similarly to him, he is lacking in a couple of key categories which Ace excels in. Saintz has definitely improved in these categories, but as I’ve learned you really need to work around Saintz and direct others to support him, otherwise things just aren’t going to work.  I’d say when he masters the positioning and team tanking roles he’ll be the clear #1.  Until then, I have to give it to Ace as I feel he’s currently a better team player.


1) Ace B S1lentND1 – Ace continues to prove he can do it all this season.  Sporting a +198 k/d spread, he’s 4th overall in k/d spread as a runner.  With a whopping 78 (?!) goals, he’s a clear first when it comes to scoring the bomb – the next closest scorer being Crusader at 47.  I like how Ace can just decide “alright I’m going to run this season” and seemingly do it better than most other players in the league.  I wouldn’t call him the best runner, because he does tend to lose the ball a lot, but he’s still a phenomenal runner with one of the best defensive stiffarms in the game. Really the only thing holding him back is his decision making with the ball at times, which obviously can be improved, and hopefully for GC’s sake he plays things a little safer in playoffs.  Other than running, Ace has continued to be a dominant tank and a fantastic playmaker.  He’s one of those players that can be frustrating to watch what they’re able to get away with in games.  Other than his individual play, Ace is also almost always in the right position for his team.  It seems you don’t really have to work around Ace, he just fits into whatever slot and position a team needs, which to me is what overall puts him above some of the others and gets my nod for best player.








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