Pro Playoffs Round 1 Results & Championship Info

June 22nd, 2018 by

Round 1 of the AGLA SML18 Pro Playoffs kicked off last night and did not disappoint.  In the first series, One Hit Wonders faced off against fourth seed Xbox Record That and ended up taking the series 2-0.  Game 1 started out pretty rough for Xbox Record That, going down 3-0 I believe and bringing it back to 3-3, but in the end it wasn’t enough.  By game 2 OHW had found their footing and steamrolled them 5-1, moving on to the championship.

The second series of the night actually played out fairly similarly.  Series underdogs Elevate managed to keep things pretty close early on game 1, but GC inevitably found their rhythm and started to pick apart EV both on offense and defense.  Game 2, Grammaton didn’t slow a bit and ended the series 2-0 in a 5-0 eleven minute game.

Despite the scores, each of these series showed great moments from each of the underdogs, XRT and EV.  In the end though, Grammaton Clerics and One Hit Wonders proved themselves yet again as the top 2 teams in the league with overall dominant victories over each of their opponents.  Which is what makes this championship so exciting.

Earlier in the season, Grammaton beat OHW to the tune of 5-0 and 5-3 in their first series.  One Hit Wonders answered back weeks later, beating GC 5-2 and 5-1.  So, each of these teams has a history of beating the other pretty handily.  Actually, both of these series produced the only series losses for each team – they beat every other team with relative ease.  This is all setting the stage for an explosive championship match, possibly the best one we’ve seen in recent memory.

I’ll update you all when the match has a set date and time.  Until then, voice your opinion in this quick poll as to who you think will be the SML18 champions and why:


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