AGLA SL18 Pro League Championship Date Announcement & Team Breakdowns

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The championship series game for the AGLA SML18 Pro League will be held on Friday, June 29th at 9 PM EST. The teams playing in Friday’s game are One-Hit Wonders (OHW) and Grammaton Clerics (GC). The game will be broadcast live on through the AGLA Grifball channel. Listed below is a summary of statistics and player bios for both teams.

One-Hit Wonders (OHW)

One-Hit Wonders (OHW) was formed in 2013 and has had Completing the regular season with a series record of 9-1, One-Hit Wonders has experienced significant success. Led by Ming Crusader, OHW has won a total of eighteen games, giving up only four games to other teams and one series to Grammaton Clerics (GC). In the playoff series, OHW defeated Xbox Record That (XRT) 2-0. OHW leads the Pro League in Least Goals Scored Against with a mere 46, and sits comfortable in second place with Most Goals Scored (99). Below is a summary of OHW’s SML18 roster.

Ming Crusader (Captain)


Entering his 22nd season in the League, Crusader hopes to take the title of AGLA champion once again. Sader has been with the Grifball community since 2011 and has won four GGL championships and two AGLA championships in his career. Sader is known for his ability to work off of teammates and improve his team by assisting others. With a recent change in game-type settings, Sader has excelled with the Relic sword and recorded 81 carrier kills in the regular season (second only to Saintz The God). Despite being third from the bottom in the Pro League for K/D Spread, Sader has proved that kills are not the only determining factor in securing a win. Sader builds chemistry into his team, a trait that can’t always be tracked on paper.

Sabasauros Rex (Duo)

Sab has worked well with Sader this season in building his team’s chemistry and knowledge of the game. Despite being called out by many as one of the most overrated Pro players, Sab has the wins and stats to prove his worth. In the regular season, Sab recorded a top fifteen placement in Goal Offense (2nd place), Goals (6th place), Goal Offense (11th place), Kills (12th place), and Carrier Kills (12th place). Sab is often found running opp. side and beating the defending player to catch the pass and score. Sab gets the right kills at the right times and works towards winning the game. Without Sab, OHW would be in a very different position this season.


Though Jea has been the center of controversy at times, his ability to work with his team and fill the role of a tank have proven worthwhile. Finishing the regular season with 2,240 Kills (6th place) and 538 Multi-kills (5th place), Jea has been the core of OHW’s tanking presence. Whether it’s an offensive push to goal, an effort to get swords off of the runner, or a defensive fight to clear his team’s plate, Jea has channeled his skill and connection into making his teammates’ lives easier.


KD has a history with Sader and has applied that chemistry to OHW this season with deadly results. Though many of her stats fall short of the top ten, KD holds 7th place for sword kills with 172. The brilliance of KD’s play style is in her ability to work as a team. KD works towards winning and focuses less on chasing kills. KD will protect the runner at all costs and connects her punches when she has to run. As a newcomer to the Pro League, KD has found her niche in OHW and continues to amaze veterans with her success. KD can work consistently and help her teammates succeed; the fourth for OHW never looked so good.

Grammaton Clerics (GC)

Grammaton Clerics (GC) was originally formed in Halo 3 (2008-2010) by DennyMacPot. Since its inception, GC has been cursed with multiple playoff appearances, one championship appearance, and zero championship wins. However, InfiniteRain has been at the center of GC’s uprising. GC made its first championship series appearance when Rain joined the team, playing in what has been debatably the most exciting championship game in Grifball history. With a captain in Rain and a duo in Ace, GC has been dominant throughout the SML18 regular season. At the beginning of the season though, many players had doubts about GC. The question of whether this team could build chemistry was brought up time and time again. However, saying this team lacks chemistry couldn’t be further from the truth. InfiniteRain’s choice in Stop Killing Me (SKM) proved to be the most clutch bid for a fourth this season. GC’s tanking line in Rain and SKM is unstoppable. Combining solid tanks with punch-patient runner Ace and tactical player DCleak proved deadly throughout the season. Sporting a 9-1 finish in the regular season series, GC both lost and won against the championship contender One-Hit Wonders (OHW). In the playoff series, GC dominated the lower seed Elevate (EV) in a fashion similar to that of OHW vs. XRT. Despite their different play-styles, GC and OHW have proven to be very evenly matched; the championship series could go either way. GC leads the field in Goals (105) and falls second in Kills (8,330), Multi-kills (1,954), and Goal Offense (408). Below is a summary of GC’s SML18 roster.

Infinite Rain (Captain)

Rain has been with the Grifball community since his start in SML12 and is no stranger to success. Rain has sat comfortably in the Pro League in every season of his career, making playoffs in three of eight seasons in Halo 4 and winning one AGLA championship. Rain has also won four GGL championships. In the SML18 season, Rain has upheld his title as a pure tank with top three placements in Kills (3rd), K/D Spread (2nd), K/D Ratio (2nd), Multi-kills (2nd), Sprees (3rd), and Goal Offense (1st). Rain’s tanking power has been deadly in GC’s matchups against OHW during the regular season and proved that his team has the ability to beat the number one seed.

ACE B S1lentND1 (Duo)

Ace has long been hailed as one of the best players to come through the Grifball community. Known for his ability to work across all dynamics of the game, Ace has proved himself unstoppable to a degree. Ace has taken the runner’s route this season and tallied an incredible 78 Goals (1st place in Pros). Ace doesn’t overextend or lose the ball in ways less-experienced players would; if he loses the ball, it’s likely a debate of connection. For Ace, the key to winning the championship series will be staying patient, connecting with his punches and making callouts to his team for the consistent sword pressure.


Players that define DCleak by his K/D are missing the mark on what makes him a great player. Cleak understands that kills don’t matter. GC has all the tanking power they need through Rain, SKM and Ace; Cleak works around his teammates and plays off of spawns and positioning to win the game. Cleak is arguably the smartest player in the League and doesn’t need numbers to prove it. Despite holding the bottom placement for K/D Spread (-533), Cleak’s team has gone 9-1 in the regular season series and sits in tight contention for the SML18 championship title. Cleak is open to helping players that want to succeed and has made his mark on the Grifball community. If Cleak can play to his potential as he has throughout the season, his first championship will be well-within reach.


SKM proved himself as the best pickup of the bidding process this season. Stop has taken the title of rookie with gusto, making a name for himself as GC’s main tank aggressor. When GC is closing in on the enemy’s plate, Stop has consistently been the one to force the kills and guide Ace in. Although Stop falls middle of the pack in most stats, he is 7th in the Pro League for K/D Spread and sits head and shoulders above all other fourths. Stop has always been the silent type, but he has proven that communication can also be viewed through actions. Consistency is Stop’s specialty, and such a trait is key to being a successful fourth on any team.

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