SML18 Pro Championship & Pro Player Awards Results

July 1st, 2018 by

Last night, Grammaton Clerics took on One Hit Wonders in the Summer League 2018 Pro Championship, the AGLA’s first Championship since moving to the new website, and what a championship it was.  Many are calling it the most competitive we’ve seen yet in Halo 5 Grifball.

One Hit Wonders started out strong, taking game number one in 5-4 fashion.  While close in score, it seemed for the most part OHW had GC figured out.  So, in a very wise decision, the Clerics decided to make a big change for game two. They opted to have Ace, their runner for the season, start tanking instead.  In his place, DCLeak ran the ball.

I personally thought they might break out this strategy sometime in playoffs since they pulled the same move against Notorious late in the season.  It’s a smart strategy, and it definitely paid off.  OHW was not prepared for the increase in tanking power that Ace brought, and Grammaton ended up taking the series in two pretty dominating 5-2 victories.

You can watch the entire series here.  Start at 14:50 if you wish to skip the pregame interview and banter with Crusader.





Pro player awards were also announced during the stream.  Here are your winners for this season, as decided by the community:


Tank of the Season

Winner: Saintz the God – 58.8%
InfiniteRainge – 29.4%
Digital Pain – 11.8%


Runner of the Season

Winner: ACE B S1lentND1 – 52.9%
OHW Crusader & The Eastbrook – 17.6%
Silva – 11.8%


Hybrid of the Season

Winner: Invayda Zim – 52.9%
Saintz the God – 41.2%
OHW Sab – 5.9%


Defender of the Season

Winner: OHW Crusader – 76.5%
Saintz the God & PoisonxPoptart – 11.8%

Sword of the Season

Winner: The Eastbrook – 82.4%
Saintz, Silva, DCleak – 5.9%


Most Valuable Player

Winner: Saintz the God – 47.1%
OHW Crusader – 41.2%
InfiniteRainge & ACE B S1lentND1 – 5.9%


Unofficial Championship MVP as determined by the Stream Team – ACE B S1lentND1


With that, Pro comes to an end for this season.  Stay tuned for more Legacy and Amateur League updates as their playoff dreams are just about to begin!






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