AGLA Ammy Championship Preview and Player Award Voting

July 19th, 2018 by

Hey Everyone! It’s time for the AGLA Amateur League Championship!  Nobility and Defiance are set to face off in a best of 3 series. We’ve got a championship preview and a reminder that player award voting will close before the series starts.

Player Awards are not yet finalized and there are still ties in a couple categories, if you are in the Ammy league and have not voted yet, be sure to do so.

The Championship is scheduled for Thursday, July 19th at 10est, stream TBD, follow our twitter and join our discord for updates.

Twitter: @PlayGrifball


#1 Nobility (9-1) vs #2 Defiance (7-3)

Nobility and Defiance finished the season as the top 2 seeds in the league and it’s no surprise to see them face off in the Championship.  Nobility has been nearly unbeatable all season losing only one series to Defiance where game 1 was a forfeit. Defiance started the season 0-3 but won the other 7 series winning 14 of their last 15 games.  These teams together contain over 2/3rds of all the player award nominations including all 5 MVP nominations.


  • Series Record: 9-1
  • Win Record:18-3
  • Goals Scored: 92
  • Goals Against: 28


  • I CoPilot I
  • Perfect Demise
  • revengeinthesky
  • Warhero1998 (draft)
  • Seamu5129 (draft)

Nobility utilized their roster as well as anyone with 5 players playing at least 10 games and each of them being nominated for a player award.  Everyone on the team including the runners finished the season with a 1.14KD or higher and three players finished with at least 25 goals (I CoPilot I, revengeinthesky, SKIYTTLES), Nobility has the most flexible lineup in the league and can switch up their strategy as they please.  In the first round of playoffs, Nobility cruised to a 2-0 sweep of Oblivion surrendering only 2 goals in the series. Anyone on this team can be the x-factor in the championship but SKIYTTLES is probably the one to look out for after being nominated for every award category except for runner and stuffing the stat sheet all season.

#2 Defiance

  • Series Record: 7-3
  • Win Record: 14-7
  • Goals Scored: 83
  • Goals Against: 59


  • Trespa5s
  • zvi CHICKEN ivz
  • AlwaysTrollin
  • RicE ChieF II
  • WhiskeyFourNine (draft)
  • MsHamyCakes (draft)

Defiance has a more traditional roster with Rice being the dedicated runner having scored 53 of the team’s 83 goals running behind a dynamic tanking duo in Trespa5s and zvi CHICKEN ivz.  With AlwaysTrollin rounding out the team having been nominated for the defender and sword of the season, this team has everything covered. While Trespa5s and zvi CHICKEN ivz both finished the season with 1.36KDs, it’s clear that zvi CHICKEN ivz is going to be the key to a tanking victory.  In the three games against Nobility this season, Trespa5s ended up even while zvi CHICKEN ivz kept pace with a 1.38KD including a +41 performance in the lone victory. Look out for Rice to be a major player as well, he can win a game as fast as he can lose a game. In the first round of playoffs, Defiance dropped the first game to Xcaliburs but finished strong with a 5-4 and 5-2 win in games 2 and 3 to advance.  In case you were curious, Chicken finished game 3 40-15 with a killionaire, just sayin.

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