AGLA Admin Voting Open!

July 29th, 2018 by

Voting is now open for your next AGLA Administrators!  Below are the candidates and their reasoning for wanting to become an admin.


The Eastbrook“It is time, to unleash the magic.”


NAV Rebel“Not very good at the playing side of it but I like the community overall and I wouldn’t mind stepping back from playing and helping run from an administrative standpoint and keep it going.”


Mungo Pungo“First and foremost I want to see this community grow and be even more so active the it already is. I feel like I have some ideas and insight that could be beneficial to Playgrifball and its community when it comes to media, community relations and league structure etc.. Also I believe I have a very good rapport with the community and could help mediate and take the appropriate actions concerning situations that may arise with as little bias as possible.”


ActiveHate“I was an admin several times already, and I want to have a say in what direction the league goes in again. Make Grifball Great Again.”


InfiniteRainge“Grifball has been a part of my life for the past 6 years and over the course of my career I’ve put forward a lot of effort into captaining, recruiting new members and playing the game. My passion for this game however has faded as of late and I will be retiring after this Agla season. That said I would still like to be a part of the community if not as a captain or player then as an admin. I bring years of experience to the table and believe can be both unbiased and fair in decision making needed. So yeah make me an admin already.”


Reyas“For many years now I’ve always been assisting with the running of leagues be it EUGBL, IGL or AGLA despite never having any form of official title. You already know I’ve got the commitment and dedication to the leagues, might as well give me an official title and role :).”


Perfect Demise“Because I wanna help improve the state of grifball with my good ideas.”


KING RICKXL“My reason for being interested in becoming an administrator for PlayGrifball, is that I feel as though I can bring a numerous amount of great skills to the administrative team. Those skills being well rounded in computer coding, working on web pages/content, contrasting new ideas, I also have advertising skills and can be a great asset for any social media content. I’ve been around the grifball community for many years and I’d like to be able to be given the opportunity to make the PlayGrifball community better for our current players and the new ones to come. I thoroughly understand the rules and guidelines, and I have no problem in dealing with the ones who intend to break those rules. I’m hoping that you will all give me this opportunity of becoming an administrator, so that we can work together on improving and bettering the PlayGrifball experience. 


Now that you’re done reading all of the applications, go here to vote for your next AGLA Admins!






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