Post Season Survey Results & Future Plans

August 10th, 2018 by

Today marked the end of the post season survey.  We had a total of 51 people fill out the survey, which I’d say is a pretty healthy amount.  Thank you to all that took the time to submit your feedback.  Without further ado, let’s get right into the results.


Poll Results


When do you want to see a new AGLA season?

64.7% said ASAP
35.3% said Fall

Clear Winner: ASAP


Rank each league setup in order of your preference.

Bid – 120pts
Salary – 97pts
Classic – 88pts

Clear Winner: Bid


Rank your game preference

Halo 5 – 154pts
Halo 4 – 130pts
Reach – 110pts
Halo 3 – 106pts

Clear Winner: Halo 5


Schedule format preference.

Best of 3 – 123pts
One Game – 98pts
Back to Back – 85pts

Clear Winner: Best of 3


Preferred season length?

This season – 39.2%
Shorter season – 33.3%
Longer season – 27.5%

Result: Too close to call via poll, admins will likely discuss the results.


Relic sword?

No Preference – 43.1%
Relic Sword – 27.5%
Old Sword – 29.4%

Result:  Though in head to head voting the old sword barely squeaked ahead of the Relic sword, the vast majority of the people don’t care, so we won’t be changing the sword again.


Captaining System?

Duo System – 43.1%
Single Captain System – 31.4%
No Preference – 25.5%

Result: There’s only an 11.7% differential between the duo and single captain systems, with a large chunk of people having no preference.  The duo system will likely still win, but it’s probably another outcome the admins will discuss because of the large “no preference” vote and how close the voting was in general.



Next Year and Beyond

I’ve pitched an idea to the rest of the admin team recently and figured it would also be a good idea to get some of the community’s input as well.  Please note this is still in the proposal stage right now, nothing is set in stone.

Signups and bidding happened in April for this last season, with games starting April 30th. We would have wrapped the season up July 31st had the Legacy ship not had an emergency delay, which would have been exactly 3 months.  So, a 4 month (or 3.5) process in total when you include signups and bidding, which I think is probably about standard for season length.

The question is though, do we want to basically constantly be doing full AGLA seasons?

3.5-4 month seasons would take up the whole year obviously. We could shorten the season length, which would help.  We could just have more matchups happen a week. Or, we could just cut an AGLA season, which brings me to my proposal.

Basically what we would do is have, say, Winter and Summer leagues as set AGLA seasons (they’re classics, and always have the highest turnout historically).  Winter signups could start in November with the league hopefully kicking off late that month.  It would run until February or March depending on holiday delays and whatnot.  Summer would have signups start in May and the season would end likely in July.

During the 4 months (2 months in between each season) of off season time, we can have small throwback leagues of H3 and H4.  Basically a two month long official mini league/tournament for those that still want to keep playing, or those that want to try another Halo game.  Others who just want a break or refuse to play an old game because they’re a noob can sit out in the off season like normal.  Signups probably wouldn’t be as much as a full season obviously, so we can probably fit a regular season in a month and a week or so, with playoffs following that.  While playoffs are happening we can prepare for the start of the next full AGLA season.

Specific mini league/tournament details are still to be determined as we aren’t for sure going this route yet.  I just personally feel this is a nice balance that should keep everyone relatively happy.  Players that want to relive old Grifball games in a league setting (or who want to try them for the first time) will be able to do that, and people won’t have to sit out a full season because it’s not Halo 5 (main seasons will always be Halo 5).

If you have any questions or comments about this proposal, feel free to discuss in the Discord!






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