AGLA FL18 Bid League Signups are open!

August 20th, 2018 by

Hey Everyone!  It’s time for another season of Halo 5 competitive Grifball!  It’s hard to believe the gametype has lasted this long but we’ve passed the 10 year milestone and we’re still going strong.  The one consistent through all the years is the AGLA which has now maintained the bid structure to create teams for the last 5 years.  This season will be fairly similar to last season, using the same settings and the duo captain setup going into bidding.  The biggest potential change will be the possible exclusion of the Legacy league which has been used in the last 2 seasons.  If signup numbers drop from last season, it is likely that Fall League will return to the classic Pro/Ammy split, more information to follow as we get further into the signup period.

If you haven’t done so already, join our Discord!  Our forums are mostly informational, this community lives on the Discord.

Sign up for the AGLA Bid League Signups for Fall League 2018:

If you are interested in being a captain, use the link above as well, there is an option to opt into being a captain.  This does not guarantee that you will be a captain for the Fall Season, but it is more than likely.  If you are chosen to captain, administration will be in close contact with you and you will be able to bring a teammate to duo with, every team starts with 2 players going into bidding.  The dates for bidding are TBD and will not be selected until after captains and duos are chosen.

All players are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct

All players are expected to abide by the AGLA Rules

The Fall League Schedule is not set in stone as signups can add or subtract a few weeks in total, but the regular season is expected to begin around mid-late September and will last somewhere between 5-7 weeks.  Expect to play games twice a week regardless of the league you play in.

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See you on the court!




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