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With a fresh AGLA season upon us, I’m confident in saying I have no idea what to expect from our new teams over the coming months. I am excited to see how the season unfolds, which individuals stand out and which teams take control of our new 10 team league. It was approximately this time last year when I posted my last rankings list; I’m happy to say that a large majority of our top 25 has shifted substantially. With plenty of fresh talent in our league this season, I hope to see this list change as our understanding of our newer players grows. As always, these rankings are based off of my experience in league matches, custom games and previous encounters with these players.

1. Saintz – The elusive first place spot still remains in control of Saintz at the start of FL18. It’s nearly unanimous at this point amongst our community that Saintz has taken hold of the big numero uno. With that said, he has plenty of work to do with his team. Raw talent is not an issue on Bomb Squad, rather Saintz’ coaching ability and leadership will be put under the microscope. As their name indicates, this team is explosive in all meanings of the word, let’s hope he can guide them in the winning direction.

2. Crusader – The highest impact player on any court. Sader’s presence is undeniable and quite honestly terrifying when you’re in possession of the ball. If OHW can manage enough tanking power to let Crusader play how he wants, this could very well be their season. Virtually unkillable with the ball and unpredictable with his movements, I look forward to seeing the inevitably extensive highlight reel he will have by the end of the season.

3. Ace – Ace will have a mountain to carry in terms of leadership and defensive coordination this AGLA. With plenty of new, aggressive talent on his team, it will be up to him to balance and slow down the game in their favor. If he can pull off a championship this season I can easily see him jumping back in the #1 position. Time will tell, and I’m sure his competition mentioned above won’t make it an easy task. FL18 for Ace will be much more about his team than himself; he is more than capable of playing a “perfect” game of Grifball, whether that will be enough remains to be seen.


4. Zim – Passive, aggressive, and sometimes passive aggressive is Zim’s style. Drk has plenty of individual talent, there is no denying. Whether he is tanking or running, NSFW will be in safe hands on the court. Similar to other top players this season, Zim must preach teamwork and positivity. NSFW has plenty of respected veteran talent this season; they have championship potential if their morale remains positive. Still can’t wait to see the Zim and Drk duo in action.


5. Sab – Not a ton to say about Sab here, he is ridiculously patient and knows how to apply pressure in the right places at the right time. Sab’s game in, game out consistency combined with his occasional MINDBLOWING hammer jump interception is a proven method of success. Sab once again reunited with Crusader this season will be a scary duo to play against.


6. Dcleak – Dcleak has been one of the most typically underrated players over the last seasons. I’m not sure exactly what makes him so good at Grifball, but it surely must have something to do with his leave it all on the court mentality. Cleak could go -36 in a half hour match and easily be the most impactful player on the court. Cleak is a constant reminder that KDA means absolutely nothing, as long as you know how and when to put your life in jeopardy.


7. Gingy – Solid in all aspects of the game, Gingy has come much further than being the push tank *albeit an amazing one*he was just a couple seasons ago. Gingy has always sat around the #5 mark for me; it wouldn’t take much to see him rise if he continues to progress the way he did last season. It truly is a shame we’ll be missing his talent for the majority of this season.


8. Rage – I’m not pleased having to play against Rage again this season. His tried and true passive tanking method drives me crazy. His team is…. Well, it was well previously described in Silva and Crusader’s power rankings. Regardless, Rage can be unkillable with the ball if he gets the chance to run this season. I hope to see him prove us all wrong with our predictions on his team.



9. KDSkill – Thank foop I’m finally on KD’s team. KD has to be one of THE most frustrating players to face in customs, LL or in season. She has an adept understanding of H5’s mechanics and the patience to make them count. Whether she’s hammer-lunging people from six miles away, or consistently punching every sword lunge thrown her way, she is an incredibly valuable member to any team.


10. SKM –After an incredible performance and a Rookie Pro’Ship last season, SKM has a lot to live up to this AGLA. SKM was thrown into the deep end with a weight attached in bidding just last week. If he can continue to impress and destroy teams as he did last season, I can easily see SKM jumping in the Top 5 or above. A message to the man himself; find your voice and get yourself a mic if you want to take your impact to a new level.


11. Nets – If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand times, Nets is the X factor on any team and can turn matches on their head with his impact. We haven’t seen the best of Nets’ form in recent times, but a player of his quality always has the potential to turn up the heat if he puts in the practice.


12. Silva – Silva has built a tank heavy team around him this season and it’s easy to understand why. If his team can provide the support and sustain tanking pressure, Silva may FINALLY be able to commit to running full time. When he sets his mind to being a sole runner for a team he is consistently in the discussion for runner of the season. The challenge for Silva this season is sticking with it if his team struggles. If he’s patient and persistent Notorious may see some serious success this season.


13. Thumping Hawk – An all-rounder in every aspect of the game, Hawk has the potential to go as far as his team and mindset allows him. Hawk has grown immensely over the last year and can greatly impact his team as long as he stays positive and calm in frustrating situations. With this coming season’s experience under his belt, I look forward to seeing how far he rises.


14. God Of Sprint – Hide has always been a dominant tank; recently and much more importantly, he has filled and rounded out the rest of his game. Teamed with Saintz’ tanking power this season, this could easily be the most powerful tanking team in the league. I’m glad to see he’s grown as a player – if Bomb Squad’s personalities can refrain from tearing each other apart, I expect to see great things from this man.


15. Incrips – In my opinion, Crips, Annihilation and his 17 other past gamertags is the most improved player over the past months. With the amount he has improved by observing and playing in customs, it’s scary to think how much he will learn with Ace leading No Cap. He has Top 10 or maybe even Top 5 potential here if he keeps his head down, ego in check, and learns all he can from Ace.


16. Tycoon

17. Reyas

18. Venom

19. Killerz

20. Skiyttles

21. Active

22. Gambit

23. Rayzyr

24. Mungo

25. Perfect Demise

26. Rice

27. XKnight

28. TcT Conviction

29. Infektion

30. Spike

31. Chicken

32. FBK

33. Mystical Novice

34. TcT Avenger

35. Atone

36. MsWolverine

37. TcT J Bomb

38. Panthro

39. Copilot

40. Melvishdon

41. Tex

42. Mr EpicBeast

43. Panther

44. Always Trollin

45. RevengeintheSky

46. Trespass

47. Sonic

48. BEN9116

49. TheRealFearno (I’m sorry, I have no idea who this is…)

50. BCN19 (Plz carry me, team)

Good luck to each and every person participating in the AGLA this Fall 18 season!




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