AGLA FL18 Opening Day Recap

September 19th, 2018 by

Hey Everyone!  The AGLA Fall League 2018 season is officially underway, two series helped kick off the season tonight and we got our first glimpse of what some of these teams are capable of.  Both series were 2-0 sweeps but that’s not to say there weren’t some close games, two games ended 5-4 and the others ended 5-3 and 5-1.  There’s another series to be played on Wednesday between One Hit Wonders and Notorious, but for now let’s break down the opening night series.  A HUGE shoutout to Mr Crobar and Opixonic for the stream improvements including the scoreboard and pregame stats, the time and dedication they put into the stream is appreciated and we are ecstatic to have them apart of the community!

Stream can be watched here:


Bomb Squad 2-0 over Legacy

Game 1 (Bomb Squad 5-4 Legacy)

Game 2 (Bomb Squad 5-3 Legacy)


The series started out with a twist, God of Sprint was a no show and happened to be the player Saintz went all-in on in bidding, TcT J Bomb stepped in his shoes but is not near the tanking threat God of Sprint offers the team.  Legacy was without a key player of their own, ixGingy is currently serving a suspension and was unavailable to play in the series so both teams were missing key tanks in their lineups.  Game 1 was close from start to finish, no team took a commanding lead and the game felt fairly even when watching the stream with Bomb Squad pulling out the win in the 9th round.  Game 2 was very similar, close from start to finish but when you have an MVP on the court, it tilted the scales.  There’s no surprise that Saintz was the star tonight, the offensive and defensive juggernaut led Bomb Squad to win the game and the series.


  • Saintz is still the MVP: Saintz led his team in just about everything tonight and made plays as a tank, runner, defender, and anything else you want to think of.  Finishing the series going a ridiculous +76 with 5 goals, 10 goal offense and 7 carrier kills, no one came close to having an effect on the game as much as Saintz did.


  • Legacy costly turnovers: Legacy got a break with God of Sprint not showing up today and it showed, the tanking line held their own throughout the series and wasn’t the reason they lost.  There were multiple occasions tonight where Legacy would lose the ball on their back wall and it led to at least 3 quick and easy scores for Bomb Squad, in a series that was this close you have to clean this up.


No Cap 2-0 over Nobility

Game 1 (No Cap 5-1 Nobility)

Game 2 (No Cap 5-4 Nobility)


No twists or surprises to start this series, No Cap entered this series as the favorites and that’s exactly how they played to start things off.  Game 1 was all No Cap, a 10 minute 5-1 win where the entire team went even or positive, Nobility was sloppy and didn’t stand a chance.  The game didn’t go long enough to tell a story outside of the goal offenses, No Cap had 14 and Nobility had 0.  Game 2 was a completely different story, Nobility subbed in SKiYTTLES for RevengeintheSky and Nobility came out strong with an early 2-0 lead.  Every time Nobility built a lead, No Cap fought right back tying the game at 2-2, and then tying it 4-4 after Nobility took another 4-2 lead.  The tie did not last however as a pro run ended the 9th round in seconds to complete the comeback for No Cap.  It’s too early to tell if the lineup change was what changed everything, sometimes teams need time to warm up and get a feel for the players, but No Cap has to feel good coming out of this series with the win.


  • Nobility struggles on tip offs: Nothing kills a team’s spirit quite like a pro run, especially when it’s right after the other team scores and your lead evaporates in front of you.  Nobility gave up 3 pro runs tonight, including twice in game 2 where they were very capable of winning and forcing a game 3.


  • Atone is the key: Bid leagues are won with the 10 credit players, they’re studs or duds and Atone was a definite stud in this series.  Going positive in both games and crushing Nobility with a killtacular on their own pad is the kind of play you want from the 4th on a playoff quality team.


  • Runners beware of the Hawk: We all know Hawk has mastered the smart link but god damn did he put on a show tonight.  Carrying the defense with 8 carrier kills in game 2 is how you immediately put yourself at the top of the race for best defender.

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