AGLA FL18 Season Update – Playoffs around the corner!

October 17th, 2018 by

Hey Everyone!  We’re nearing the last week of the regular season and the playoff picture is starting to take shape.  No one is eliminated from playoffs but there’s a few teams desperate to hang on to their playoff hopes, let’s take a quick look into the standings and see how the teams are doing.  Before we jump into the standings, it’s worth noting that the trade deadline has passed and we had a couple trades in the last week.

Nobility (0-3) traded SKIYTTLES to No Cap (4-1) for Obey Kurk

Corrupt (1-5) traded TcT J Bomb to Vanguard (2-2) for Epic Beast

As a reminder on how the playoff bracket will work for this season, 6 teams will make playoffs, the top 2 seeds will receive a first round bye.  The first round match-ups will be between the 3 and 6 seeds, and the 4 and 5 seeds.  In the semi finals, the 1st seed will then be allowed to choose who they want to play among the 3 other remaining teams.  All series including the championship will be best of 3 just like the regular season.


1. One Hit Wonders – Series Record (7-0) Overall Record (14-1)

One Hit Wonders is easily the best team in the league at this point in the season.  Not only have they won 14 of their 15 games played, but they’ve dominated the teams that are expected to match them in playoffs.  The only other teams that is cruising into playoffs is No Cap and they took them down in two games giving up only 2 goals. NSFW, who started out with a 3-0 start has since slowed down to a .500 record, but a couple 5-0 losses to One Hit Wonders was a clear statement on where they each stood in the power rankings.  The last 2 series for One Hit Wonders are against the 0-3 Nobility, and 2-2 Vanguard.


2. No Cap – Series Record (4-1) Overall Record (8-2)

No Cap is the only other team in the league besides One Hit Wonders who has a clear path to playoffs in front of them.  At a 4-1 record, they will be clinching their seed any day now but you have to look at the losses to One Hit Wonders as a red flag.  Not content hoping they will improve, team captain Venom made a move by acquiring SKIYTTLES from Nobility and sending away Obey Kurk.  It is yet to be seen how this will play out on the court, but this is a very interesting team to watch as it’s not often teams this high in the standings make trades late in the season.


3.  Bomb Squad – Series Record (2-1) Overall Record (4-2)

After a long break, Bomb Squad finally returned to the court and looked dominant with a couple 5-1 wins over Corrupt who is now in freefall.  There are a lot of series left to play despite being late into the season, expect this team to make use of makeup week.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to judge this team given that they’ve lost to the top seeded team, beat the team with the most losses in the league and a .500 team without a key starter.


4. NSFW – Series Record (3-3) Overall Record (7-6)

A 3-0 start is long gone as a 3 series losing streak has put this team back down to .500.  To make things worse, they’ve lost a key starter in DCleak to an availability change and may not see him again for the remainder of the season.  It’s looking like a 5-4 series record will be the cutoff for playoffs without having to worry about tiebreakers and a series against 2nd seeded No Cap to come, NSFW is going to have to come up with some big wins against Bomb Squad and Notorious.


5. Legacy – Series Record (4-4) Overall Record (8-8)

The complete opposite of Bomb Squad, Legacy got almost every series played early in the season but have one last series against Corrupt still to play.  It’s unclear if lead tank ixGingy will be available for the series, but they may not need it if Corrupt can’t turn things around.  This was a team built for playoffs with limited availability from their star players, if they can hold onto one of the last playoff spots, they will be able to contend.


6. Vanguard – Series Record (2-2) Overall Record (5-4)

Holding the final playoff spot is Vanguard who still have most of their season to play.  A very interesting team thus far who has been able to hand NSFW their first loss after their 3-0 start, but also give Corrupt their only win of the season after winning the first game of the series.  There’s plenty of talent on the team but still many questions, they have yet to be tested by One Hit Wonder or No Cap, look to these series to get a better understanding of where this team stands.


7. Orphanage of Troubled Teens – Series Record (1-2) Overall Record (3-5)

We start off the sub .500 teams with OTT, who despite having a losing record, have the only win against One Hit Wonders this season after ST0P K1LLING ME put up a ridiculous 52-25 k/d spread in route to a 5-1 dominant victory.  While OHW was able to win the next 2 games while surrendering only 1 goal, it’s hard to just dismiss a win like that.  It’s clear who the star of the team is, but it’s going to take a team to get into playoffs.


8. Notorious – Series Record (1-4) Overall Record (2-9)

Now we’re into the teams desperate for a win.  At 1-4, Notorious can afford maybe one more series loss, luckily they have already played OHW and No Cap so the toughest part of their schedule has passed.  The comeback win over Corrupt early in the season is the only thing keeping their season alive but their margin of error is extremely small.


9. Corrupt – Series Record (1-5) Overall Record (3-11)

Speaking of Notorious’ comeback win over Corrupt, here’s the 1-5 team who’s margin of error is nonexistent.  Corrupt is likely dead to a sweep of their last 3 series, fortunately for them, the teams they have yet to play include 7th seed OTT, 10th seed Nobility, and 5th seed Legacy who may be without their lead tank.  It’s not impossible and the schedule is in their favor, but it’s unlikely trading J Bomb for Epic Beast is what is going to push this team over the edge, they need their star players to show up big.


10. Nobility – Series Record (0-3) Overall Record (0-6)

Another team with most of the season to play, but Nobility hasn’t shown much life up until the trade deadline when they traded SKIYTTLES for Obey Kurk.  Since SKIYTTLES had only played in 1 game, this appears to be a big boost to the team and could be their last hope in turning the season around.  The schedule doesn’t mean much when you’re in last, this team just has to win some games.

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