AGLA FL18 Playoffs and All Stars

November 5th, 2018 by

Hey Everyone! It’s time for an update and today is all about playoffs and all star voting.  Playoffs and All Stars are both being done slightly differently than usual but nothing too crazy.

All Stars: Just like last season, we’ve reached out to team captains to nominate 8 players to be on the all star team for the Fall League 18 season.  Unlike previous seasons however, we’ve taken the players nominated by the majority of captains and have announced them as All Stars prior to public voting.  Congratz to the following players who fit this criteria: OHW Crusader, Sabasauros Rex, KDSkill, Saintz the God, ST0P K1LLING ME, and ACE B S1lentND1.  The 4 remaining players will be voted in by the popular vote.

Voting Ballot:

Season Statistics:


Playoffs: Like All Stars, we’ve made a slight adjustment to the playoff format this season.  For starters, we have 6 playoff teams this season and final standings are as follows:

  1. 1. One Hit Wonders
  2. 2. Bomb Squad
  3. 3. Vanguard
  4. 4. No Cap
  5. 5. Orphanage of Troubled Teens
  6. 6. Legacy
  7. 7. NSFW
  8. 8. Notorious
  9. 9. Nobility
  10. 10. Corrupt

For the first round of playoffs, One Hit Wonders and Bomb Squad have earned byes and await the results from the first round matchups which are as follows:

  1. (3) Vanguard vs (6) Legacy
  2. (4) No Cap vs (5) Orphanage of Troubled Teens


Vangaurd vs Legacy has yet to be scheduled, but No Cap has already advanced to the second round after defeating Orphanage of Troubled Teens 2-0.  Games links can be found below.  Once the other series has concluded, top seeded One Hit Wonders will choose who they wish to play of the remaining teams leaving the other 2 to play each other.  We will provide another update once the first round of playoffs has concluded.

Game 1:

Game 2:



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