AGLA FL18 Championship and Recap! One Hit Wonders takes the Championship!

December 11th, 2018 by

Hey everyone!  It took many years but One Hit Wonders are champions once again!  They capped off their dominant season with a championship taking down Bomb Squad 2-1 (5-1) (3-5) (5-3).  Bomb Squad fought hard and were able to force a 3rd game, but the defense and playmaking were too much and One Hit Wonders pulled away at the end of game 3.  With a core of Crusader , Sabasauros Rex, and Killerz (OHW TheToxicOne), One Hit Wonders finished the regular season by sweeping the league with a 9-0 series record and 18-1 overall.  The only loss was to Orphanage of Troubled Teens who were eliminated in the 1st round by No Cap.  One Hit Wonders would match up with No Cap in the 2nd round of playoffs and cruise into the Championship with 5-1 and 5-2 victories.

Bomb Squad had a slow start to the season, and by that I mean it took them almost a month to play their 3rd series as they sat with a 1-1 record for most of the season.  Once they started getting games in however, they were as dominant as One Hit Wonders sweeping their remaining series and locking in the 2nd seed.  After a 1st round bye, they faced off against Legacy who upset Vanguard in the 1st round of playoffs and made quick work of them without ixGingy in the lineup.


Game 1 – One Hit Wonders (5-1)

Game 2 – Bomb Squad (5-3)

Game 3 – One Hit Wonders (5-3)


Series Statistical Leaders

Top Kills (361) by God of Sprint: At 4.57 kills per minute, this would rank #2 in the final season standings.

Top K/D (1.45) by Saintz the God: Second highest K/D was 1.17 by OHW Crusader.

Top Goals (8) by OHW TheToxicOne: Scored 7 of the 10 goals in games 1 and 3.

Top Goal Offenses (22) by Sabasauros Rex: Only player to record double digit goal offenses (12 in game 2)

Top Carrier Kills (14) by OHW Crusader: God of Sprint was just behind with 13 carrier kills.

Fs MsWolv3rine earned the Finals MVP for One Hit Wonders after subbing in for their 4th player.


It’s been another thrilling season with storylines we will look back on in the years to come, further posts will follow to highlight these moments as well as the future of PlayGrifball and a full season recap.  Stay tuned!

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