Ranked Custom Lobbies – Late League Season 2!

January 4th, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  It’s time for the old vets to meet the new competition and we’ve got a low commitment structure to make it happen.  In 2018, we saw the introduction of Late League to the PlayGrifball community created by former AGLA Administrator PoisonxPoptart.  We’ve adjusted the formula to encourage faster ranking up through the ranks and look forward to seeing someone break the Diamond and Masters threshold!  We’ve got an explanation of how Late League works below, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask an administrator in the Discord.  Halo 3 will be the primary game used for Late League to run alongside the upcoming AGLA season.  If there’s a demand for Halo 5 or Halo 4, those lobbies can take place as well.

Join the PlayGrifball Community Discord here: https://discord.gg/ZKytNaX

By the way, yes that is a bathroom made in Halo 5 forge and the shower is the court.  You can download the map here: https://www.forgehub.com/maps/shower-time.4519/


What is Late League?

Late League is essentially ranked Grifball customs! You sign up individually and will go up and down the leaderboard based on a win/loss system.  In the PlayGrifball Community Discord, a host will announce signups in the Late League channel, sign up with your gamertag and you’re in! The host will create teams and update the leaderboard, all you need to do it go to your designated team and play!


How does scoring work?

Basic Scoring:
1 Win = +3 LP (League Points)
1 Loss = -2 LP

Win Streaks: Bonus LP
3 Game win streak = +1 LP
5 Game win streak = +2 LP

Loss Streaks: LP Penalty
3 Game loss streak = -1 LP
5 Game loss streak = -2 LP


How do the ranks work?

The leaderboard is split up into divisions and tiers. Each division has 3 tiers and each tier requires 15LP in order to progress.

Division Ranking: Each division has 3 tiers.

Once you reach 15LP in a tier, you will enter your promo games. To progress up a tier, you must win 2 of your next 3 games, to progress up a division, you must win 3 of your next 5 games. If you fail to win your promo games, you will return back to 12LP of your previous tier.

If you are at 0LP, you are given 1 free loss before dropping a tier. If you are at the bottom tier of a division with 0LP, you are given 2 free losses before dropping a division. When you drop a tier or division, you will be placed at 12LP in the tier you just dropped into.

You can see the current Leaderboard here: The Late League

What are placement games?

When you first sign up for Late League, your first 5 games will be your placement games. Your win/loss record in these first 5 games determine your initial rank on the leaderboards.

5-0 = Silver 2
4-1 = Silver 3
3-2 = Bronze 1
2-3 = Bronze 1
1-4 = Bronze 2
0-5 = Bronze 3

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