AGLA WL19 Signups open January 14th!

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Hey everyone!  Like most of the Halo community, The American Grifball League of America is turning back the clock, not only are we returning to Halo 3, but also bringing back the Classic setup where players make their own teams!  Grab a few friends, come up with a team name, choose your captain, and you’re all set.  Signups for the Winter League 2019 Season open Monday, January 14th and games could begin as early as the following Monday.  We will be holding a rush on the 14th so get your team or some friends together and get on the court.


Dates to Remember:

  • Signups open on Monday, January 14th.
  • Regular season to start as early as Monday, January 21st. (Subject to change)
  • Roster Lock (To be announced when the schedule releases)
  • Trade Deadline (To be announced when the schedule releases)
  • Playoffs to begin immediately after the regular season concludes

Map and Gametypes:

All maps can be found in runNOKYARDrun MCC H3 File Share. Press X on the Roster page. Select your name in My Session. Select Find Player ‘runNOKYARDrun’ to download the courts.

  • The new Standard 4v4 court is ‘Foundry Court’ (Date 01/03/19)
  • The new AGLA Live Stream & NH court with Teleporter starts is ‘AGLA Foundry’ (Date 01/03/19) ***If you’re using a neutral host, use this map***

The default gametype can be found in Rage More Nerd MCC H3 File Share.  Select your name in My Session. Select Find Player ‘Rage More Nerd’ to download the gametype.  The maps from runNOKYARDrun’s fileshare can be found here as well.

  • The default gametype is “AGLA Grifball”


  • The minimum number of players to field a team is 4.
  • The maximum number of players on a team is 6.
  • A team captain will be designated during signups.
  • Captains are responsible for communicating with other captains to schedule matchups, adding/dropping players, reporting games.
  • Players can be added and dropped from rosters at will up until the roster lock. (Date of roster lock TBD)
  • Trades are acceptable up until the trade deadline.
  • Any player may substitute in games if agreed upon by the opposing team’s captain.

Regular Season:

  • Teams will sign up with specified days they are available to play, the full regular season will be created by administration during signups.  Games are almost always scheduled between 8-10pm est.
  • Teams will match up against every other team at least once, each matchup will consist of 2 games played back2back.
  • Games are expected to start promptly at the scheduled time. Teams are expected to arrive in a timely manner to not delay the start of the game as games will often be played back to back on the same night.  Teams are expected to wait at least 15 minutes for the other team to show up, afterwards teams can either wait, or get off and reschedule at a later time.
  • Reschedules will be allowed at a limited capacity, guidelines on reschedules will be explained in depth in the coming days.  (As long as you effectively communicate with other captains, you will be fine)
  • Neutral hosts will be standard but not required.  Each team will have their choice of NH for 1 of the 2 games in each matchup.  Teams may use an on-court host if neither team can find a NH. (Lobby leaders will always have host in MCC custom games)
  • The last week of the regular season will have zero games scheduled to allow team to play any rescheduled matchups.
  • Game reporting and stat tracking to be explained in detail in the coming days.


  • Playoff bracket will be created immediately after the last regular season has concluded.
  • The number of teams in playoffs will be determined after signups. (dependent on the number of teams)
  • All playoff series will be best of 3 series.
  • Player awards will be rewarded based on regular season performance.

League Administration:

  • Rage More Nerd (Co-founder/Administrator)
  • SonicNachos (Co-founder/Webmaster)
  • Silva (Administrator)
  • ThumpingHawk (Administrator)
  • The Eastbrook (Administrator)
  • MuNgO PuNgO (Administrator)

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