AGLA WL19 Pre-Season Top 10

January 27th, 2019 by

Here are the top 10 teams according to you, the community, along with commentary on the placements by ActiveHate and PriestXYZ.

10. TBD

Active: Other than Never Let Go, this team is my other dark horse team to make waves this season depending upon the availability of their teammates. Menz hasn’t missed a beat since he’s been gone and continues to be a dominant force in the tanking department. Caleb is in a similar boat, though he’s been gone longer, and is arguably better than most players that put forth the time to practice. If Greenthumb or Zeg are ready to make their returns and come back with a bang this season, we could see this team climb the ranks and potentially even slay one of the top 5 teams. As for the other two, I haven’t seen Stanley online at all to give a proper assessment of him, but this team could desperately use Nkots running this season if he is willing to stick it out and bring his A game. If this team gets together and wants to win, they will have an incredibly high skill ceiling. Though if they can’t make availabilities line up and play on a part time basis, I wouldn’t expect this team to make playoffs.


9. SML08 Rookie League All Stars + Kazink

Active: I’m not sure what to expect from this team since we haven’t seen Kazink or Corian play in quite some time, but I could see this team getting some wins if Pimp, Diablo, and Truthless all put forth the effort this season. Out of their lineup, Diablo stands out as their strongest tank, and is a highly underrated player in my opinion. On any other team he would have been a solid fourth, but I don’t know how well this team can do when he is forced to be the carry player. Truthless is surprisingly good for having been gone for so long, though he’s going to have to practice a bit more often if he’s serious about going up against the top 5. Pimp is their wildcard, and much of their success will depend upon how available he will be, and how much he tries to get back into the fold. He can be a decent runner if he wants to, but this team will have to start getting into scrims and customs more often if they want to unlock their full potential as a team. Like a few other teams in this league, I feel this squad is mostly a nostalgia parade of old friends that are not willing to take things too seriously this season. If they do somehow manage to make playoffs, they will be fighting an uphill battle to takedown any of the top 5 teams.


8. Never Let Go

Active: These guys are lower than I expected on the list, but I feel that’s because they are the dark horse team in a sea of returning veterans. Do not underestimate this team. While many players are making the switch from H4 and H5 mechanics to H3. The majority of this team heavily favors Halo Reach which is far more similar to H3. AtoneMilitant is a solid tank when he doesn’t let the the wonky mechanics of H3 get in his head, but this team is going to mainly depend upon the tanking power of Blootzy and Melvishdon. When their opponent isn’t getting Blootzd, Titan Man will be there to carry this teams running game to the promised land. With MysticalNovice and Lion to round out their roster, this team is looking to be the spoiler to many veterans nostalgia parades. Expect them to move up in the list later on depending upon the success of Our Lady Tuna and Lumbridge White Knights.


7. Our Lady Tuna

Active: Though he can betray a lot, ImShad is one of the better tanks of H3. His passive tanking can be rage inducing, but it also compliments the smash mouth ruthless aggression of Saintz The God. While he is mostly considered to be a H4 and H5 player, Saintz is also one of the few people who I see being able to adapt well to H3. My only concern is the rest of the people on this team. Where is the experience and the commitment to play? Mungo and Rayzyr may have been solid players in other iterations of Grifball, but I fear the switch to H3 is going to hurt them the most seeing as how they weren’t at the top with your other players such as Saintz. Blade has the most H3 experience out of the bunch, but he’s been mostly out of the loop for a few years. Salvaging this season will probably depend on their ability to pull Nets away from his other distractions outside Grifball.


6. Lumbridge White Knights

Active: This team is a blast from the past, and even pre-dates some of the 09 dinosaurs like myself. Once upon a time, Doc and Twizzted were your two most decorated runners in all of H3. Winning almost all of the championships, they are certainly no strangers to the H3 playoffs scene. Sadly, they are missing the tanks that helped this two powerhouses shine in their prime. Though Mikinater, Super, and Spaz, are not the worst H3 tanks they could have resurrected, I feel this team is more of a nostalgia act than a serious contender. If this team does not end up becoming a forfeit factory, and mikinater, super, and spaz are all serious about getting back into the groove, they could pull off a few upset wins over those teams who lack prior H3 experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that happening since the sands of time have buried relics like these guys long ago.


5. Shadow Realm (1 first place vote)

Active: Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to take up the role of captain. I knew I immediately wanted Ace on the team, because I believed in his ability to be one of the most skilled players across all the iterations of Grifball. Though several people doubted he could adapt to H3, many people now consider him to be a legitimate threat on the court. In addition to this, I knew I wanted Rage because I saw how he could single handedly walk through people like nobodies business.

With the foundation of Ace, Rage, and myself in place, I proceeded to fill out the roster with Boss due to his chemistry with Rage and myself, and his ability to be a jack of all trades on the court. ThumpingHawk is proving to be a great runner and defensive technician, while four to oh is ready to silence people with his ridiculous hammer lunges. Overall, I built this team with good on court attitudes and eagerness to play in mind, because I wanted to avoid the trap of picking up retired veterans that no longer want to win.

Priest:  I’m sure Active gave this team the sole top team vote. Just as I’m confident in my team, he is confident in his as well, and that is not without reason. Nobody disagrees this team has one of the highest ceilings; they’re practicing more than others and are firing on all cylinders right before the season is about to start. One thing I disagree with on Active is his confidence in being able to play many combinations of players. Personally, I think he, Ace, and Rage have to be in the game and their fourth is interchangeable. The team plays with great synergy but Rage can literally decide games for them. If he isn’t connecting or having an off game the defensive line tends to fall apart. They still manage on offense as Active can get pushes started while Rage is staying alive. Key to success against this team is taking extra care of possession so they don’t have multiple opportunities to create a push because they are very good at getting momentum rolling on offense.


4. Pls Peach (3 first place votes)

Active: What you see is what you get with this team. There is no depth here, but they have a solid 4 man squad with Tree, Trick, Taylor, and Corn. However, if any of these players fail to show up, it could spell trouble for them seeing as how they have only one other player to rely on. Myst can be a solid tank, but her lack of overall experience makes her a risky pick in games that matter. Trick and Tree are one of the best tanking duos within the top 5 teams, and Taylor is easily a top 5 overall tank in his own right. Though they have the best runner in the league with their pickup of The Corn Ninja, I feel this team is far too linear and easy to figure out. All of these tanks are patient, and they are all heavily susceptble to swords. If you can figure them out, there is really nothing else this team has in their arsenal except the occasional launch while The Corn Ninja prays to RTDS Jesus to protect him.

Priest: What a pre-season this team has had. From essentially memeing a team to now having what apparently some players consider a top 5 team. I tend to like this team more than others and that is due to the recent addition of Myst. Most people, myself included, think of the Trickk and Tree duo and consider them to be a lock for games. My approach here would be to consider subbing one of them out for Myst playing with Taylor and Corn based on how they feel connections might go. I’m not quite sure how Taylor’s schedule is going to play out for this season but I’ll go under the assumption he makes a majority of games. With that being said, I think this team could rally with a chip on their shoulder and surprise some people. I’ve only had the opportunity to see Corn in a few semi-serious custom games but the instinct is there. He can find the plate without losing too many possessions. Keys to success against this team are to take advantage of their lack of use of the swords on defense. Their players will pull a sword and immediately switch to hammer once the runner is out of range.


3. Str8 Griffin

Active: Like the above mentioned teams, Robot, Zim, and Sab have a tremendous amount of chemistry together. They are probably the most technically sound trio in the league, but they have the added benefit of having 3 solid players to fill the gaps in their roster. Though many people have not heard of Gilded Grams before, he will be raining hellfire down on unsuspecting teams who don’t take his tanking seriously. Snipezz and Perturbingly are also two heavily underrated pickups that round out this roster perfectly. In the end, this teams fate is largely going to be decided by the willingness of Robot to bench his long time friends in favor of the more fresh and ready to go Snipezz and Perturbingly. With Zim being missing in action, and Sabs lack of consistency at times, it would be a shame to see either of them start when both Snipezz and Perturbingly have been putting in the work during scrimmages.

Priest: This top 10 was made prior to other top teams playing them in customs, and now if people were to vote again they would be ahead of us and perhaps RBB as well. I knew before any games were even played this team would be dangerous because they were destroying everyone in customs games with this same team prior to the first Halo 3 MCC bid league. This team wreaks havoc with their defensive launching and ability to stay alive in the air. With this team the X factor is Gilded Grams. His ability to get kills on the opponent’s side of the court and stay alive while his teammates are flying over is the key to the cog for their defense. This team loves running multiple swords on defense; it works because they can stay alive. However,having players that are proficient at killing swords without trading will be the key to success against their defense.


2. Way to Fail (3 first place votes)

Active: Out of all the teams, I personally favor these guys to win it all. Priest is the best on court leader, and will be a strong contender for best runner in the league. Digital will of course be this teams tanking machine, but people would be stupid to underestimate man canon. He will be making the majority of the plays on the court, and will bring an aggressive edge to the otherwise patient and methodical methods of Digital Pain. The main problem I see with this team though is the lack of a solid and committed 4th. Dragon is probably their best bet seeing as how they have the most experience and chemistry with him, though OverweightGoat could arguably be better as he is the most ready of the 3 to make a comeback, and will cause the most chaos for their opponents. If they can somehow manage to pull the sleeping halfbreed105 out of retirement, it would bolster this teams tanking significantly.

Priest: I’m touched that you all think so highly of us, and in reality I think we will finish the season at the top of this list if we get on for practice more often. Prior to Silva trying to destroy our team by suggesting we add BCN, I was thinking about the success I had playing with Jbar in the old MCC Halo 3 league. I waited around for what I considered to be too long and thought he would have joined another team, but getting him on the team was the best pre-season decision we made, Having added him and with Halfbreed getting back into form, we haven’t even had the opportunity to play a meaningful game with Halfbreed and Digital on the court at the same time. Once we get those two going, watch out.


1. Rooster Bux to Blow (7 first place votes)

Active: With seven first place votes, this team is undoubtedly the favorite to win it all this season. Silva is going to be the backbone of this team, but most of their success is going to come down to how well AJ and T Rich are playing each game, since they form this teams 3 man tanking core. T Rich has the best flowers, and will be a force to be reckoned with when he cares to put forth the effort. AJ on the other hand is one of the most streak heavy players in the league. If you leave either of these 2 unattended, they will walk all over your team. As for the other members of the team, Rockys is a vital member as he will be their strongest runner. Outside of that, Scet could also run, and provide a much needed defensive boost. Godless is more or less there to be a utility player and fill in the gaps of this roster. If Scet and Godless are committed this season, this team will have the advantage of having the most depth within their roster.

Priest: I’m not sure how many of the voters have played against them in customs or just see the names and remember old Halo 3, but for pre-season purposes this is expected. I liked the roster shakeup after Taylor left. Scet’s availability may play a factor into whether or not they stay on top as I think their best lineup would include him in it. They have the ability to mix and match with Silva and T Rich being the two constants. One of this group’s strengths that I’ve always admired is their ability to just grind out games. You let them hang around and they’re going to find a way to win. They’ve adopted more of a jump style during customs and some scrims, however when the games get going and the flow of the more serious games lock in, this team tends to revert back to Reach style on the ground tanking on defense. Look for teams to try and take advantage of that if they can recognize it when it happens. The key to success is to score quickly to throw them off.













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