Reporting Games and Gametime Procedures

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Hey everyone!  Now that the regular season schedule has been released, it’s time to go over some game procedures so games get done in a timely manner.  With each team set to play 22 games over the next 6 weeks, communication is going to be key to getting games done and avoid excessive reschedules.

Regular season Schedule:

Date to remember:

Trade Deadline: End of week 3 (Both captains must agree to trade a player and then inform the admin team to finalize)

Drop Deadline: End of week 3 (Any player on the roster after this date will remain there for the remainder of the season)

Roster Lock: End of regular season (No adding, dropping, or trading players after this date)

Reporting Games:

With the move back to MCC, game reporting is going to be a little different this season.  There is no detailed game history for Halo 3 like there was for Halo 5 so captains will need make a short recording of the postgame stats immediately after each game concludes.  It is strongly encouraged BOTH captains record the results just in case the other forgets.  The following is an example of what captains should record to ensure accurate game results and stat keeping.  Note that all 3 post-game screens were included as well as each player’s individual medals.

Once the recording has been made, the winning captain should use this form to report the results and the admins will grab the video once it uploads and input the standings and stats.

Gametime Procedure (Home/Away):

Games are expected to start promptly at the scheduled time.  Teams may agree to play at a different time if it is more convenient. Teams are expected to arrive in a timely manner to not delay the start of the game as games will often be played back to back on the same night. Teams are expected to wait at least 15 minutes for the other team to show up, afterwards teams can either wait, or get off and reschedule at a later time.  The schedule specifies who the home team is for each matchup, the home team is granted priority choice on who the NH for the game is.  If the home team does not come to the game with a NH ready, the away team may bring in a NH of their own.  The following order is to be used for each matchup:

  1. Home team’s choice of Neutral Host
  2. Away team’s choice of Neutral Host
  3. Home team on court host
  4. Away team on court host (The party leader determines the host so this is unlikely)

Reminder: End games after the 5th goal is scored!!!

Reschedules and Forfeits

Teams are strongly encouraged to work with each other as best as possible, if both captains are in agreement, teams can reschedule as many games as they please whenever they please up until a deadline placed by administration. When teams cannot make an agreement on a reschedule, the following rules will be followed by administration:

  1. 1. Reschedules requested at least 1 hour ahead of the schedule game time (or agreed upon time) will never result in a forfeit. If a team requests a forfeit win, the team that requested the reschedule must prove their advance notice of a reschedule request.
  2. 2. Reschedules requested within 1 hour of the scheduled game time (or agreed upon time) are eligible for forfeit judgement.  Teams requesting a reschedule must provide a reasonable explanation for requesting a reschedule without advance notice. The administration will make a judgement on a base by case basis. General rule of thumb, if it’s outside your control, reschedules are likely going to be granted.
  3. 3. Showing up 15+ minutes late to a scheduled game time (or agreed upon time) is the equivalent to a last minute reschedule and will follow the same guideline as a reschedule requested within 1 hour of game time. The team that showed up on time is not required to wait longer than 15 minutes for a team to show up.

Disputes and Stoppages of Play

Due to the fact that AGLA games are played online, situations may arise where game conditions make normal play difficult or impossible. These situations may include debilitating lag, players disconnecting, or bugs in the game or on the court.

In the event of a situation that severely impacts normal gameplay, teams must crouch to signal a stoppage of play. Team captains can then discuss how to resume the match. Teams are not to kill their opponents or score during a stoppage of play.

Teams are only to crouch during extreme circumstances. Intentionally calling for a stoppage of play in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage will be considered cheating.

In determining how to resume play, the following rules should be followed:

  • -If one team clearly had possession of the ball, the game should resume with that team maintaining possession at the point at which they had possession when the play was stopped.
  • -If neither team had possession, but one team was clearly in position to take possession, that team should have possession when play resumes.
  • -If neither team had possession, the ball should be reset with both teams starting from their spawn areas.
  • -If possession is in doubt, the captains should discuss what course of action to take. If no agreement can be reached, game film should be consulted to determine who should start with possession.

If a team believes that irregular conditions unfairly altered the result of the game, they may dispute the results.

Games may be disputed if:

  • -Debilitating lag, connection issues, game bugs or errors, or other irregular situations directly impact the final score of the game.
  • -A team cheats or otherwise violates a game integrity rule.

To dispute a game:

  1. 1. The team captain must ensure that at least one game clip showing the irregular situation is saved and available at
  2. 2. Submit the dispute with a description of the play in dispute along with the XboxDVR link to PlayGrifball administration.
  3. 3. Administration will review the play in dispute and make a decision from which the game will either stand, or a replay will need to be played.
  4. 4. Disputes may be made no later than 24 hours after the game in question ends.

Depending on the situation it may be decided that one or multiple rounds will be replayed, the entire game will be replayed, a forfeit will be awarded, or the result will stand as is.



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