Reminder: How to Report Games in the MCC Era

January 29th, 2019 by

The Winter 2019 season of the AGLA has started and with the move to Master Chief Collection we have already experienced some issues in regards to game reporting.  If you didn’t know, Halo Waypoint currently does not have any support for post-game carnage reports as it does for Halo 5.  Meaning, there are no game links present to report game results with.  Because of this, you will need to take a video recording of the following:

  1. Each page of the overall stats screen.
  2. Each player medal page.

This whole process takes a very short amount of time.  After you have scrolled through all of those different pages, simply hit record and (assuming you have the default record time of 30 seconds), the clip will capture all of the stats perfectly.  Use this as an example.  Once you have recorded the clip, the winning captain must report these game results with the included clip using this form.


We’ve already had issues with captains not recording their game stats.  If you have no proof the game was played, best case scenario you *just* lose all the stats from the game.  Worst case, the losing team disputes your alleged results.  So again, please record your game results.  Just as a redundancy measure, it’s preferred that the losing captain or at least another player from one of the teams also record the game results.

Another friendly reminder: End all games once a team reaches 5 goals scored.

Any games that are “played out” to over 5 goals will be invalid.


If you have any other questions about game night procedure or reporting, please see this full article by Rage More Nerd.

See you on the court!






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