Trade Deadline and Roster Lock

February 2nd, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  The administration wanted to clarify a few key dates this season, specifically the drop deadline, trade deadline, and the roster lock.

Drop Deadline: End of Week 2

  1. Players who have NOT played a game may leave a team or be dropped from a roster at any point up until the end of week 2. Players who have played a game for a team cannot leave the team or be dropped, they must be traded. Both captains must approve a trade and inform administration.

Trade Deadline: End of Week 3

  1. Both captains must agree to a trade and inform the administration

Roster Lock: End of Regular Season

  1. Players not on a roster may join any team up until the end of the regular season provided there are roster spots available. Anyone who is not on a roster after this deadline may play in playoffs as a sub but must be approved by the opposing captain. (Even if there is an available roster spot)

That’s all, enjoy the Super Bowl,¬†Bill Vinovich MVP

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