AGLA WL19 Week 1 Recap!

February 4th, 2019 by

Hey everyone, we’ve got a quick recap for you going into Week 2!  Week 1 has come and gone for the AGLA WL19 season and we’ve got a clear championship favorite early on.  Rooster Bux to Blow captained by our own AGLA Administrator, Silva, has raced into 1st place with an early 4-0 record with Lumbridge White Knights being the only team being able to score on them.  With 22 games for each team in the season and a lot of returning veterans who haven’t competed in over 8 years, this season is far from over.  Str8 Griffin is off to a 2-0 to start and was an early favorite to compete for the championship and they just so happen to be matched up against Rooster Bux to Blow on Thursday.  Here are the current standing for the two conferences:

  1. NecroBonk (2-0)
  2. Str8 Griffin (2-0)
  3. Never Let Go (2-1)
  4. Collateral Damage (1-1)
  5. Way to Fail (1-1)
  6. We Respect Hoez (0-0)
  7. Paradox Warriors (0-1)
  8. Stat Padders United (0-2)


  1. Rooster Bux to Blow (4-0)
  2. Our Lady Tuna (3-1)
  3. Shadow Realm (2-1)
  4. TBD (1-2)
  6. Team Ninja (0-2)
  7. Lumbridge White Knights (0-2)
  8. SML08 All Stars and Kazink (0-3)

There was a total of 18 games played in Week 1 with a handful reschedules, with 28 more on the schedule for week 2 and 29 in week 3, there is plenty of Grifball action to follow!  The statistics page continues to expand while we adjust to returning to manual input but everything is caught up and can be found here along with the updated standings:

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