Welcome Back I TRICKK I

February 14th, 2019 by

In the third edition of the welcome back series, let’s give a warm welcome back to I TRICKK I!

How long have you been out of competitive grifball, or when was the last time you remember playing?

10 years or so

What drew you to come back for this season of grifball on MCC?

Shad told us there was a place to talk smack

Which team(s) are you most looking forward to playing and why?

Silva. He hates us because of Taylor and I hate him because he has power.

Knowing how rosters shook out, is there anything you would like to have done differently during pre-season?

Tried to steal more people from Silva

Who do you think are the most underrated and overrated players, respectively?

Underrated: Gilded Grams

Overrated: Ace

What do you see yourself doing if the league structure or Halo game changes for next season?

If it’s not H3, I’m out this piece


“We Respect Hoez, forget atone”

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