Grifball Weekly – 3/10/19 – Makeup Week and Playoffs

March 10th, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  Weekly updates will be making a return to the AGLA for the first time since the move to and we’ve got some important info to go through today so here we go.

Makeup Week:

The regular season is almost complete!  The 6 weeks of scheduled games have come to a close and with 176 games scheduled, makeup week was always going to be a necessity.  There are 26 games left on the schedule that need to be played and teams will have until Sunday, March 17th to get them played.  Games that do not get played by this date will be subject to double forfeits, forfeit wins may be handed out if teams have become unresponsive.  While on the subject of forfeits, Stat Padders United and Necrobonk are confirmed forfeit factories and have been given forfeit losses for their remaining games.


Wild Card Standings:

As a reminder on how the playoff seeding will work, 8 of the 16 teams will advance into playoffs and the top 2 seeds are granted to the winners of each of the 2 conferences.  As of today, Str8 Griffin (19-0) and Rooster Bux to Blow (17-2) have locked in the top 2 seeds with Str8 Griffin holding the top spot.  The 6 remaining seeds will be based on the following tiebreakers:

  1. Win Percentage
  2. Head2Head Wins
  3. Head2Head Goals per Game
  4. Overall Goals per Game

There are currently 8 teams left that can fill the remaining seeds with TBD, Team Ninja, Paradox Warriors, Necrobonk, PORKCHOP SANDWICHES and Stat Padders United being eliminated from playoff contention.  The wildcard standings are as follows, only 6 of these teams will advance:

  1. We Respect Hoez (15-4)
  2. Shadow Realm (13-5)
  3. Never Let Go (13-6)
  4. Our Lady Tuna (13-8)
  5. Way to Fail (12-7)
  6. SML08 All Stars + Kazink (11-10)
  7. Lumbridge White Knights (8-8)
  8. Collateral Damage (7-9)

Standings and remaining games can be found here.


Statistical Leaders:

Despite the lack of automatic stat tracking like we had in Halo 5, the administration has been tracking stats manually and every reported game has had their stats recorded and here’s a quick shoutout to some of the current stat leaders.

Most Goals:

  1. The Corn Ninja (We Respect Hoez) 55 Goals
  2. irobot9000 (Str8 Griffin) 53 Goals
  3. Rayzyr (Our Lady Tuna) 40 Goals

Highest Kill/Death Ratio:

  1. Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) 1.48 K/D
  2. imShad (Our Lady Tuna) 1.45 K/D
  3. DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail) 1.31 K/D

Most Carrier Kills:

  1. El Diablo x230x (SML08 All Stars + Kazink) 89 Carrier Kills
  2. Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) 71 Carrier Kills
  3. DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail) 54 Carrier Kills

You can see statistics ordered by team as well as a variety of per game and per minute leaderboards here.

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