Grifball Weekly – 3/19/19 – Playoffs begin with a bang!

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Hey everyone!  Playoffs have arrived at last, the standings are final, the seeds are set and the bracket is live!  We have an unexpected finish to the regular season to recap and some info on the upcoming playoff previews to get to so let’s get things rolling.


Makeup Week Recap:

Makeup week is completed and all 176 regular season games have been accounted for.  Porkchop Sandwiches had by far the most games rescheduled and unfortunately forfeited their remaining games and finished with a 1-21 record.  Str8 Griffin went into makeup week with a chance to complete their run an undefeated regular season with 3 games left on their schedule.  After Porkchop Sandwiches forfeited out, the last 2 teams standing in their way were eventual top 4 seeds Shadow Realm and We Respect Hoez.  After cruising past Shadow Realm with a quick 5-1 victory, Str8 Griffin’s undefeated season came to an end at the hands of We Respect Hoez in a 5-2 loss, they would still finish the regular season as the #1 seed.

The biggest story-line of makeup week was the race for the 8th seed between SML08 All Stars + Kazink and Lumbridge White Knights.  With 5 games left on the schedule for Lumbridge White Knights and SML08 All Stars getting a forfeit win over Porkchop Sandwiches to finish the season with a 12-10 record, LWK needed to win at least 3 of the 5 games to force a tie.  Back2Back wins over Team Ninja was a big start to the week but their toughest challenge was yet to come with another set of back2back games, this time against Shadow Realm.  After dropping the first game 5-2, LWK went up 4-2 in the second game before Shadow Realm stormed back to take the game 5-4 and put LWK on the brink of elimination.  The last game on the schedule for LWK was Paradox Warriors and they needed a 5-1 victory to tie for the 8th seed or a 5-0 sweep to claim a tiebreaker victory.  Lumbridge White Knights would go on to win the game 5-1 and tie for the 8th seed.

Game 177:

Remember last week when I mentioned there were 176 games in the regular season?  Well after all those games, SML08 All Stars + Kazink and Lumbridge White Knights managed to tie on every single tiebreaker.  Both teams finished 12-10, scored 62 goals and allowed 65.  They played each other twice during the regular season with each team winning a game 5-2.  After tying in everything possible, the 8th and final seed was decided by a single game playoff with an agreed upon neutral host.  The game was played Monday night and SML08 All Stars + Kazink came away with a 5-2 victory after a 33 minute match.  Their reward is a 1st round matchup against Str8 Griffin who finished the season 21-1, congratz to them.


Playoff Bracket:

There are a total of 8 teams in playoffs this season and each matchup will be a best of three series.  Individual preview articles for each matchup will follow throughout the week while games are being scheduled.  The final standings are as follows and you can find the official playoff bracket here:

  1. Str8 Griffin (21-1)
  2. Rooster Bux to Blow (20-2)
  3. We Respect Hoez (18-4)
  4. Shadow Realm (16-6)
  5. Way to Fail (15-7)
  6. Never Let Go (14-8)
  7. Our Lady Tuna (14-8)
  8. SML08 All Stars + Kazink (12-10)

The first round matchups are as follows:

  1. (8) SML08 All Stars + Kazink @ (1) Str8 Griffin
  2. (7) Our Lady Tuna @ (2) Rooster Bux to Blow
  3. (6) Never Let Go @ (3) We Respect Hoez
  4. (5) Way to Fail @ (4) Shadow Realm


Statistical Leaders:

Statistics for the regular season are completed to include every game of the regular season that was played and there were some changes in the statistical leaderboards.  Playoff stats will be tracked separately but for now, here are your statistical leaders for the regular season:

Most Goals:

  1. irobot9000 (Str8 Griffin) 60 Goals
  2. The Corn Ninja (We Respect Hoez) 58 Goals
  3. Priest XYZ (Way to Fail) 47 Goals
  4. Rayzyr (Our Lady Tuna) 40 Goals
  5. Regresser TTV (Rooster Bux to Blow) 34 Goals

Highest Kill/Death Ratio:

  1. Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) 1.50 K/D
  2. imShad (Our Lady Tuna) 1.45 K/D
  3. DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail) 1.34 K/D
  4. Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) 1.31 K/D
  5. I TRICKK I (We Respect Hoez) 1.29 K/D

Most Carrier Kills:

  1. El Diablo x230x (SML08 All Stars + Kazink) 89 Carrier Kills
  2. Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) 74 Carrier Kills
  3. ACE B S1lentND1 (Shadow Realm) 61 Carrier Kills
  4. DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail) 60 Carrier Kills
  5. DisterDan (Team Ninja) 59 Carrier Kills

You can see statistics ordered by team as well as a variety of per game and per minute leaderboards here.

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