Announcing the Bumrush in the Junkyard presented by Nkot!

April 2nd, 2019 by

Hello Griballers! I am very excited to share with you that we are ready to announce the tournament of all tournaments. After a first attempt at announcing this to no avail on discord, nkot went back to the drawing board and after a few weeks of planning is ready to present the Bumrush in the Junkyard!

The tournament will take place Thursday April 18th at 9pm est. Find out who the real Junkyard Dogs are! $250 prize pool, winner take all tournament presented by nkot. Teams will comprise of five total players (4 players with 1 sub) If you can’t field four players come game time, then you will play with three.

The format for this tournament will depend on the number of teams that sign up. The two types of formats may be round robin or single elimination best of three. Details about format and on-court host will be provided once we get closer to the tournament and we have a better idea of how many teams will be participating.

Here is a quick breakdown of potential formats

Round Robin / Group Format

Teams will be split up into groups and play each team in their group twice for a back to back. Each team will have on-court host once. Host will be determined by a random number generator for each team and whichever player corresponds with that number will be the on court host. Teams with the most wins with tiebreakers being determined by goals per game will move on to the knockout stage.

Single elimination best of three

In this format, a standard single elimination bracket will be set up. Each team will play a best of three series. Each team will have on-court host for one game. The host for each team will be determined by random number generator. The team that scores the most goals will get on-court host for game 3, and host for that team will also be determined by random number generator. If there is a tie in goals then host for the third game will be randomly selected out of the total 8 players.

Games will take place on the non-neutral host map unless both teams agree not to until the championship series where all games will be required neutral host and take place on the neutral host map. For both formats games will end at 5 goals.

To sign up, please post your team in the event discussion thread in our discord located here:

Alternatively, you may also use this form to signup:

Additionally, there will be a $25 prize for the MVP of the tournament, which will be determined by nkot.

If anyone is being particularly difficult, that’s not cool and will be handled accordingly.

Woof woof!


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