Grifball Weekly – 4/7/2019 – Semi Finals and More!

April 7th, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  It’s been a couple weeks since the last update but playoffs have been moving slow, we now have some news to chat about so let’s start swinging.

Playoff Update:

First Round: (1) Str8 Griffin over (8) SML08 All Stars + Kazink

The regular season ended with SML08 All Stars winning a tiebreaker over Lumbridge White Knights to earn their spot in the playoffs with the 8th and final seed, their season ended soon after.  Str8 Griffin cruised into the 2nd round of playoffs with a 2-0 series win over SML08 All Stars giving up only a single goal in the series.  As the 1st seed, this wasn’t much of a surprise and Str8 Griffin will face off against the winners of the Shadow Realm vs Way to Fail series.

First Round: (2) Rooster Bux to Blow over (7) Our Lady Tuna

While being the 2nd seed, Rooster Bux to Blow had a slow start into this series against 7th seeded Our Lady Tuna.  OLT raced out to an early 3-0 lead in the 1st game of the series before RBB stormed back with 5 straight goals to win the game, the game lasted over an hour.  Game 2 was a completely different story, RBB had the lead from start to finish and despite the game finishing 5-3 just like game 1, it took only 20 minutes for RBB to advance to the 2nd round of playoffs.  They will face off against the winners of We Respect Hoez and Never Let Go.

First Round: (3) We Respect Hoez over (6) Never Let Go

The only series to go to a 3rd game, Never Let Go put the 3rd seed on alert with a 5-4 win in the 1st game of the series.  At risk of being the first team to be upset in the playoffs, We Respect Hoez turned things around with a dominant 5-0 win in game 2.  Game 3 was more of the same with We Respect Hoez continuing their dominance with a 5-1 win and a trip into the semi finals.  Never Let Go put up a good fight but fell short in the end.  We Respect Hoez advances to face Rooster Bux to Blow in the 2nd round.

First Round: (4) Shadow Realm over (5) Way to Fail

With a 5-1 win over Shadow Realm in the regular season, Way to Fail was the most likely team to upset the higher seed in the first round of playoffs.  This would not be the story in playoffs, while the teams felt evenly matched in the games, Shadow Realm stepped up on the defensive end which was exploited in the loss during the regular season.  After a 5-3 win in the 1st game, Shadow Realm raced out to an early 4-1 lead in game 2 looking to put away Way to Fail in a hurry but they would not go quietly.  Way to Fail put out a final push for a game 3 and turned the 4-1 deficit into a 4-4 tie before Shadow Realm finally won the game and the series, they will face Str8 Griffin in the second round.

You can find the full playoff bracket here:

All Star Nominations:

Similar to last season, All Stars will be decided with a combination of captain nominations and public voting.  Captains are currently sending in their nominations for all stars and public voting will begin within the week.  The administration will choose the most popular nominations and announce them as all stars prior to voting, public voting will decide the remaining all star positions.

Next Season:

Not a lot of info here just yet, just wanted to let you all know you can expect more information on next season once the Championship is scheduled, stay tuned!

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