All Stars and Player Awards Announced!

April 29th, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  As the AGLA WL19 season comes to a close, it’s time to recognize the players who have played exceptionally well throughout the season.  In addition to the all star team, we have a variety of awards players can win including the best tank, best runner, MVP and more.

The AGLA WL19 All Stars!

The All Star team was selected with a two step process involving captain nominations and public voting.  Team captains were allowed to nominate up to 8 players to the all star team excluding their own teammates to avoid a very clear bias.  The administration then took the most commonly nominated players and awarded them the first roster spots on the All Star team.  The remaining players that were nominated were added to the public voting poll to decide the remaining roster spots.  A total of 10 players made the all star team, 5 of which were selected by majority nominations, the others by voting.  Here is your AGLA WL19 All Star Team:

  • Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm)
  • Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow)
  • imShad (Our Lady Tuna)
  • DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail)
  • irobot 9000 (Str8 Griffin)
  • ACE B S1lentND1 (Shadow Realm)
  • El Diablo x230x (SML08 All Stars + Kazink)
  • Gilded Grams (Str8 Griffin)
  • Saintz the God (Our Lady Tuna)
  • AJ DaJuiceMayne (Rooster Bux to Blow)


Player Awards!

This season, award winners were chosen by the administration.  The usual awards that have been around for years are present except for the Top Sword of the season due to an inability to accurately record sword statistics.  Due in part to the lack of a Top Sword award, the administration has added 6 new player awards to further recognize players who have stood out in a unique way.  Here are your award winners for the AGLA WL19 season!

MVP: Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) League Champion, 20 Goals, +352 Spread, 1.31 K/D, 57 Total Sprees, 74 Carrier Kills

Best Tank: Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) +498 Spread, 1.50 K/D, 65 Total Sprees

Best Runner: irobot 9000 (Str8 Griffin) 60 Goals (3.33 per game)

Best Hybrid: Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) League Champion, 20 Goals, +352 Spread, 1.31 K/D, 57 Total Sprees, 74 Carrier Kills

Best Defender: El Diablo x230x (SML08 All Stars + Kazink) 89 Carrier Kills

Playoff MVP : Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) League Champion, 9 Goals, +392 Spread, 1.39 K/D, 46 Carrier Kills (All in 9 playoff games)

Unsung Hero (MVP among players who missed playoffs): Its Rainin MenZ (TBD) +128 Spread, 1.15 K/D, 47 Carrier Kills

Rising Star: Blootzy (Never Let Go) 9 Goals, +150 Spread, 1.15 K/D, 34 Carrier Kills

Most Improved: Mungo Pungo (Our Lady Tuna)

Most Underrated: EIementary (Collateral Damage) 1.13 K/D 22 Carrier Kills

Comeback Player: I TRICKK I (We Respect Hoez) +303 Spread, 1.29 K/D 46 Total Sprees, 40 Carrier Kills


Statistical Leaders:

Most Goals:

  • irobot 9000 (Str8 Griffin) 60 Goals
  • The Corn Ninja (We Respect Hoez) 58 Goals
  • Priest XYZ (Way to Fail) 47 Goals

Highest K/D:

  • Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) 1.50 K/D
  • imShad (Our Lady Tuna) 1.45 K/D
  • DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail) 1.34 K/D

Most Medals:

  • DIGITAL PAIN (Way to Fail) 2045 Medals
  • El Diablo x230x (SML08 All Stars + Kazink) 2045 Medals
  • Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) 1935 Medals

Most Multikills:

  • Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) 351 Multikills
  • ActiveHate (Shadow Realm) 335 Multikills
  • Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) 324 Multikills

Most Carrier Kills:

  • El Diablo x230x (SML08 All Stars + Kazink) 89 Carrier Kills
  • Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) 74 Carrier Kills
  • ACE B S1lendND1 (Shadow Realm) 61 Carrier Kills

Total Sprees:

  • Rage More Nerd (Shadow Realm) 65 Sprees (5 Killing Frenzies)
  • Silva (Rooster Bux to Blow) 57 Sprees (1 Killing Frenzy)
  • I TRICKK I (We Respect Hoez) 46 Sprees (1 Killing Frenzy)
  • AJ DaJuiceMayne (Rooster Bux to Blow) 46 Sprees (1 Killing Frenzy)

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