Silva’s AGLA SL19 Pre-Season Team Rankings!

May 17th, 2019 by

Disclaimer: This list was constructed pre-season and is mainly based off of prior experience with the individual players and how the rosters look on paper. And, I mean, just look at these rosters. This was a hard one to pin down. Anyway, enjoy.



11. Rage’s Team – Rage More Nerd (c), irobot9000, LiquidNitrogin, MsMeowlla, MachinimistLuke

Ban Rage from captaining. In his defense, Rage didn’t want this. It took not one but two captains backing out of captaining for him to be put in this position, but still, cmon man. Rage still could’ve ended up with a pretty decent team here, but for some reason he decided to draft Robot as his first round pick despite there being better overall players available. Rage not picking Sab or Gilded really hurt his chances of having a strong team here since he now lacks any kind of strong tanking core outside of himself. Now, Robot is a good runner and quite good on defense, but none of that will matter if they can never get the ball past mid court. Meow is a good up and coming player, especially given how little H3 she has played. Nitrogin, last I knew, was also a pretty solid up and coming player.

That being said, these are both arguably fourths on most teams. Rage has himself, a runner, and three “fourths” for his roster. It’s just kinda baffling because despite having last pick, it’s as if Rage almost intentionally passed up stronger picks that other teams grabbed the next round. For instance, this team could have been Rage-Sab-Titan/Atone-Boss, which would have been an extremely solid team. I’m not sure if Rage just did this to make every other team more competitive, or if THIS is why he never wants to be a captain. Either way, it’s more than likely gonna be a rough season for this team, but I’m sure the players will at least enjoy themselves and possibly pull off some wins.


10. Failure to Launch – Priest XYZ (c), the man canon, SILV3RI34CK, THEXILEDRAGON, Almighty Tycoon

Ban Priest from captaining. Despite having the ability to get a number of really solid draft picks, Priest decided to do the unthinkable and yet again put together a Way to Fail roster. Yay. Now, I will say that the thought of Canon, Redbaron, and Boss tanking for Priest actually does sound like a pretty solid all around roster. However, they really lack any kind of star power to rally behind. If someone can fill in the communication and hopefully tanking gap left by Digital’s absence, and provided everyone actually tries, this team could get some wins. It’ll be a hard road for this team regardless, but practicing would also help them a ton.


9. Truthless and the Truthlessettes – Truthless IHero (c), El Diablo x230x, TwitchTvSnipezz, Myst The Cold, Molotov Ghost

Bit of a strange team Truthless went for here, though I understand he was going mainly for fun in picking up Diablo first round. Still, combining the two strongest players on the Kazink roster last season with one of the runners up from last season is a pretty good starting package. Add in Myst who is one of the best up and coming H3 players and you have a really interesting team with a lot of defense, playmaking, and quick tanking pushes. On paper this team seems very meme-y, but I can easily see them rising on this list.


8. On the Fence – Juc (c), Ace B S1lentND1, Its Rainin MenZ, blim, Hoffa 88

Quite possibly the most random team constructed in this draft, I honestly have no idea where to place them. Ace is reportedly running, which is both good and bad since he’s good at running but they’ll lose a lot of smart tanking ability. Menz, Four, and Mikinater will round out the tanks for him. Provided these players all don’t just continuously betray each other on accident, I can see them stringing together enough kills to get some goals. I just really don’t know what to expect from this team.


7. Doc’s Team – Doc Status (c), TnTaylor, Elementary, xxRebs, TheOneHawk

This team suffers a lot from the fact that there are a ton of really good teams on paper this season. It feels strange placing them at 7, but I can’t in good faith place them much higher than this at the moment. If Doc and TnT can get their tanking grooves back, and Elementary can continue to be Elementary, I think they have a really solid team in the making. Rebs is still a great player despite not playing since early last season, and will presumably make for a solid runner for the other three, though I feel like Doc will be inclined to split running duties.


6. Mungo’s Team – Mungo Pungo (c), Saintz the God, The Corn Ninja, Atonemilitant, DCleak

This is definitely my second dark horse team for the season. Saintz and Atone should be an incredibly strong tanking duo, Corn is one of the stronger runners (and swords) in the league, and DCleak (if he ever makes games) could be an amazing support tank for the other two. The real question is Mungo, and if he can continue to improve on his tanking ability. If he can, and Atone can stay alive enough to support Saintz, this team could be very deadly.


5. Defiance – Trespa5s (c), DIGITAL PAIN, Sabasauros Rex, ThumpingHawk, The Eastbrook, MASTER CH3IF

Quite possibly the best team on paper (especially if this was H5, yikes). The only question is if they can play to their full potential. Digital and Sab are both patient tanking monsters, and Larry/Twohawk are both competent run-heavy hybrids. This team’s success will mainly come down to how Trespass is able to adapt to the new game. If he can fill that support spot, and maybe take on the aggressive tanking role, this team could be amazing. If he can’t, I can definitely see Defiance struggling a bit, especially early on.


4. 9th Wonders – x Zeg x (c), T RICH Da King, oScet, x Greenthumb, Yuhxi

Insert “we were SO close to greatness” meme.jpg here. Zeg managed to nab an extremely solid starting three, somehow managing to obtain half of last season’s championship lineup. Then, Zeg kind of faltered. I understand why he chose Greenthumb – he actually knew him, and had just played with him on TBD last season, but I still don’t agree with the pick. Rebs and Titanman would have been amazing pickups for their last spot. Not only are they great players, but they’re really good runners too, which would give Scet the break from running he so desires. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and Zeg went for another tank heavy hybrid, pretty much forcing Scet to the runner spot unless Zeg wants to take that mantle for himself this season.

Greenthumb isn’t bad by any means, but his performance last season was a little inconsistent. If he can find that consistency alongside great players like Scet, TRich, and Zeg, this team will easily be a championship contender, but this team will need the practice or I predict they can fall to about mid tier on this list.


3. Junkyard Dogs – nkotb4evah (c), AJ DaJuiceMayne, Gilded Grams, PoisonxPoptart, caleb loves you

This is my current favorite underdog team. They’ll either be championship contending or one of the meme-ier teams in the league. NKOT snagging both Gilded and AJ is a bold play as both play pretty similarly, being really aggressive tanks. Poptart is a great pickup provided he continues his “never swing” strategy when tanking. Assuming he does, this will provide a great anchor for Gilded and AJ to work off of and get some solid tanking streaks going. Grabbing Poptart and MooCow are also really solid choices on the off chance NKOT isn’t really feeling it running wise, which is a possibility. If NKOT can get more used to running this season, and his main tanks play up to snuff, this is my personal dark horse pick to take it all home. I’m honestly excited to see this team play since 3/4 of their starting lineup is known for being hyper aggressive, one of which being the runner. Definitely a team to watch out for.


2. Monstars – imShad (c), ActiveHate, Liion Wiins, TITAN MAN 23, TheRealSlimSheep

Shad, despite having the second to last pick in the draft, has managed to assemble an absolutely disgusting team on paper. Active is a really solid aggressive tank which is a nice counter balance to Shad’s more passive nature. Lion I’m not super experienced with but let’s just call him a strong support tank. Titan is the other contender for “best runner in the league” currently.

The fact that Shad was able to secure this team is probably mainly thanks to all the bad PR Titan had in the later half of last season, and bad PR Lion continues to have throughout his time in Discord. Still, as the REAL YoungNastyMan once said, no excuses -play like a champion. Shad disregarded all the drama and drafted straight talent here. Assuming they can stay cool and work on keeping everyone from just chasing kills, they’re probably early favorites for the ship.


1. Hypest – Regresser TTV (c), Blootzy, Perturbingly, Melvishdon, TheNastyWithin

I really think KGod has quietly assembled one of the best teams in the league here. Blootzy is a strong up and coming tank, Perturbingly is a budget Digital Pain (though not in skill), Melvish plays a very strong support role, and you have possibly the best runner in the league with Godless. Rounding out their roster, fake YoungNastyMan is an overall solid tank as well, just needs some more experience like most of the last round drafts.

I see this team doing some damage early on as their strong tanking line, and seemingly already strong chemistry, should make it easy for Godless to run right in. I do believe other teams will close the gap and perhaps even pass this team as time goes on, but they will remain a strong contender for the ship if they all play up to their potential.








































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