Grifball Weekly – 5/21/19 – AGLA SL19 Draft Season Kickoff! (With Stream Highlights!)

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Hey everyone!  The regular season has officially begun and for the first double header of the season, “In MuNgO We Trust” faced off against “Hypest” in back to back games filled with launches and multi-kills bigger than anything we saw throughout all of last season!  This series deserves a recap of it’s own so let’s get started.  Film links are available for anyone who wishes to go back and watch the broadcast.

Game 1: In MuNgO We Trust over Hypest (5-3) (No medals recorded RIP)

Lineup for In MuNgO We Trust

  1. MuNgO PuNgO – 0.86 K/d
    Saintz the God – 1.52 K/d
    The Corn Ninja – 4 Goals, 1.22 K/d
    AtoneMilitant – 1 Goal, 0.87 K/d

Lineup for Hypest

  1. Regresser TTV – 2 Goals, 1.13 K/d
    Blootzy – 0.89 K/d
    Perturbingly – 0.73 K/d
    Melvishdon – 0.70 K/d

Game MVP: Saintz the God

Tip offs: 5 to 3 in favor of Hypest


Stream rebroadcast

  1. Be sure to check out all the highlight clips associated with description!

First goal of the season: There were over 800 goals scored last season so let’s take a moment to appreciate the first goal this season.  The first goal was the first of many for Hypest’s captain, Regresser TTV, aka the first and only diamond ranked player in Late League.  If you’ve seen Regresser play recently, you know he’s capable of scoring goals every way possible and with his team being at a clear tanking disadvantage this game, he needed to find other ways to score outside of a typical tanking push.  This first goal was a perfect example of how Hypest will score many of their goals this season, perfect positioning and taking advantage of mistakes by the opposing defense.  It only took a split second for the defensive tanking line to move the wrong direction and open up a small window for Hypest to score only needing to kill half the team.

Live and die by the launch: Hypest came out aggressive to start the season launching throughout the night, but for a brand new team without built in chemistry, the launch heavy offense was not quite ready.  Round 2 saw three separate launch attempts by Hypest, all 3 ended with a turnover, and the third resulted in an easy score for MuNgO’s team as Saintz feasted on Hypest’s spawn.  Later in the game, In MuNgO We Trust attempted a launch of their own with more success.

Returning the favor: Regresser isn’t the only runner looking to wrap around a defense instead of going through it, similar to the first goal of the game, The Corn Ninja takes advantage of poor positioning by Blootzy and Melvishdon and with the help of Saintz the God, this was among the easiest goals of the game.

I’m a tank! (PotG): There were over 175 games played during the last regular season and there we maybe half a dozen killpocalypses and zero killionaires.  I can’t say for certain what this multikill ended at but whatever it was, it was ridiculous.  Regresser proving he is more than just a runner, this was an easy choice for the play of the game as this man straight up trashed everyone who stood in his way to Hypest’s third goal.

First goal of the season

Live by the launch

Die by the launch

Returning the favor

I’m a tank! (PotG)


Game 2: In MuNgO We Trust over Hypest (5-2) (Medals this time!)

Lineup for In MuNgO We Trust

  1. MuNgO PuNgO – 0.43 K/d, 3 Carrier kills
    Saintz the God – 1.47 K/d, 6 Carrier kills, 27 multikills, 4 sprees
    The Corn Ninja – 5 Goals, 0.92 K/d
    AtoneMilitant – 0.84 K/d, 2 Carrier kills, 8 multikills

Lineup for Hypest

  1. Regresser TTV – 2 Goals, 1.02 K/d, 3 Carrier kills
    Blootzy – 1.12 K/d, 17 multikills, 2 sprees
    Perturbingly – 1.10 K/d, 9 multikills
    Melvishdon – 0.94 K/d, 4 Carrier kills, 12 multikills, 2 sprees

Game MVP: Saintz the God

Tip offs: 4 to 3 in favor of In MuNgO We Trust


Stream rebroadcast

  1. Be sure to check out all the highlight clips associated with description!

Still dying by the launch: There’s no highlight clip here but it’s worth mentioning that there were 13 different launch attempts by both teams this series and only 1 was successful.  Despite this game being 10 minutes shorter from the first game (28 minutes vs 18 minutes) it had the same number of failed launch attempts, looking for this success ratio to improve as the season progresses.

Nothing into something: Regresser making another highligh play with another wrap around the defense.  In what probably should have been a turnover, Regresser once again proving his ability to turn the tables on the defense and punishing Saintz and MuNgO for thinking he was ever going to turn around quit on the tanking push.  Credit to Peturbingly for staying alive just long enough for this window to open.

GOD MODE!!! (PotG): I can’t confirm or not Regresser got a killionaire in game 1, but I can absolutely confirm Saintz got a killionaire in game 2.  This is just classic Saintz killing everyone that gets near him, I’ll let the clip do the talking.

Just like matchmaking: Ouch, this is the type of play that can make someone rage quit.  While there is timing that goes into this play from the runner’s perspective, sometimes you’re just wishing for the best and I think this was the latter.  The second goal in this game that will be a turnover 9 out of 10 times, this one just happened to be the 5th and final goal of the night.  The Corn Ninja definitely pulled off a ninja play here.

Nothing into something

GOD MODE!!! (PotG)

Just like matchmaking


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