Week 1 Community Power Rankings feat. Regresser TTV!

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Hey everyone!  The regular season has moved into the second week of games and it’s time for some power rankings before the next set of games get played.  This week, we have the community power rankings alongside Regresser TTV and another anonymous player with their own rankings and analysis.  We will start from the bottom and work our way up!  The community rankings were determined by the poll posted through the PlayGrifball Community Discord.

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Standings and Statistics

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11. Failure to Launch (0-0) (Avg Placement 9.5)

Regresser TTV (8th): Although they have yet to play a game, this team just does not have it. Canon is a great player who is very well-rounded but he will not be able to carry this team through playoffs. I have seen SILV3RI34CK aka RedBaron put up some great numbers in customs recently but it just won’t be enough unfortunately. Dragon is not a clutch fourth and based off of what we saw out of Boss in playoffs last season, he does not appear to be either. Now play some games and prove me wrong.

Anonymous (10th): It’s Way to Fail, but without their best tank. Cannon is a solid tank, but may not be up to the task of competing with the Saints, Rage’s, and Shad’s of the league. Priest is a great on court leader and runner. Dragon and Silverback (RedBaron) will need to show up big if this team wants to be competitive.


10. Mediocre at Best (0-0) (Avg Placement 8.8)

Regresser TTV (10th): Out of all the team names this season, this one has to be the most fitting. Rage is a great K/D tank and Robot is one of the best runners in the league, but they will not be able to carry unfortunately. I have seen some solid plays out of LiquideNitrogen in late league but he is nothing spectacular. Neither Luke or Meowlla are the fourth that this team needs. People say Robot is overrated and I wholeheartedly disagree, but this season will be a great test for him.

Anonymous (8th): A difficult team to rate as they haven’t played any games as of the time of writing. Rage and Robot are excellent players and among the best in their positions. Liquid is a solid third. The 4th players being MsMeowlla and MachinimistLuke who are relative unknowns. Overall, I’d say the team comp is similar to Mungo’s team with a top tank and runner doing most of the heavy lifting. Where they fall short is that the back half of the roster just isn’t quite as good as it needs to be to really compete with the best.


9. Truthless and the Truthlessettes (0-2) (Avg Placement 8.4)

Regresser TTV (11th): This team could be solid if they find the right neutral host, but unfortunately has slim to no shot of winning it all. Molotov hit some clutch stiff-arms on stream in their series versus Silva’s Connection, but I don’t think it quite makes up for the .49 K/D he’s currently sporting. Would like to see this team incorporate Myst into the starting lineup to bring some much needed tanking power to a team that desperately needs it. All things considered however, this team just doesn’t have it.

Anonymous (11th): When I look at this team, the first thought that comes to mind is where is the tank? Diablo is a fantastic defender, but not known for going positive. Snipez is a good tank for his draft position, but isn’t good enough to compete with the other first rounders.


8. On the Fence (1-1) (Avg Placement 8.2)

Regresser TTV (9th): I would have never expected this team to take a game from 9th Wonders like they did. The problem here is that they did it with Atone subbing, who is arguably better than their actual fourth – Blim. I haven’t seen Blim play enough to confirm this, but they need to keep playing with their actual roster. Winning with a sub means nothing. In my original Discord rankings I had this team dead last at number 11. Two spots down, eight more to go for Ace.

Anonymous (6th): An interesting squad comprised of former Halo 3 players in Menz and Mikinator alongside two who are newer to H3 by comparison in Ace and Four. Overall, I’d rate them as the most even team of the draft. They won’t win every game, but they won’t lose every game either. Points of interest will be how Four and Mikinator play as they are known for making “interesting” decisions in game. Ace will carry a large load with help from Menz, but his Halo 5 dominance just hasn’t been seen in the MCC.


7. Junkyard Dogs (0-2) (Avg Placement 6.4)

Regresser TTV (7th): This team is solid, but I do not believe they have that championship x-factor. AJ and Gilded are great tanks but they simply do not have the support they need. Nkot is an aggressive runner who will get some sick punches but lose the ball a bit too much for this team’s liking. Major props to Poptart though for leading his team in K/D with an excellent 1.24 ratio after the first week though. I can honestly say that I was not expecting that.

Anonymous (9th): The most likeable squad in all of Grifball. Nkot still has a good stiff arm and AJ is a very very good tank. Potart and Gilded are also solid players. Unfortunately, being likeable doesn’t lead to success. Dropping two games to the Monstars isn’t surprising, but only scoring three goals in the two-game series is. If they can bounce back from this early setback, they can easily compete with the other middle of the road teams.


6. Defiance (0-1) (Avg Placement 6.1)

Regresser TTV (5th): Any team with Digital and Sab is scary for obvious reasons, but the real question for me here: Is Trespa5s willing to sit himself for the betterment of his team? If so then I could see this team making it far. If not, well… I could still see this team making it far. Reading into this team is even harder to do than most of the rest after week one because they only played one game and lost to a solid 9th Wonders squad. Whether or not they’re able to successfully utilize Eastbrook as a tank will determine this team’s fate in my opinion, but only time will tell.

Anonymous (7th): A team that on paper looks to be rather good. Digital is a known KD monster rivaling the best tanks in the league. Sab is another who will play well on any given day. The question marks for this team are in the 3rd and 4th rounders. Will Trespass bench himself for his teammates if they prove to be better? Will ThumpingHawk and Eastbrook be up to the task of competing with the other top tier later round draft picks? At the moment its hard to say.


5. 9th Wonders (2-1) (Avg Placement 5.8)

Regresser TTV (6th): This team is the epitome of “good at everything but not particularly amazing at anything.” Expect some good launches and solid tanking from this team of primarily Halo 3 veterans. Scet is a great passive runner but I would love to see him step out of his comfort zone and be more aggressive with his running. Their loss to On the Fence is a bit concerning to me seeing as how they are a lower tier team, but the fact that they were able to top Defiance indicates that this could have just been a fluke.

Anonymous (5th): The most “washed” team of the entire draft. Jokes aside, they do have a ton of veterans of the game and one of the most experienced rosters in Halo 3. Scet and T Rich were both champions last season and will likely continue to perform at a high level. The real question marks lie with Zeg and Greenthumb. Can Zeg rise to his former dominance? Will Greenthumb perform as needed for a 4th? If they can, the squad can do great things.


4. Hypest (1-3) (Avg Placement 4.8)

Regresser TTV (3rd): After a rough start, I can honestly say that this team will bounce back as the season progresses. We played a sloppy first series versus In MuNgO We Trust due to being overconfident with launches and essentially gave both games away. We were able to find our rhythm versus Monstars later in the week though and ended up splitting the series 1-1. We had some great launches that led to goals and Blootzy, Perturbingly, and Melvish all did a stellar job tanking. Once we iron out a couple of minor things this team will be a serious championship contender.

Anonymous (4th): Godless is an incredibly talented runner and well known for his launching prowess. Which is fortunate, because this team won’t be winning any K/D awards this season. The real question becomes should Godless continue to hold the rock, or pass it off to one of his teammates. The rest of the team are all good players, but none of them really have the carry potential needed to get wins against the top teams. A split series with the Monstars after dropping two games to Mungo is a good bounce back especially with the former ending in a contested 5-4.


3. Monstars (3-1) (Avg Placement 3.1)

Regresser TTV (2nd): To no surprise, this team if off to a great start. Active and Lion are both solid aggressive tanks while Shad takes on the more passive, K/D-oriented role. Combine that with the fact that they have a deadly runner in Titan Man and you have a very well-rounded squad. Hopefully Lion and Active can stay calm in order to prevent another implosion. If they can, making it to the championship is not out of the question.

Anonymous (3rd): As much as people meme on them for only playing for kills, they will get a lot of them. Shad and Active are skilled tanks, and Lion has the potential to surprise people. The problems for the squad lie in a few places. Active’s awareness is a meme for a reason. Titanman’s running is suspect as he is often-times recklessly aggressive with the ball. Lastly, the personalities on the team are known for being anything but cohesive. If they can sort these problems out, they can take games off any team in the league, but on the flip side, they can lose to any team in the league.


2. Silva’s Connection (2-0) (Avg Placement 2.9)

Regresser TTV (1st): This team is very well-rounded in just about every aspect. Rebs seems to be a solid runner and he has a great tanking line to work with. Doc will have no trouble assisting him in running if need be. My biggest concern for this team is Taylor’s consistency. He currently leads the league in K/D Ratio with a ridiculous number of 1.51, but they’ve only played one team… If he can continue putting up massive numbers with everyone else playing their part then expect this team to make it far in playoffs. A solid championship contender in my opinion.

Anonymous (2nd): One of the most well-rounded squads from the draft. Elementary and Rebs are two of the best 2nd and 3rd round picks of the entire draft. Taylor and Doc are a solid pairing as well. The only question mark around this team is how they will deal with hosts they don’t agree with and Taylors notoriously spotty connection at times.


1. In Mungo We Trust (2-0) (Avg Placement 2.2)

Regresser TTV (4th): This team started hot with a convincing 2-0 series win over Hypest. That being said, there are a couple of major concerns for this team. 1) Saintz’ connection is pretty much their entire tanking push. If by some miracle Saintz does not connect well in a game this team is in serious trouble. 2) Their lack of a solid fourth – It’s easy to say that MuNgO is the perfect fourth after one series win, but as the season progresses I feel like DCleak might need to be utilized for this team to be successful. As of right now I do not see this team in contention for the championship, but they should make playoffs with ease.

Anonymous (1st): Arguably the best aggressive tank in Saints and an equally aggressive runner in Corn make for a dangerous pairing who can both individually carry games for the rest of the squad. Mungo and Atone fill their roles well to complete the squad. Defense is the strongest point of this team. The only downfall could be if Saints or Corn doesn’t show up when needed, the rest of the team may not be up to carrying the team forward to victory.

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