AGLA SL19 Player Award Predictions with Atone, Diablo and Trespa5s!

May 31st, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  Last season we introduced a handful of new player awards to highlight the efforts of players throughout the season.  Even though the season has barely gotten started, it’s never too early for some predictions on who will take home these awards.  With the help of Atone, Diablo, and Trespa5s, we’ve got enough opinions to cover just about everyone in the running for these awards.  We’re only predicting a handful of player awards but added an extra category via special request.



Trespa5s (Pick: Saintz the God) – MVP is always a tough category because there’s so many ways to judge it. The way I do it is to ask “if I subbed out this player, how much does that help or hinder the team?” The single player that would affect their team the most if they were removed would have to be Saintz. That’s not to say he’s the best overall player, but for the team he’s on he is the player that has the greatest potential swing if something were to happen to him (like say, getting banned or dying).

El Diablo x230x (Pick: Saintz the God) – Obi-Wan Kenobi with the sword. Saintz is a machine and he should show out all season, especially with a competent runner behind him in Corn Ninja making his +40’s per game actually mean something instead of being empty stats.

AtoneMilitant (Pick: Saintz the God) – Is there anything the man can’t do?  No matter who’s on his team, they’re a threat.  I’ve seen the man carry absolutely nothing to a chip.  Favorite quote from Saintz, “Just get behind me”.  Choo choo to the plate.  He can push, hold the line, punch, run routes, and has a deadly stop on the plate.  If you think anyone is better, you just haven’t felt the power of the train.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: Saintz the God) – There’s a short list of players who I expect to compete for this award and it may ultimately come down to whichever team is the most successful.  Players like Saintz, Regresser and Ace are going to be the key to their team’s success but I’m looking at Saintz to lead his team to a playoff run and is my MVP pick.  Few players have a court presence quite like Saintz who are capable of dominating with any weapon on either side of the court.


Top Tank:

Trespa5s (Pick: Saintz the God) – This was a two and a half horse race, but I have Saintz just edging out Digital and Shad for best tank. This isn’t a nock against of their skill though. It has more to do with the fact that the tanking lines of Sab/ThumpingHawk/Myself, and Lion/Active are likely going to put up bigger numbers than Mungo/Corn/Atone will over the course of the season (making it harder for Dig or Shad to put up the same kind of numbers Saintz likely will). Regardless of the tanking lines though, Saintz is an absolute monster with the hammer and is definitely a tank to watch out for on the court.

El Diablo x230x (Pick: Rage More Nerd) – He led the league in K/D last season and I wouldn’t doubt he repeats that this season. Oh what could have been for Big Cum Cum :(

AtoneMilitant (Pick: Saintz the God) – A few good ones here.  Shad, Rage, Digital, AJ, but… Saintz just tops them.  With a decent supports system around him, and the aggressive runner Corn is, the push is real and I don’t think it can be stopped.  Pure dominance.  There’s a large bet taking place this season, it just so happens Vegas is behind this bet.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: Saintz the God) – I could be pretty biased here and go with myself or Shad, but I can’t deny the season Saintz is set up to have.  While there’s plenty of top tier tank talent that can fight for this award, I would put money on Saintz leading every push for his team and near the top of all the tanking leaderboards.


Top Hybrid:

Trespa5s (Pick: Ace B S1lentND1) – He can tank, he can run, he can do it all. While maybe not as robotic as in Halo 5, ACE.exe still has the ability to do some hefty damage on the court and can take over games if you give him an inch. The old adage “silent but deadly” is perfectly fitting.

AtoneMilitant (Pick: Regresser TTV) – Godless.  100%.  Godless made a bold move with the first round pick.  He’s now put himself in a situation where he MUST tank in order to get deep in the playoffs.  The guy has been running Late League since last season ended.  I love his routes, punching ability, and his NEED for the launch.  I don’t think m any people have seen, but I think he is for sure a top 10 tank in the league.  He will have to let loose of the torch this season and take over the tanking battles.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: oScet) – This was a tough choice but I’m looking at Scet to win the Hybrid award.  Scet is too good of a player to be limited to just running, this man thrives flying through the air and putting pressure on the opposing team. It’s not going to show in the stats but Scet will be the key to 9th Wonders success.


Top Runner:

Trespa5s (Pick: irobot 9000) – Admittedly this is the category that I’m least familiar with, but by all accounts Robot is the front runner (pun absolutely intended).

El Diablo x230x (Pick: The Corn Ninja) – He gets to run behind Saintz. Pair that with his ability to run the route tree effectively I see no reason why he shouldn’t lead the league in goals. However if Nkot decides to not be a goose and actually trust his tanks he could very well be in the discussion as well.

AtoneMilitant (Pick: The Corn Ninja) – Corn. I think corn will show out this season. He has a great punch, and even better routes. I think he fell last season due to the style of his tanks. Saints and corn are a perfect match for each other. Corn has the ability to ram it down your throat, or play keep away over his own plate. He has a few specific launches he likes running, that seem crazy at the time and spot you’re at. They really put the defense in a scramble.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: Regresser TTV) – Who else but this season’s God of Late League?  Regresser doesn’t have the strongest tanking line to make things easy for him, he needs to play aggressive for his team to be successful and weeks of Late League dominance gives me no reason to doubt his.


Top Defender:

Trespa5s (Pick: AJ DaJuicemayne) – Best one on one defender in the league folks. You can’t get by this man, he’s a brick wall. Next category.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: Ace B S1lentND1) – While I question how well On the Fence is going to perform this season, I will not question the player Ace is and how smart he plays.  Regardless of the role Ace plays on this team, his defense will stand out above the rest.


Rising Star:

Trespa5s  (Pick: Titan Man 23) – This is a tough one because there are only so many players in the league that could be considered “up and comers” when looking at the rosters. One such player is the runner his captain Shad Sparrow swears by, Titan Man. While I don’t have a ton of experience with him myself, he put up some decent scoring numbers last season and if he’s able to sure up his tanking a bit then he could be a solid little hybrid to watch out for.

Honourable mention just because: MsMeow. While not new to the leagues, she is new to H3 and is steadily getting better with every game I see her play. With having to take care of a new puppy (and Addison) I’m not sure how much time she’ll have to be able to dedicate to learning the game but if she can keep grinding it out she could make a solid fourth.

AtoneMilitant (Pick: The Eastbrook) – This is a tricky one.  Liquid has a very strong hammer and has done well with launches and defense.  Melvish could take the spot for top hybrid if he would commit to the game.  Excellent sword, running, defense, and awareness.  Overall, I think Eastbrook wins this.  He’s been out of the game for some time now.  With his recent appearances in Late League, he has drastically improved.  Somehow, he has found his way to play Halo 3, like Halo 5.  Excellent hammer, lightning fast sword, some of the best spacing I’ve seen yet.  I have Eastbrook being a top 3 player at the end of the season, if he stays committed.  His team will be very dangerous if his captain benches himself and puts him in.  Chip dangerous.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: LiquideNitrogen) I’m being very biased here but LiquideNitrogen is winning this award.  Quietly a very strong tank who can hold his own against the best, don’t be surprised when this man is being the biggest pain in the ass against your team.


Most Pressure to Perform:

Trespa5s (Pick: Trespa5s) – Yup, it me. Pretty much all the pre-season and scrim talks about my team have revolved around whether or not I can get my s*** together in time for the season. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were about 463 captain issues before the draft it’s likely I wouldn’t have been captaining (and probably wouldn’t have seen much playing time) so there’s a ton of pressure to prove that I can hang and help take Defiance all the way.

AtoneMilitant (Pick: Blootzy) – Without a doubt.  He was talked up big time last season.  Talked up so much he went in the first round to Godless.  Blootzy has a great head on his shoulders.  Loves launches, which will pair well with Godless.  Overall is a good player, I think he is a solid second round pick.  In order for his team to win, he will have to drop numbers in some games.  KD isn’t everything as we all know.  This team has the smarts to get tanked in the dirt and still come out of it on top.  However, some games I believe they will need that first round tank to get them to the plate.  I think this team’s best shot at winning is either Blootzy stepd up in a huge way overnight, or Godless lets Melvish run and Blootzy acts as the support tank to Godless.

Rage More Nerd (Pick: Juc) – If it’s true that Ace is going to run for On the Fence, then I’m saying Juc is under the most pressure to perform this season.  Ace running means Menz is the lead tank and for someone who likes to use the sword, someone needs to step up big with the hammer and I’m looking at Juc to fill this role over blim or Hoffa.


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