Week 2 Community Power Rankings feat. Silva and imShad!

June 3rd, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  The regular season is moving right along as week 3 is about to begin and we have some movement in the community rankings now that everyone has played a few games.  This week, we have the community power rankings alongside last season’s MVP, Silva, and Tank of the season contender imShad with their own rankings and analysis.  Just like before, we will start from the bottom and work our way up!  The community rankings were determined by the poll posted through the PlayGrifball Community Discord.

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Standings and Statistics


11. On the Fence (1-3) (Avg Placement 9.75) (Last Week: 8th)

Silva (11th)They may be last in my rankings, but I wouldn’t even call this team bad. It’s just a symptom of this season potentially being the most competitive ever.  That being said, OTF has some glaring issues that make them a solid choice at last for me. The main issue I find with this team is the fact that (allegedly) the team captain wants Ace to be the runner for the team.  This just doesn’t work. As the “runner” he’s the most positive on the team, which you hate to see. They need to hand the ball off to either four or Mikinater if this team is going to have any hope of winning some games this season.  Is Ace the best runner on the team? Probably yeah, but he’s far more valuable in this situation as a tank. If they manage to do this, I could see them pulling off some wins for sure.

imShad (9th): Similar in nature to Failure to Launch, this is another team that doesn’t have enough star power to win games on a consistent basis. However I do really respect Juc’s plan pre draft. He put enough faith in himself as a second/third option to take a risk on an excellent all around player in Ace as his first round choice. The issue with that obviously being that getting Ace as a runner that high in the draft was a low value pick and forced this team not to have a true #1 tank. MenZ unfortunately isn’t suited to that role any longer. If this was 2010 MenZ we’re talking about here, this team might have caused some problems, but in 2019 MenZ is more suited to the 2/3 spot simply because of his playstyle.


10. Truthless and the Truthlessettes (1-3) (Avg Placement 9.625) (Last Week: 9th)

Silva (10th)Diablo’s meme team with bucket loads of potential.  Though they started off by getting handled by Doc’s team pretty easily, they split their match against FTL, winning and losing one game each 5-2.  On paper this is one of the more balanced teams in the league, with no superstars but at least 4 extremely solid players. The presumably starting four are all extremely good at defense, competent at running, and can go on large killing streaks.  To me, this team’s success will largely come down to wanting it. If they’re just here to meme and have fun by all means, but they definitely have the potential here to make a run at playoffs. Next week’s games against Mediocre at Best and In Mungo We Trust will be very telling I think.

imShad (11th): I’m not gonna beat a dead horse in writing up an entire column about why I have this team placed last. They split the season series with FTL in a stream that I didn’t watch. I put them here because I had to, not because I think they’re really any worse than much of their competition. There isn’t a steep drop off between them and the teams near them at the bottom. This team will end up stealing a game or two across the space of the season just because diablo and snipes are a good enough combination to make things work. I also put them here by default because I’ve never seen them play. But they are committed to getting in scrims and getting better. Good on them for toughing it out.


9. Failure to Launch (1-1) (Avg Placement 8.875) (Last Week: 11th)

Silva (9th)It’s hard to say where this team truly falls since they’ve only played two games against a lower ranked team.  They have potential though for sure. Canon has been killing it lately, and Redbaron has mostly gotten his groove back.  Bosstycoon has found his footing on H3, and Priest will continue to be Priest, so this team is definitely dangerous. I just haven’t seen enough of them yet to place them any higher.

imShad (10th): Hurts to put my friend priest and his squad here but this team just isn’t good enough at anything to make it work. I understand the idea behind his draft class in putting WTF together but there just isn’t enough talent on this roster. Its a team of capable second and third players with no real dominance anywhere to take pressure off of each other. Pre draft Priest privately described to me his draft plan of getting this team as “going nuclear” which I think is a premonition because this thing needs to be blown up. My guy needs to use canon and draft bait to try and get someone that can create a goal single handedly. Unless major changes are made this team is going to continue to just be not really good enough to win games consistently.


8. Mediocre at Best (1-1) (Avg Placement 7.625) (Last Week: 10th)

Silva (8th)What a team.  It’s safe to say MAB has proven everybody wrong.  Many people ranked this team at the very bottom going into the season, myself included.  It just didn’t seem like a team that wouldn’t struggle against most teams. Sure you have a top tank in Rage, but choosing a top runner rather than another strong tank to support him in the first round just seemed like such a strange move.  Then he grabs Liquid, a relative newcomer who only played one game last season and MsMeowlla, who hadn’t played H3 until recently, and you just don’t really expect to see much. Well, we were wrong. MAB has managed to have a close game against Mungo’s team, and even beat SC, a team of H3 veterans.  Not only that, but they looked strong in both games. If they all continue practicing like they have I would not be surprised to see some more upsets and as such see them climb this list further.

imShad (8th): This team could rise up the ranks incredibly quickly, however I’m personally not ready to anoint them after just one win. This team is clearly better than expected and could potentially be a playoff outlier when its all said and done but I’m not sold after one victory. It still remains to be seen if Meow can keep up her Eastbrook-like pace this season going a WHOPPING DAZZLING +8 against Silva’s Connection. Since the beginning of the season this entire team’s fate rested on her and LiquidNitrogin’s ability to be consistent players, which they’re on track to prove that they are. We’ll have to wait and see if their victory vs the old heads of the grifball league is a blip on the radar or a sign of things to come.


7. Junkyard Dogs (1-5) (Avg Placement 6.625) (Last Week: 7th)

Silva (6th)The Dogs have had a rough go of things for the first few weeks of play.  A hard opening match against Monstars is a rough way to start the season.  Following that, they had tough semi-close losses against 9th Wonders before picking things up and splitting their next match against Mungo, bringing that team their first loss.  As of now it’s hard to say if JYD has made the adjustments they needed to make and are picking up pace, or if they’re doomed to become that sort of midling team that’s pretty good but just misses playoffs.  It’s a bit strange because statistically, JYD is the tankiest team in the league, but they just don’t see the results on the court. I know Nkot has been talked to about his running and he honestly seemed leagues better in their last match against Mungo, but time will tell if this is an upward trend of improved performance or if the Dogs simply got a little lucky.  In my opinion, Nkot needs to play some customs and actually get used to playing a bit outside of league games so he can support his tanks a bit more. If Nkot can get it together, this team has the makeup to really make a run at the title, provided Gilded can continue to perform as well, they just need to put in a little effort.

imShad (7th): Another team that’s here for the time being. They pulled off a well publicized win versus In Mungo We Trust to get their first win of the season, however my biggest issue with them is that’s now their only win of the season. It’s not really a shocker that this team can pull off upset wins because the talent on this roster is clear as day and I don’t feel a need to go into detail about it… except for Poptart. Can we give this man some recognition? An extremely early contender for most improved. I don’t think anyone saw this coming out of PxP. The dude has been a steady force for the dogs this season laying down a passive tempo to contrast the aggressive styles of AJ and Gilded. If this team can play anything like they did G1 against Mungo they’re not going to be considered upsets any more, they’re just going to start counting wins.


6. Defiance (0-1) (Avg Placement 6.25) (Last Week: 6th)

Silva (5th)Huge potential.  Their one game that they played (and lost 5-3) against 9th Wonders showed us a lot.  Digital and Sab do their thing, but despite having no real H3 experience outside of matchmaking, Trespass can hold his own quite well against league H3 veterans.  This should make some teams worried. If this team could play together more I could see them being a strong contender for the ship. Sab, Digital, and Trespass tanking together in front of a competent runner like Hawk or Larry is a deadly combination.  If I were them I’d try to get any kinks they could worked out in scrims once Trespass is fully moved, otherwise the next few games could be rough before they hit their stride. Their next two matches against Priest’s team and Hypest will be extremely telling for this squad.

imShad (5th): Knocked down slightly for me because of the odd loss vs 9th Wonders. I think I still have them higher than some people, Tresspass playing or not. This team has the infrastructure to be the best team in the league and I’m not willing to drop them any further than this until given more information. They’ve played only 1 game and my team only played them once pre season and they subbed canon who was on host…. So my experience with this team is basically non existent.


5. Silva’s Connection (2-1) (Avg Placement 4.75) (Last Week: 2nd)

Silva (7th)It’s hard to place this team so low, but we just haven’t seen much for me to justify them being placed higher.  They’ve won two games, both against admittedly one of the weakest teams in the league, and then the one game they’ve lost is against the previously worst ranked team in the league.  Do they have the potential to make playoffs? Probably. To win it all? I’m highly doubtful. We’re talking about a team of mostly at least semi washed up players who don’t play outside of league games.  If this trend doesn’t change I don’t see them being much of a threat and feel they will continue to rack up surprising losses. I potentially see them losing their next four games, provided JYD continues playing better and better.  Surprise me.

imShad (4th): I dropped this team slightly because of the AAB loss. Time will tell if that’s an ugly early season hiccup or just a legitimate loss. There’s not a lot of real season information on this team outside of that game, because their opening series was against Truthless. They did what they were supposed to that series and won them both in what looks like convincing fashion of 5-1 and 5-2. Right now this team is at the top for me based on their reputation. Every single person on this team is at absolute minimum a solid player, with Elementary and Taylor having the potential to be dominant on any given night.


4. 9th Wonders (4-3) (Avg Placement 4.125) (Last Week: 5th)

Silva (3rd)Overall, the Nines have had a rocky but promising start to the season.  I see a lot of potential in this team which is why I have them ranked so high.  It’s cool to see a Scet and Zeg team playing just like they used to. They’ve never been about huge KDs, all truth told they usually go decently negative, but they always seem to make plays and get the kills they need to get in order to win.  The same can be said for the Nines, while also having the significant tanking backup of T RICH Da King. Greenthumb has definitely improved his game since last season and is becoming more consistent, Zeg is as Zeg as ever, and even Yuhxi is showing great potential.  The team is well rounded and full of playmakers, but they definitely have some room for improvement in some areas. I’d say overall if Scet is going to run passive, the other three need to work on staying alive more, or perhaps they should adopt a launching strategy like Hypest if that isn’t possible.  Either way, It would be dumb to bet against a team with four players who have won multiple championships. I may have ranked them a little high personally for the moment, but I really do see this team hitting their stride in the coming weeks.

imShad (6th): I don’t know what to do with this team. My team scrimmaged them a few times in the preseason and they didn’t impress me much, then justified my thoughts slightly by splitting the series vs OTF(albeit an Atone aided OTF). 1 day later, according to the schedule, they then upset my pre season favorite in Defiance 5-3 then followed that up with back to back victories over Junkyard Dogs only to get clobbered back to back 5-1’s by Hypest. Inconsistency. What product is this team going to put on the floor? They have the talent and pieces to do well but their lack of a reliable fourth and zeg’s personal inconsistencies make this a difficult team to place.


3. Hypest (3-3) (Avg Placement 3.625) (Last Week: 4th)

Silva (1st)This is a cool team.  Other than the team’s captain and runner being +41, you don’t see any hugely stand out stats, but they still win games and look strong doing it.  Godless and co. have come out of one of the hardest possible opening schedules going 3-3. Two of the losses came in the season opener to another top team, In Mungo We Trust, and the third coming from a series split with another championship favorite, Monstars where they won the first game handily 5-1 and dropped the second only 5-4.  Other than that, in Hypest’s most recent match, they dismantled 9th Wonders pretty hard, winning both games 5-1. Hypest isn’t your traditional tanking team. This team relies a lot on teamwork, aggression in both tanking and running, as well as launching to win games. Teams that can slow the game down, defend against their spur of the moment launches, and outtank them will find success.  That being said, I expect Hypest to only continue to improve as the season goes on, so it will be a hard fought win for anybody looking to take them down.

imShad (3rd): I absolutely refuse to falter on this team. Until I see otherwise, this is a top 3 caliber team and barring getting upset in any major fashion I’m going to be high on this team. This team reminds me of last season’s Str8 squad in that they’re not going to dominantly out tank anybody, they’re just going to rely on good team work, excellent running, and better positioning to exploit mistakes and win games. They’re going to launch too, if that wasn’t already in the scouting report. All three of their loses are against teams I have in my top 2, which is the best resume a .500 team can have. This team has a lot of smooth sailing in front of it and should pile up some W’s along the way.


2. In Mungo We Trust (4-1) (Avg Placement 2.625) (Last Week: 1st)

Silva (4th)It’s hard to say for sure where to place this team for me right now because their first few weeks have been kind of a mixed bag.  They certainly have the potential to make it to, even possibly win the championship. That potential is clearly there, but we’ve also seen them struggle against surprisingly strong team Mediocre At Best, and even drop a game to struggling team Junkyard Dogs.  I know this team can win games, even with Saintz being the only one close to positive on his team, but I just feel like they all need to step it up a bit if they’re going to really make a run for it. Their upcoming match against Monstars will be an unbelievably telling couple of games that I’m sure everyone is excited to see.  Until then, it’s just hard for me to argue a higher placing for this team since we haven’t really seen them play another top tier team since the opener.

imShad (1st): I’m absolutely not going to let what I believe to be a fluke loss against Junkyard Dogs take this team off of the top spot. The stat line for that game was incredible. If the Herculean effort Gilded Grams, AJ & Poptart is what it takes to beat this team they still deserve massive respect. They were getting out tanked by what seemed to be a pretty solid margin and still managed to stretch the game 45 minutes and only lose 5-3. Then they come back and take game 2 of that series in quick enough fashion. To add to that they have a strong showing against my number 3 team to open the season with aback to back wins over Hypest, and a 5-3 win over a better than we thought Mediocre at Best. This team has earned the right to the top spot and their next meaningful game doesn’t appear to be until the 13th against my squad, so they should be #1 on the power rankings for the foreseeable future.


1. Monstars (5-1) (Avg Placement 2.125) (Last Week: 2nd)

Silva (2nd)Still probably the best team on paper, Monstars has proven that it isn’t all hype as they’ve moved out to a clear 5-1 lead.  That being said, other than a tight series with Hypest, and a semi-close game one against Junkyard Dogs, they haven’t really been challenged much so far.  Next week should be a telling match for the squad, as they go against another top team in 9th Wonders (wow never thought I’d type those words). Monstars relies heavily on brute force tanking combined with insanely smart running from TitanMan.  It’ll be an interesting match for sure if 9th Wonders plays to their ability. It’s hard for me to really gauge this team until they play some more big matches (against Mungo will be another huge match), but to deny that they are a top/possibly championship contending team at this point would be stupid.   

imShad (2nd): Shad didn’t want to talk on his own team so I (Rage More Nerd) will do it for him.  This team is doing just as expected, they’re dominating the regular season with Shad putting up big tanking numbers, Titan getting all the goals, and Active/Lion talking a lot of trash.  Their only defeat was a 5-1 loss to Hypest who are ranked fairly high themselves so it’s nothing too dwell on.  No one doubts this team’s tanking power and Titan Man is getting to prove his ability as a capable runner, their biggest criticism from day one has been awareness and the potential to blow up from the inside out.  While they sit at the top of the standings, I wouldn’t hold your breathe for the team to implode, let’s see how they face off against 9th Wonders and Silva’s Connection this week.  While Hypest was a great team in which they split the series, their other wins were against team’s who have a combined record of 2-8.

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