Week 3 Community Power Rankings feat. The Corn Ninja!

June 10th, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  We’ve reached the halfway point of the regular season and the rankings are starting to get predictable for several of the teams, others still seem to be all over the place.  This may be the last week of games before teams start to get eliminated so it’s almost time for some panic buttons to get pressed for those at the bottom of these rankings.  As usual we will start from the bottom and work our way up!  The community rankings were determined by the poll posted through the PlayGrifball Community Discord.

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Standings and Statistics


11. Failure to Launch (4-2) (Avg Placement 10.4) (Last Week: 9th)

The Corn Ninja (7th): A team that has proven to be quite another solid middle of the road team in contention for a playoff birth. Priest is a solid runner and the team does not lack chemistry. Boss has proven to be a surprising late round acquisition that is reaping benefits for the squad. Their real test will come in the coming weeks as they must face most of the top half of the league.

Rage More Nerd (7th): A 4-2 record courtesy of an easy schedule was nothing to look twice at until I noticed one of those wins was against Defiance who I have a very high opinion of.  SILV3RI34CK aka Red Baron is positive on the season which is a promising sign for his comeback of the season journey and Boss has performed well early on, not ready to put this team higher until they face tougher opponents though.  A couple games against Hypest could bring this team back down in a hurry.


10. On the Fence (1-5) (Avg Placement 9.4) (Last Week: 11th)

The Corn Ninja (11th): The only positive player for this team was Atone when he subbed for them. While KD isn’t a reliable metric to success by any means, it is much harder to win games when no one goes positive. With their best tank also being their runner, you really wonder how exactly they can win games consistently. If Menz and Mikinator can step it up tanking wise, or if Four can become a better runner, this squad may have better results.

Rage More Nerd (11th): There’s many concerns here, no one on the team is positive on the season, their record is tied for last at 1-5, and 3 of their next 4 matchups are against teams I have in my top 5, not including the reschedules against In Mungo We Trust.  Ace, time to work some magic.


9. Truthless and the Truthlessettes (2-5) (Avg Placement 9) (Last Week: 10th)

The Corn Ninja (9th): Possibly the most unique team to play against in the league. They don’t really have the star power of teams like Mon and Mungo, nor do they have the Halo 3 experience of squads like Doc. What they make up for is in teamwork and a seemingly never-ending tide of swords. If Molotov can improve his running, and the team be a bit better at protecting him, this team could squeak by into the playoffs with the 6th seed.

Rage More Nerd (11th): Alright let’s wait just a minute, I have this team here because their record is bad but a 10th ranked team doesn’t do to a top 2 team what Truthless’ squad just did to Saintz’s squad.  They held strong and split the series and they made In Mungo We Trust work for it, these games averaged 40 minutes in length. Unfortunately for them, Monstars is right around the corner and a potential 2-8 record is a hole few teams can crawl out of.


8. Mediocre at Best (3-2) (Avg Placement 7.4) (Last Week: 8th)

The Corn Ninja (8th): A team that is definitely improving as the league goes on. Robot is still a top runner and Rage is still a top tank. The problem is that in a closely competitive league, where does that leave you with only two players who can really deliver each game day. MsMeowlla has proven to be a very nice pick-up and Liquide is also proving his worth as a late round pick, but will they be able to perform at a level which will grant them a playoff birth?

Rage More Nerd (5th): Call me biased all you want but our confidence is sky high.  The near upset over In Mungo We Trust without LiquideNitrogen is a clear sign that Meow worth the risk and is only going to get better as she gets more familiar with H3.  Outside the two close losses, the three wins are by a combined score of 15-4 and we have nothing but room to improve.


7. Junkyard Dogs (1-5) (Avg Placement 7) (Last Week: 7th)

The Corn Ninja (6th): This team has had a rough start. Although I’m told it was due in large part to some carelessness with the ball from Nkot. Aside from that, they have the stat line to perform with the middle of the pack teams and to take games from the top squads. All of their tanks are positive overall. If they can continue to show such slaying dominance, this squad could definitely experience a resurgence in the latter half of the season.

Rage More Nerd (9th): Others seem to have higher opinions of this team than I do and I can understand given the talent on the team, but I need to see some results.  Going 1-3 against Monstars and In Mungo We Trust is understandable but this team should have gotten a win against 9th Wonders to get ranked higher.  Series against Defiance and Failure to Launch await in week 4 and anything short of a 3-1 record puts them in a dangerously deep hole going into the later weeks.


6. Silva’s Connection (2-1) (Avg Placement 5.8) (Last Week: 5th)

The Corn Ninja (5th): Honestly, this team hasn’t really played enough games to really understand how high or low they might be. The roster has experience and multiple championships under their belts, but a rough loss early on to 9th Wonders might cause their stock to fall quite a bit. If they can turn it around and play solid Grifball, there is not a team in the league they can’t beat.

Rage More Nerd (6th): No new games played but no one has proven good enough to knock them further down, moving on.


5. 9th Wonders (4-5) (Avg Placement 4.4) (Last Week: 4th)

The Corn Ninja (5th): So far, this team has been a mixed bag. Currently sitting just below .500 at 4-5, they clearly have the prowess to win games. They also can lose them. If this team wants to rise up the rankings, then we will need to see some improvement on the offensive side of things. They lead the league in carrier kills as a team indicating that they have no problem forcing turnovers. The question then becomes can they turn those turnovers into goals.

Rage More Nerd (8th): I’m worried for this team, 4 of their 5 losses were against Monstars and Hypest but they weren’t even close, they lost each game 5-1 and have a loss against On the Fence on their record as well.  With the likes of TRich and Scet on the team I’m not ready to give up on them but their ceiling is looking pretty low


4. Defiance (2-3) (Avg Placement 4.4) (Last Week: 6th)

The Corn Ninja (10th): This team is playing out how most people imagined they would, a mid field team in a densely packed midfield. Digital is still putting up positive numbers and ThumpingHawk is definitely delivering at the running position. The real question becomes how well Tresspa5s, Sab, and Eastbrook will back them up. Despite their record, I would say this team is on the outside looking in when it comes to a playoffs birth.

Rage More Nerd (5th): Incase anyone wasn’t aware, Trespa5s is back home and no longer playing from across the pond and now this team is ready to get the job done.  A 3-1 week with a fairly easy schedule is about what this team should be doing, if Trespa5s is ready to perform more like a 3rd then a 4th that the EU connection held him down to, this team is a playoff contender immediately.


3. Hypest (4-4) (Avg Placement 4) (Last Week: 3rd)

The Corn Ninja (4th): If we’ve learned anything thus far this season its how much of an absolute monster Godless is. 4th for goals scored and 5th for spread, he’s putting the team on his back in a lot of games. If his supporting cast of Blootzy, Perturb, and Melvish can step their game up to match those of similar pick value, this team could be in contention come playoffs. As of right now though, this team is kind of the bar you must pass in order to be considered a playoff caliber squad.

Rage More Nerd (3rd): Ignore the .500 record, Hypest has already played Monstars and In Mungo We Trust and have outscored everyone else 18-7.  It’s pretty easy to put them in the 3 spot given their strength of schedule but let’s take a moment to appreciate what RegresserTTV is doing this season.  Going into the season we knew he would get the goals for the team where he currently ranks 4th, but he’s also 6th in the league in K/D above 1st round picks TnTaylor, T RICH Da King and Digital Pain.  Get the MVP chants ready.


2. In Mungo We Trust (5-2) (Avg Placement 2.4) (Last Week: 2nd)

The Corn Ninja (1st): Despite dropping a game apiece to Junk and Truthless, I would still put us at close to the top. Saints is still playing well, my running is improving still, and Mungo and Atone have been stepping it up week by week. Which is good, because we have a tough schedule ahead. Our match verses the Monstars this week will really prove who will be the favored squad going into playoffs.

Rage More Nerd (2nd): An iffy week for this squad but I’m not ready to put anyone else above them yet.  A series split against Truthless and the Truthlessettes and a near upset against Mediocre at Best without their starting lineup is setting off some red flags.  Atone has put up some big performances and appears to be the x-factor for the team, the series against Monstars will answer many questions.


1. Monstars (7-1) (Avg Placement 2) (Last Week: 1st)

The Corn Ninja (2nd)For as much trash as Lion talks, you’d think this team had won the ship already. Shad is still raking in the kills. Titanman is averaging over 4 goals per game. Active is net positive. Still a solid team who are in contention for the for winning it all. As I said in my review of Mungo, the game with this week will really determine who is in the lead at the halfway point for the season.

Rage Moer Nerd (1st): This team continues to dominate the regular season adding two 5-1 wins over 9th Wonders in week three.  imShad currently leads the league in K/D at 1.33 and Titan Man lead the league in goals with 34. (next highest has 24)  There’s a huge series this week against In Mungo We Trust and I cannot wait to see Shad face off against Saintz, but it’s the supporting cast that is going to make the difference when it comes to getting the win.  On paper, Active and Lion should outperform Atone and Mungo but only time will tell.

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