Week 4 Community Power Rankings feat. Liion Wiins!

June 17th, 2019 by

Hey everyone!  We’ve moved into the second half of the season and I think it’s fair to say we had some very unexpected results.  This week saw teams from the top and bottom swap places as we’ve seen some very surprising results and throw into question who are the contenders and pretenders.  This week we have Liion Wiins joining myself (Rage More Nerd) offering analysis on the power rankings.  I was going to have this week special just for Lion and Atone because they’re best friends but unforeseen events took place preventing it from happening, sorry.  These community rankings were determined by myself and Lion.

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Standings and Statistics


11. On the Fence (1-9) (Last Week: 10th)

Liion Wiins (11th): Four can’t seem to get anything going with his team. Their only win came with the help of a sub. Blim and Menz need to do something drastic to turn their team around. Four should run the rest of the time and just let Silent make plays. Their season is dwindling.

Rage More Nerd (11th): Another week and more of the same for this team, their chances at playoffs may be gone by this time next week.  The stats aren’t good and Ace isn’t setup for success as a runner, it’s time to take the ball out of his hands and let him try and carry the tanking line.  Having a lead tank would make Menz more effective in a supporting role but Juc or blim will need to step up as a runner, looking at Juc to take the bomb since he’s struggling to tank this season.


10. Truthless and the Truthlessettes (3-9) (Last Week: 9th)

Liion Wiins (10th): Snipez and Diablo are playing well but that’s about the only positive I can think of about this team. They had a chance to make a statement by possibly taking a game or even sweep the Monstars but fell considerably short and lost the set 2-0 convincingly. Molotov is having trouble maintaining possessions and the lack of plays being made has put this team in a deep hole.

Rage More Nerd (10th): If I told you going into the season that Truthless would have the best K/D on the team and have more Killing Sprees than Diablo and Snipez combined you would think this team would be top 5.  Molotov Ghost is dead last in K/D for players with at least 2 games played and it really hurts the team on defense despite having the reining defensive player of the season in Diablo.  At 3-9, this team likely needs to win out to have a chance at playoffs, their next games are against Hypest who are looking to get back on track and will not be caught napping, bad timing for Truthless and the Truthlessettes.

9. Junkyard Dogs (3-8) (Last Week: 7th)

Liion Wiins (9th): After a rough start to the season, the Dogs are looking to run the table and contend for a playoff spot. It all starts with their next match-up against the Truthlessetts. They can’t afford to drop a game to them. Nkot seems to be taking care of the bomb much better. AJ and G2 are getting into a rhythm. If Poptart can step it up, this team might be able to make the playoffs.

Rage More Nerd (9th): Things aren’t looking good at the moment with a 3-8 record going into week 5 but there’s reason to be optimistic here.  Junkyard Dogs are not getting run over, their stats are solid and Poptart is proving a strong 4th for the team, then they’ve got 4 games this week against the 10th and 11th ranked teams.  Going into week 6 this team could likely be 7-8 which keeps them in the hunt.  The other 5 games won’t be easy but this team has the talent to get the job done.


8. 9th Wonders (6-7) (Last Week: 5th)

Liion Wiins (8th): This team is on the opposite path than the #9 ranked team. They started out on a good note. Splitting with a couple good teams. Now, Zeg has to find a way to stop the downward spiral. After going 0-4 to Hypest and Monstars, they split with Mediocre and Truthless. T Rich, Scet, and Yuhxi need to play with fire if they want to right this sinking ship. .500 might not be good enough for the playoffs.

Rage More Nerd (8th): Another 2-2 week for 9th Wonders and they’re still hovering around the .500 mark.  This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t still have to play most of the playoff contending teams.  There have been times 9th Wonders has shown some great potential but the inconsistency has killed them.  They don’t want to go into the series against Mungo needing to sweep for a shot at playoffs so games this week against Failure to Launch and Silva’s Connection are probably going to determine their season.


7. Hypest (4-6) (Last Week: 3rd)

Liion Wiins (7th): Hypest is the most inconsistent team I’ve seen play. Godless might be getting frustrated at this point. Blootzy isn’t tanking like he did last season. Melvish is having connection troubles. And I think Perturb is invisible. Godless needs to pick a role and stick with it and trust his team to play their roles. They have proven they can beat good teams. They have also proven they can lose to bad ones as well. Let’s see some consistency.

Rage More Nerd (7th): The 0-2 series against Failure to Launch was the biggest series of the entire season, it’s pushed Failure to Launch into a likely playoff birth they were not expected to occupy and now Hypest has found themselves in another sub .500 hole.  Blootzy is performing more like a 3rd and Regresser is having to carry more than expected.  Fortunately for Hypest, 3 of their next 4 series against the bottom 3 teams in the rankings so they can easily turn this around even if they lose or split games against Mediocre at Best.


6. Silva’s Connection (5-2) (Last Week: 6th)

Liion Wiins (4th): This team hasn’t been tested yet but they’ve beaten the teams they were supposed to beat. They could easily drop a few spots or rise a few. They aren’t putting up gaudy numbers but they are playing fundamentally sound Grifball. Doc, Taylor, Elementary, and Rebs will be tested very soon.

Rage More Nerd (5th): Hey look, they played games last week.  A 3-1 week puts them in a good position in the standings and it’s time for them to go up against some contending teams.  Series against 9th Wonders and In Mungo We Trust are perfect to see where this team really belongs.


5. In Mungo We Trust (6-4) (Last Week: 2nd)

Liion Wiins (6th): It was the most anticipated match-up. Massive amounts of trash talk from both sides. Some billed it as the Championship preview. Monstars vs In Mungo We Trust. Lion/Active vs Atone/Saintz. Unstoppable Force vs an Immovable Object. A chance for Mungo to possibly claim the #1 spot and be in great position for the #1 seed. What happened? Mungo’s team choked. Dropped the set 2-0 by a combined score of 10-4 and dropped their ego down a few pegs with it. It’s too early to think this team is in panic mode. The best thing they can do is put their recent losses behind them, figure out their mistakes, and get back to what was working for them earlier in the season.

Rage More Nerd (3rd): The highly anticipated matchup against Monstars has come and gone and it did not go well.  Going 0-2 on the week and there’s suddenly a much bigger gap in the standings and the MVP race.  No reason to think they won’t make playoffs or anything but they will need to earn the #2 spot back.  They can bring Failure to Launch back down to Earth and perform well against Silva’s Connection and move right back up.


4. Failure to Launch (7-2) (Last Week: 11th)

Liion Wiins (2nd): Other than the #1 ranked team, what other team is hotter right now?! Priest has his team rolling right now. Boss is back and slapping teams! Silverback and Canon are playing very solid Grifball. This is a dangerous team that can’t be overlooked anymore. In my preseason rankings I noted that this team needed more practice together and time to gel and if they did that they could make a run. Looks like that has happened. :eyes:

Rage More Nerd (6th): Wow, I did not expect this team to be here and I’m still somewhat skeptical.  They’ve earned respect for the 7-2 record but I’m not convinced they’re contenders.  They’ve beaten the teams they should for a team that would finish in a bottom playoff seed and are about to play teams they would lose for the same spot.  A major question was how this team would perform against a team with a top tank and they’ve yet to play against the 3 top tanks in the league in Shad, Saintz and myself.  I’m looking at this series against In Mungo We Trust to see how they perform against a top tier tank.


3. Mediocre at Best (6-3) (Last Week: 8th)

Liion Wiins (3rd): After a couple early losses, Rage has put this team on his back. Everyone on the team is -50 or more with the exception of Rage (+160). I don’t know how but this team finds ways to win. It’s either not a sustainable way to win games and the Ls are coming or the hype is real. I’m all aboard the hype train. I’m personally rooting for them to do well. If Robot can continue running well and Meowlla and Liquid polish up, look out.

Rage More Nerd (4th): Probably going to change my team name after it’s all over.  A 5-1 loss to 9th Wonders is a bit of a red flag but a 3-1 week is nothing to be upset about.  Still a lot of reschedules against some solid teams needing to take place but a series against Hypest will be a great test for both teams.  While we wait, Meow continues the grind and gets better every day and LiquideNitrogen is back after a short absence, looking pretty mediocre as usual.


2. Defiance (3-4) (Last Week: 4th)

Liion Wiins (5th): This team is still an enigma to me. They’ve lost to a few low ranked teams but they’ve beaten some high ranked teams as well. I want to believe Trespass drafted a good team with the #1 overall pick in the draft. Digital and Sab might not be playing up to their potential. Or maybe they were products of the players around them. The next couple sets will show what this team is really made of.

Rage More Nerd (2nd): I’m a big believer in this team.  They’ve got the talent and the experience to get things done.  I have no doubts they will 2-0 On the Fence and don’t be surprised if the split the Monstars series.  This team has the roster to compete for a Championship and I’m ready for them to start piling up wins others may not be expecting.


1. Monstars (11-1) (Last Week: 1st)

Liion Wiins (1st): Shad, Titan Man, ActiveHate, and Myself. Is there anyone that can stop our team? So far, Shad’s draft strategy is paying off huge. After the latest destruction of In Mungo We Trust and Truthless and the Truthlessetts; there’s little doubt that our team is deservedly #1 right now. We do have some big match-ups coming up though. Our games against Defiance, Silva’s Connection, Mediocre at Best, and the season finale with Failure to Launch is a who’s who gauntlet of solid teams. Our main goal is to get the number one seed so we are looking to go 8-0 to finish the season. Titan Man is running wild. Shad can’t be pushed through the middle. Active and I are attacking the flanks and destroying your spawn. Who’s next?!

Rage More Nerd (1st): Their record is 11-1 and they’ve trashed pretty much everyone except for Hypest.  There is no debate who the top team is going into playoffs and there’s a potential Championship preview in these upcoming games against Defiance.  In other news, the MVP race is Shad’s to lose and Titan is going for that runner award, be sure to remind Lion and Active they’re getting carried, regardless of the reality of what’s happening here.

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