Why Each Playoff Team Will and Will Not Win The Championship by imShad and Regresser TTV!

July 12th, 2019 by

6. Mediocre At Best

Why they WILL win the championship: Rage and Robot

Shad: Rage and Robot are clearly good enough to win this team games. If they can continue to string together enough combination goals along the enemy spawn together, they can continue to win. As a duo, those two are good enough to win a championship in today’s league. If Robot can continue to make sound decisions, score 150,000 feet away from plate and Rage can put up tanking number’s closer to the numbers he’s capable of, this team can win it.

Why they WILL NOT win the championship: Unproven Role Players

Shad: There’s a reason M.A.B. just barely snuck into playoffs, Meow and Liquid are both newcomers to Halo 3. Its up to them to carry more of a load to take some of the tanking pressure off Rage, which right now they’re not. Last season Rage had the best spread in the league along with the best KD ratio, both of those numbers have fallen dramatically as it appears he’s just not getting the support he needs. Those two need to seriously pick up the slack and prove themselves as legitimate 3rd and 4th players or else its not going to happen for them.


5. Failure To Launch

Why they WILL win the championship: The Dark Knight

Shad: Its been a while since he’s had the moniker, but quite some time ago Priest used to hail the nickname “Batman” around the community. If this team is going to win the championship he’s going to have to act the part. He’s clearly coached his team well enough to make it to the playoffs and if he can continue to put things together and game plan well enough, he can make it happen for them. The tanking line he has in front of him is solid, albeit not overwhelming leading to…

Why they WILL NOT win the championship: Non dominant tanking.

Shad: Credit to this team being a statistically better version of Hypest, but when you look at the stats this is a team of 4 players hovering around 1.00 k/d ratio on the season. They do what they do well, and Redbaron is having a quality season along with Bosstycoon being a contender for M.I.P., but this team has struggled when they’ve gone up against teams with dominant tanks on the other side. When I put up big numbers against this team it was a 5-0 victory, and they lost to Mungo with Saints, and they struggled big time against Rage as well.


4. In Mungo We Trust

Why they WILL win the championship: Thanos

Shad: If anyone has the ability to put a team on their back and take them to a title, it has to be Saints. He owns the second highest spread this season and has looked like one of the best players in the game while doing it. He’s also got one of the most underrated swords in the league right now, and is extremely capable with the ball in his hands if he gets it down by the goal as well. There isn’t a weak spot in his game, but its going to be up to him to cover some of his teammate’s deficiencies tanking if they’re going to make a title run.

Why they WILL NOT win the championship: Mungo Pungo

Shad: I hate to do it to him as he’s my guy, but Mungo is the worst player currently left in the field, and was one of the least mechanically gifted players this season. It was a little more easily covered up when Saints and I were putting up massive numbers and taking all the attention away from him but now that its time for him to carry some of the weight, I don’t think he’s good enough to do it. As the saying goes a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and their weakest link is by far the most negative player in the league.


3. Hypest

Why they WILL win the championship: Overall Ability

Shad: Godless has gone on record saying he thinks he assembled the most complete overall team this season, something that I agree with him about. There’s nothing this team is bad at, they can tank competently, launch as well as anyone, and play stellar defense. You can’t look at this team and identify any one apparent weakness. They do quite literally everything well and are extremely well coached by Kevin “Championship DNA” Berry.

Why they WILL NOT win the championship: Lack of Star Power

Shad: Outside of Godless this is a team of pretty low key players and most of the guys on this team are having underwhelming individual seasons. I love the idea of 4 players having excellent cohesion and potentially going on a tear, but there’s a point where they could come up against another team that’s just too talented. Eventually this team could be put in a position where their teamwork cannot overcome the mechanical talent of another squad.


2. Defiance

Why they WILL win the championship: Overwhelming Talent

Shad: Lets face it, aside from potentially Monstars, Defiance is far and away the most mechanically gifted team in the AGLA. There’s nothing to say about this team that hasn’t really been said since preseason, as you can go back to Silva’s original power rankings and see that from the very beginning this team has passed the eye test. They’ve recently been backing up the eye testing winning some serious games, as they currently own the second best winning percentage behind my team.

Why they WILL NOT win the championship:  Ball Security

Shad: This is acting under the assumption Trespass plays Eastbrook over himself. I have to be a little nitpicky here because this team is yet to lose a game when Eastbrook plays, so its not as if anyone has solved the puzzle. That all being said, no one is going to accuse The Mad Lad aka The People’s Champion of being a conservative runner. If someone is going to figure this out and beat Eastbrook led Defiance, its going to be a team that can take advantage of Larry’s aggressiveness and turn it into a score on the other end.


1. Monstars

Why they WILL win the championship: Control

Regresser TTV: This team has complete control going into playoffs. They have the number 1 seed, meaning they will have choice of host 2 out of 3 games in all of their series. Shad and Active are crushing the tanking the scene with 1.39 and 1.09 K/D ratios respectively. Despite the runner being more limited in individual ability in Halo 3 as opposed to Reach, this team also possesses an extremely lethal runner in Titan Man who is leading the league with a whopping 72 goals. All they need to do is play their game in 2 out of the 3 games where they get their host and it will be lights out. Shad and Active will rack up the kills and Titan Man will get that extra stutter-step needed to plant the bomb.

Why they WILL NOT win the championship: Perfect Storm

Regresser TTV: With choice of host game 1 comes the pressure to perform. The ideal scenario is to sweep game 1 and then win game 2 on the other team’s host, but not to worry too much if that does not happen because game 3 goes back to the higher seed’s host. But let’s assume game 1 does not go according to plan. Instead of a whopping 5-0 or 5-1, the other team starts off better than expected and is able to steal game 1. Now we’re going to game 2 on their choice of host, all of the momentum behind them, and a slightly worried Monstars lineup.

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