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    If you are a candidate for either AGLA Administrator or Discord Moderator, feel free to post your platforms below so the voters can get a feel for what you can bring to the table. If you aren’t interested in doing that, I’ll just post whatever you wrote in your applications.



    I’m now accepting applications as an AGLA admin campaign manager. If you want to win, take your gamertag and put PLEX on the end of it with a hashtag.

    I used to do stuff


    The Piggies

    I’ve got some downtime at work so here’s some opinions on these candidates:

    1. Eastbrook – Larry brought back the IGL which was way more successful than I thought it would be. My biggest complaint about Larry is that he’s lazy af. It’s all well and good to have ideas like yeah that’s great everybody has ideas but time and time again we put people in the admin roles who just aren’t willing to actually do the work. And I’m not sure Larry will put in the effort. However, Larry is the ONLY good commentator in the community and he always put effort in on that. I think if Larry enjoys something then he does put in work and he’s creative and it usually turns out well. So I’m willing to give him a shot. On top of that I feel he wouldn’t be destructive to the admin team unlike almost all of the other candidates lol.

    2. ActiveHate – Everybody knows that I dislike Active, so let’s get my biases out of the way. The reason WHY I dislike Active is because the dude talks out of his ass constantly. Last time he was an admin he set up a rush and then didn’t show up the night of to organize it because he went to a concert lolz. Which honestly is fine, if he had just communicated to someone that he wasn’t gunna be there and needed someone else to run it. The Good Lord Rockys ended up running it for him. Which brings up my next point, this dude does not understand how to communicate in a group. Oh BuT jBaR pIcKeD oN mE. That’s a lame excuse considering Jbar isn’t around anymore, unfortunately. Active just doesn’t know how to talk to people when they disagree with him. If y’all wanna have elections again in a month or two vote Active. Cause he gunna sell his Xbox around that time anyways.

    3. Mungo – Mungo is generally liked throughout the community but imo he had his shot in leadership and didn’t do anything. He was an admin assistant when Noplex and I were admins and I kid you not the only thing he ever said was “lmao”. Sometimes I forgot he was even in that discord chat. The reason Hawk got bumped to admin is because the dude took ownership of the role. He didn’t need to be told to do shit, whereas Mungo claimed the only reason he didn’t do shit is because nobody gave him any direction. Being an admin is not about being told what to do imo. You discuss things sure, but if shits going to get done then you need smart people who will take the initiative to just do it. On top of that he’s bffs with Skyittles and we all know how annoying Skyittles is in the Discord. I used to get messages about that kid constantly asking me why we never did anything about it. Honest to God I think Skyittles would be worse with Mungo as an admin, he’s gunna feel enabled. And you honestly think Mungo is gunna tell Skyittles or anyone in his group of friends to take a seat? Nah.

    4. Rain – wasn’t this man retiring? Anyways his e-cheating/relationships aside he might not be the worst…again the most important part about being an admin is the effort and doing the actual work. Rain hasn’t really done a lot of community stuff but he HAS been a captain for SO long and being a captain, going through bidding, organizing games etc is quite a bit of work on its own. He wouldn’t be the worst but he said he’s planning on retiring as a player/captain and just being an admin, and I’m not a huge fan of that personally because being an admin is way more time consuming and way less fun than playing or captaining. I don’t even like Rain but I think overall he wouldn’t be the worst if he actually stay committed.

    5. KingRick – oh man this dude has so much going on. He’s an entrepreneur in NYC but he does have an assistant so I imagine that doesn’t take up too much time. But he was also supposed to ship out to boot camp in the Air Force last summer so I imagine his commitment to the armed forces takes up quite a bit of time. I also think I once heard he has ties to the Mafia. Its really hard to nail down every single thing this dude does with his time cause he’s just got so much going on. Plus he will bring the deep web to the Grifball community and y’all know you’re too dumb or into some weird stuff not to get your names on some lists somewhere at that point so let’s let him continue to run the creepy porn section of the Discord or the trash talking Discord that they think is super secret that the admin team never knew about or whatever it was and keep it at that. Also I lol’d at his “I thoroughly understand the rules and guidelines” considering his cheating on the Haley account.

    6. PD – here’s the thing about PD; the dude runs his mouth. He talks shit about everyone, even his friends. I think that would be destructive to the admin team. Honestly as admins you gotta vent to one another. You gotta talk about how stupid this person is or how dumb the community can be (we do love our mob mentality). I think that him sharing those convos would be destructive to the admin team. On top of that the dude is like 19 and still hella immature. If someone is like “hey PD go troll Active” he’s not even gunna give it a second thought, he’s just gunna do it. He did put in effort on IGL awhile back and had some success so I’ll give credit where it’s due but the dude needs to grow up. Plus you really think he’s gunna put Grifball before his EDM career?

    Reyas – Reyas has the effort part down decently well. He has done quite a bit in the past for the leagues but someone once said that Reyas doesn’t do work to help out he does work so he can complain about it later and I think that’s really accurate lol. This dudes personality can be difficult to work with but he would take initiative. He’d be a good admin prob until he felt like he deserved more credit or found something else to complain about and then he’d quit and in a dramatic fashion and talk a lot of shit. It would be a fun day for the Discord. Also he was in that group of creepy af EU boys who tried to get nudes of all the women so that was always kinda weird but it’s sorta status quo for this community. He wouldn’t be terrible prob.

    Nav Rebel – Nav and I are friends but the reason I think Nav would be so good is because she isn’t really in anyone’s friend group in the community. On top of that she created and coded an entire fantasy league website for Grifball back on Halo 4. She’s equally mean to everyone and she’s by far the person on this entire list with the least amount of biases. Unlike almost every other person on here she doesn’t feel the need to shove her opinion down your throat but she’s honest and really doesn’t take anyone’s shit. I know y’all are gunna vote for your friends but when you cast your second vote it should definitely be for Nav.



    5 steps to becoming admin:

    1) Give pig smite gems
    2) put PLEX at the end of your name
    3) ?????
    4) Profit
    5) world domination

    I used to do stuff



    “Also he was in that group of creepy af EU boys who tried to get nudes of all the women so that was always kinda weird but it’s sorta status quo for this community.”

    Not once did I ever try to do this nor approve of this. Do not start spreading rumours or try to make me guilty by association.
    For a start I was the one who reported choon, duffs and fleeing abra over the whole snickerdoodle incident leading to their permanent bans from the leagues and forum.

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