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    What the fuck we can’t just simply let Larry’s Lists die I demand attention for it.

    I used to do stuff


    TcT Avenger

    Does anyone else lowkey check this website often, but no one uses it the slightest. Because I do

    Let's go again!


    The Eastbrook

    So i made kind of a catalog of players in the pool, most of these descriptions are what you’re getting out of the player for a price.

    inCrips aka Annihilation aka changing his gamertag frequently (Dark Horse pick / Cautious pick)-

    Despite being pretty immature and toxic, this kid is actually really good and mechanically sound more so than most of the players that he’s coming up with. The upside, he’s going to be relatively cheap and your going to get the best bang for your buck with him unless he shoots past the 40 credits mark. In my opinion he’s a high risk above average reward and is probably the best possible option if all else fails. Even though he’s extremely talented he is still a young kid and can be quite difficult to handle at times and hard to teach. But if you show him respect then he’ll show you respect and will listen to what you have to say, he’s not a retard, he’s just a kid and kids have a hard time listening at times. I think he’s at the bridge of a top Legacy player to low tier pro player and all he needs to do to go into that pro status is gain more experience from league play, see what works and what doesn’t and learns to develop solid decision making skills, if he can do that, then there’s no doubt in my mind that this kid will be one of the best in the leagues.

    Good buy for: Mungo Pungo, Venom, TCT Avenger, Rage

    Okay buy for: Ming Crusader, Silva

    Bad buy for: Saintz the God, Invayda Zim, Reyas, Perfect Demise

    Sab (Slight warning pick / safe pick)-

    When bidding you DO NOT want to get stuck with Sob if you do not have a decent to good relationship with him. He’s a fantastic player but i don’t think you’ll get much out of him if you’re a lower tier captain purely based on the fact he might not care about the season as much as he would if he was picked up by Sader, Drk, or Saintz. If you’re a lower tier captain be very mindful of what you’re getting into when placing the bid on Sab, try to let the top tier captains fight over him. If Sader spends 170 on him vs if PD spends 100 on Sab, Sader is going to get more value out of the pick since Sab will be more willing to give it his all with Sader. He’s a safe pick for top tier captains but very risky if you’re a lower tier captain.

    Good buy for: Ming Crusader, Saintz the God, Invayda Zim

    Okay buy for: Rage, Silva

    Bad buy for: TCT Avenger, Perfect Demise, Mungo Pungo, Venom, Reyas

    KDSkill (Safe pick all around / Pricey)-

    Out of all the top players in the pool, i think KD is probably the most underrated because she’s slightly overlooked but can do so much for you as a player and if she falls to the 80-140 range, that’d be the absolutely amazing price for her. She can run and play amazing defense and i think she’s clinched top 10 status overall in the leagues currently because of her decision making skills. You run a lot of risk with a lot of the other top tier pros in the pool, but KD is safe and relatively cheap for her skill. She also won’t screw you over if things get tough either which is another huge bonus.

    Good pick for: Everyone but

    Okay pick for: Zim (They play too similar)

    Active Hate (Cautious pick / good utility pick)

    Despite being a meme, he’s actually not terrible and can round out a good roster really well. I have him as a cautious pick because his availability seems to dip quite frequently so you don’t know how reliable he’ll be for your team. He can tank well and isn’t as dumb as the memes like to say he is. He’s can be quite argumentative so he’s kind of a niche pick and could possibly help ruin your team if picked by the wrong captain with the wrong assortment of players of course.

    Good pick for: Siva, Rage, Reyas, Mungo

    Okay pick for: Saintz, Invayda Zim, TCT Avenger

    Bad pick for: Ming Crusader, Venom, Perfect Demise

    Dcleak (Ultimate dark horse / strong utility pick)

    Dcleak suffers from the “He’s underrated bug” because so many people say it that it makes it untrue that he’s underrated. But even then he’s underrated. Dcleak is a very likable and friendly guy but speaks the truth and a strong in game leader on a team and can lead really well. Cleak does the grunt work and does the undesirable jobs that no one wants to do but he fills in perfectly for almost any job and is a key to a championship team as he won his first AGLA one last season. Cleak is going to fly under the radar but since I’m talking so highly on him he might shoot up but be warned, DO NOT MAKE HIM YOUR MAIN PICK UNLESS YOU’RE SAINTZ, SADER, ZIM, OR RAGE. He’s is an amazing support but he’s not good enough to the best player on a successful roster, he’s amazing but not that mazing. Great support player.

    Good picks for: Ming Crusader, Saintz the God, Invayda Zim, Rage

    Okay picks for: TCT Avenger, Perfect Demise, Mungo Pungo, Reyas (If they get him and another solid or top player)

    Bad picks for: Silva. Venom


    If you look to spend all your credits on Ace and you’re low tier captain (Perfect Demise, Avenger, or Mungo) DO NOT DO IT BECAUSE IT WILL LEAVE YOU CREDITLESS AND MAX HIM AT OWN RISK. He’s the best player in the league but he can not carry with a 3rd and 4th that rounds out to 20 credits in this pool and you’ll fuck yourself over. You can get 3 solid players for the price of one Ace. That’s all.

    2x back to back Pro Runner of the Season AGLA SL17 and FL17 | 2x AGLA Pro All-Star SL17 and FL17 | Sword of the Season AGLA FL17 and IGL 7 | One time AGLA Pro Champion :) Impulse 17-2 |


    The Eastbrook

    So this is part one of my top 25 players list and good part of this is jokes followed by real analysis on the players. I’ll try to be more consistent with my content again and I’m trying make up for lost time.

    10.) Dcleak- After a long 5 years Cleak got himself a ship and is still playing after the fact. Cleak is a panda bear and entertainment. I simply don’t allow people to disrespect of Cleak because i see legacy and ammy kids wonder why he’s in pro. These people don’t know how tilting this guy can be in league games can he’s one cheeky fuck and likes to play like a dirty boi. From crouch lag lunging to one taps, anything you can think of that’s tilting in Grifball, Cleak does and does it well. I have a soft spot for Cleak and a lot of respect for him for how much i play against him in high stakes games. The difference between a pro and a really good legacy player is decision making and positioning and that’s what makes Dcleak one of the strongest players in Grif right now. His positioning and in game leading gives him so much value as a player and he just understands this game like very few people do.

    9.) KDSkill- There’s only two players i have a hard time with in this community as players and that’s Sader and fucking KDSkill. She tilts me, she’s a very nice gal but when i play against her i hate her guts. There’s no reason you should be able to lunge me with a hammer from a quarter fucking mile like she can. She plays ultra passive and I’m 1100% certain that she only tries in LL when she’s not on my team. I think KD is overlooked because she played on such an amazing team last season without realizing she played a huge part in One-Hit Wonders success. Her play style flourishes when the focus isn’t directly on her but she’s a player that demands court attention as she’s able to make things happen at anytime. I hope she doesn’t get stuck in the carry position cause it’ll hurt her game a lot and i hope a top tier team snipes her so we can see the full potential of KDSkill.

    8.) Jeakilla- Jea probably won’t play this season which is unfortunate but he’s a future god. If you want to tilt Jea all you gotta do is get your entire team to stand still and play methodically and that man will deteriorate before your eyes. He gave it his all in the ship game but i don’t know what everyone else was doing while this man was putting in the work. But hey we all lose at some point RIP Jea. To break it down, Jea is me with a better hammer. Jea is hyper aggressive and i love the way he plays. There’s very few players that i know who play angry, not frustrated but angry, there’s a difference. Playing angry is tapping into this energy where you develop this strong hatred for your opponent as a player not as person but as a player and just unleash this incredible mechanical skill and flow on the opponent. That’s what Jea does and i love it and he’s come so far as an overall player from a shitty stat padder to arguably one of the most underrated players in the game. I don’t think Jea gets the respect as a player that he deserves.

    7.) Sab- He’ll run to the spawn and be the biggest puss bag you’ll ever see on offense but it WORKS so props to hi. Sob is what i call him and i feel bad for whoever gets him outside of Sader, Zim, and Saintz because all you’re going to get is an apathetic god player who won’t give it his all with you. But if he goes to his boiz this guy will be a problem and you’ll most likely see him in playoffs like every season. Sab is one of those players that everyone in the other leagues questions on why they are in pro but they don’t realize there’s more to the game then swinging a hammer and Sab is the essence of that. Sab plays great mind games and uses factors outside of Grifball against his opponents and he does it super well. His positioning is so crisp and his decision making is so well thought out that it makes him super hard to play against and i respect him a ton a player. It’s sad to see he’s never won a pro AGLA ship yet with how good he actually is with so little practice in the game.

    6.) BCN19- BCN is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in Grifball and a very cool teammate who can tank his ass off. But god damn he spends WAY too long on his one v ones. I don’t necessarily blame him cause he plays late league and everyone who plays that is a dumbass, so he made his play-style individualistic so he won’t tilt over shitty teammates which i understand. But for a fresh pro he’s amazing and despite being this good he still has so much potential. He could possibly be the best player in the leagues at some point. But as i was saying about his 1v1’s, BCN fixates too much on tanking and holding mid which ruins the tanking flow and stops the offense from pushing. BCN is a turret tank and in this meta being a turret tank doesn’t really work to well anymore due to the constant rotations that need to be going on and he’s too immobile and needs to start improving his tanking mobility across the court. When you’re too stagnant in your movement across the court you slow down the flow of your offense and that can be detrimental to the runner and the other tanks on his team.

    5.) Stop Killing Me- He’s an amazing player on the come up but you know what would make him better? IF HE’D ACTUALLY TALK! THIS MAN WENT THE ENTIRE SEASON WITHOUT SAYING A WORD! But outside that he’s on the come up and if he can replicate what he did last season to this season he’ll be even more amazing in my book. St0p is more of a tank heavy hybrid as he can run the ball exceptionally well. I think i put an asterisks on this spot considering he’s only played one season but after seeing what he can do in that one season it’s safe to say he has earned the top 5 spot. I believe that Jea, Stop, and BCN and future big 3 of Grifball because they’re some of the few to really step up in this game and elevate their games to this high of level in the latter half of the season

    4.) Invayda Zim- Zim is a good guy until you start fucking sucking dick (which i understand cause I’m the same way). Zim is probably the best support player in the game on the court but he will flame you until you get dizzy and turnover the ball followed up with a “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ACTUALLY DOING”. Luckily he doesn’t have Piggies to ruin his season and knows what he wants out of his team and is planning on taking a new path in life to be less toxic. I can’t really flame him too hard because i was toxic to him and like an abused child passed it on to his kid. Zim is an amazing player and outside that he’s pretty quiet and chill and i think he’ll get a roster that won’t tilt him off the face of the Earth. Zim can do it all and really the only down side to him is his teammates and how they play around him, Zim needs a very aggressive team around him since he makes his money on holding the line with slow methodical tanking and pressure building defense, he has climbed through the ranks pretty quickly and just like many others, he still has so much potential to unlock. I’m rooting for buddy.

    3.) Ming Crusader- Sader is also an AI programmed by the CIA and is very handsome and provides a huge buff to any roster he’s on. Once he finally gets a new hammer in the current Grifball game type he’ll ascend to his perfect form and never lose a game ever. But until that day he’ll just keep hawk diving you and scoring until he’s in the championship and somehow loses it but fortunately he won’t have the OHW banter holding him down so he’ll probably win this season. 9/10 best defender in the league by miles. I really don’t think people really understand what they’re going up against this season in this super league. Sader will get to the runner no matter what and you’ll see why he is a pro. Sader is very innovative and has changed how a lot of players play today and as long as he gets the certain style of players he’ll win because he has that strong winning mentality. Sader analyzes the best possible opportunity and looks over the different outcomes so he has back up plan in case best opportunity falls flat. Luck is opportunity plus preparation and that’s Sader in a nutshell, he is prepared for every situation and looks to benefit off of it no matter what.

    2.) Santz the God- Saintz is a god tank but an extremely toxic teammate in the process and from an outsider’s perspective it looks like it costed him and Silva’s companionship. Saintz is confident in his words and has deep desire to win and will guarantee you a hot 800 minute season full of stats and more stats and he’ll win MVP regardless of making playoffs or not cause he played 300 minutes over everyone else. But he’s a god at what he does and can do more than just tank and so if you get picked up by him just enjoy the carry and take all the blame and enjoy your season watching him get multi kills after multi kills while you get screwed over by .2 sword pull out time on plate. But like i said Saintz is more of just a tank he can actually do everything and is one of the last dominant lead tanks in this current meta that doesn’t benefit tanks like it used to. Saintz has shown to be the most dominant tank in Halo 5 Grifball and i don’t care what Rain says because Saintz’ best tanking seasons were against some of the stiffest competition Halo 5 has every collected in pro while Rain dominated in a time where players weren’t as good.

    1.) Ace B Silent- Ace is the best player in the league because he is an AI programmed by the CIA to play games and ultimately defeat Korea in games that matter but unfortunately he didn’t find games like League of Legends fun and found games like Grifball fun and decided to play this instead. For the last 3 seasons Ace was protected from the max bid bullshit and now he’s not so he going to get stuck on shitty teams until we get classic league going or bring back duos. Until then his amazing Grif skill will be wasted on rosters suited for MM pub stopping. RIP Ace, it was an honor to win a championship with you. Overall Ace provides so much to the court such as running, tanking, and teaching that he has reputation of carrying any roster in the pro scene and rightfully so. There’s no opinion i take more to heart than Ace’s because he sees everything and plays everyone differently because he knows everyone’s styles and does his best to try and counter it in every one v one. Ace is like an AI, he knows the code of every player and knows how to combat that with the best possible tactics. Whoever lands him in the pool will get an amazing player but unfortunately with Ace means your other teammates won’t be as good and it will ultimately hurt your team.

    2x back to back Pro Runner of the Season AGLA SL17 and FL17 | 2x AGLA Pro All-Star SL17 and FL17 | Sword of the Season AGLA FL17 and IGL 7 | One time AGLA Pro Champion :) Impulse 17-2 |



    Since bidding has ended there has been endless debate on the discord about who’s winning, how good certain teams are, and which team is the most trash. So I made these community rankings to gather several different opinions and see what the consensus is. We had 17 responses in total, 6 of them from captains. Let’s jump in and see the results.

    Team Name (Captain) [Average Rating]

    10. Corrupt (Rage) [8.29]
    In last place, to the surprise of few, is Rage More Nerd’s collection of players. I did not call them a team because that’s a designation they’re going to have to work for. Rage went for Boss as his first pick, which was a reasonable choice for a ball runner. But reason died there when he picked up copilot and J bomb to round out the squad. Copilot is a runner who doesn’t play customs and I don’t know what he can bring to the table here. J Bomb could be a quality fourth on some teams but this doesn’t feel like a good fit for him. I don’t know who is going to have the ball, rumor has it Boss will be tanking and they’ll be handing it off to Copilot or J Bomb. You hate to see that though since Boss and Rage are easily the best runners on the team.

    Now we’ve got a tie….

    T8. Team 8 (Mungo) [7.88]
    Mungo’s team is an odd one. This is the sort of team I expected Ace to end up on, but instead it’s St0p that has landed here and how hard he can carry will show us how far this team can go. I have faith in Mungo fulfilling his running duties but I think captaining this team will be tough. FBK and xKnight have very…. distinctive, I guess, personalities. Both of them could thrive under firm coaching from a top player. I’m not sure how they’ll do here. Therein lies the difference between Stop and Ace. I actually like the way Stop plays better, but Ace could teach this team so much. Stop with no mic can’t. So I think that’s where this team will fall short.

    T8. Nobility (PD) [7.88]
    Honestly I feel like this team was troll bids but they have a couple believers, enough to get them to a tied 8th position on our rankings. To be fair I haven’t seen perfect demise or revenge enough to say much about them so I probably shouldn’t judge and this will be a short writeup. But honestly what I see is weak tanking and some people that are about to learn how hard passing is against good defense. I like Hawk and wanted him on my team but I’m not sure he’s ready to be the #1 for a team and that’s where he has ended up.

    7. Legacy (Reyas) [7.76]
    I had the tough time ranking this team personally. And I wasn’t alone, because the rankings for this team spanned from 3-10. The kind of disparity is expected when you look at the team. Reyas is the most consistent player here, He’s had a lot of success with aggressive running in legacy and I don’t expect a change of style from him this season. The rest of the team is what has people guessing. Nets the Golden Ticket is still good but he plays best with more support. Gingy’s availability has been the topic of a lot of discussion; supposedly he’ll be able to play the first 2 to 3 weeks then he can’t make anything but weekends which essentially makes him useless. Gambit I haven’t seen in customs for a while so no comment. This team needs to be undefeated with Gingy to make playoffs.

    Those bottom four teams were pretty close. There was a pretty big gap between #6 and #7 so I want to note that here

    6. Notorious (Silva) [5.29]
    What I see here is a typical Notorious team. A runner and three tanks and the potential to have a decent regular season. I don’t see them as a threat for making a championship run, I honestly see them as a Mendoza line for being a playoff team. Meaning if you can’t beat them, you don’t have a chance at the ship, if you can beat them, you do. I say that because active, panthro, and chicken seems like a consistent tanking line with a good runner in Silva behind it. There’s no tricks or conditionals here, we know what we’re looking at.

    This is just my personal opinion, but starting from #5 down is where I see each team as a potential ship contender.

    5. Vanguard (Avenger) [4.70]
    I said Legacy was tough to rate but then I looked at these guys. They had the widest variety of rankings, ranging from #1 to #9 and the largest standard deviation overall. And I easily see why. There’s a lot of potential with this team but it’s also an interesting pairing of players that we haven’t seen before and you never know how that will turn out. I think having Avenger run is the best long term option because if he can get just good enough at it, KD and BCN will do the rest. In fact that’s my personal challenge to him, if he can get good enough at running to stop me from scoring directly off him, they will beat my team. One thing he will have to do is learn his teammates tendencies well, because they all play extremely different. A large part of running is being able to predict your teammates actions and the decision making between KD and BCN is opposite. I think they could also find early success with KD or BCN running, but then their skill ceiling is lower without one of the tanking.

    4. NSFW (Drk) [3.89]
    I heard this team scrimmed last night and I’m curious to hear what people thought. This team looks pretty good to me but there’s a potential for collapse. Drk and Zim is a pretty deadly duo but they’ll have to be the ones to earn wins. Still haven’t played against infektion but supposedly he fills the passive tank role like he did in H4. That means DCleak will have to initiate everything aggressive for this team, which is fine because that’s what he does best. Rayzyr will probably be designated runner to start but I’m not sure it will last long before Drk and Cleak start holding the ball more.

    3. Bomb Squad (Saintz) [3.59]
    No BS, this team is pretty damn good. I will admit I had them lower because I wasn’t high on Rice or Conviction but after scrimming them I see they have the potential to hold their own. Rice still does dumb stuff sometimes but he has the mechanics to ball out, conviction is a little raw but they can both be molded. I’m not sure everybody has realized yet but Hide has evolved from decent to easily top 10. And we haven’t even gotten to Saintz yet. As of last night he seems to have fixed his connection problems and he’s back to dropping +40’s on my ass in 15 minute games. The only real weakness I see is running, they either have to give it to somebody with little experience or have saintz hold it and lose some stopping power.

    2. No Cap (Venom) [2.88]
    I’m a little salty about this team. I had meant to bid on Incrips when I saw him at 10 because that’s way too cheap, he was around #15 in the pool on my list. But then I got distracted with other dumb things and bid page lagging and he slipped through. I think he is by far the best 10 credit bid this season and that’s the exact formula that has gotten Ace ship wins while highest bid before (piggies for 10). From the little I’ve seen of Venom lately I would call him the best legacy runner so they should be set there. Atone is a little bit of a question mark for me because sometimes I see him putting in good work but then other times I see mistakes. But I think Ace can provide the coaching that will make Atone consistent, and make Incrips a playmaker. I’m worried about these guys.

    1. One-Hit Wonders (Sader) [2.47]
    Well look at that. I promise I didn’t rig the voting :P. My team, One-Hit Wonders, tops out the list at #1. We were the most agreed-upon top team, with 13/17 votes putting us top 3 and never outside of top 5. I ended up doing the most predictable thing possible and getting Sab with the majority of my credits. I don’t think I surprised anybody there. My next pick up of Killerz probably isn’t surprising either, considering I picked him up for the very first iteration of OHW years ago. My final bid was the one that caught people off guard. I don’t think many people had heard of Spike18 going into bidding, but I’d seen him play some customs with SKM and I feel like he has a lot of potential. He’s got a lot to learn but he’s smart and I think it will come quickly.

    I think this team can be worthy of the #1 spot IF and ONLY IF we play enough customs to keep it. OHW teams are only ever good when we have enough chemistry to backup our unique playstyle. With a new roster that chemistry needs to be built. Also, in a lower quality league like this the winning team will simply be decided by who makes less dumb mistakes, so we need to stay sharp and avoid those.



    Ok so grading is dead I think, maybe I’ll try and make poptart bring it back but in the meantime here’s my top 15 at each position. I’m super excited to see how this changes because I haven’t gotten to play against the legacy ppl from last season much at all but I’m about to. So they’re pretty underrepresented on these lists but that will change.

    1. Saintz
    2. St0p
    3. Gingy
    4. Ace
    5. Drk
    6. BCN
    7. God of Sprint
    8. Active
    9. Sab
    10. Silva
    11. Nets
    12. KD
    13. Hawk
    14. Fbk
    15. Spike Daddy

    Top 6 was easy for me. It got harder for 7-12. And the last 3 spots I didn’t have anybody really in mind. Everybody after that is inconsistent so I picked 3 people that I’ve seen randomly pop off.

    1. Ace
    2. St0p
    3. Sader
    4. Drk
    5. Cleak
    6. Saintz
    7. KD
    8. Silva
    9. BCN
    10. Rage
    11. Hawk
    12. Venom
    13. Killerz
    14. Gingy
    15. Sab

    I’d like to point out that a lot of the people on this list aren’t the runner on their team, but they are better at it than whoever is. Interesting.

    1. Sader
    2. Saintz
    3. Sab
    4. Cleak
    5. Drk
    6. St0p
    7. Ace
    8. KD
    9. Hawk
    10. Killerz
    11. Rage
    12. Senor Spike
    13. Nets
    14. God of Sprint
    15. Gingy

    Defender is the final category since hybrids aren’t real. Even though that’s my position this season.

    It’s unsurprising to me that my lists reuse a lot of the same people between categories. Some people are just good at this game, sorry.

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