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    Pig and Dark = Rage and BCN. Omega fucking lul

    I actually have no idea which duo you think is better lol



    I’m more surprised that both are above the galvarick combo



    I would totally take Pig and Dark over Rage and BCN.



    Yea I’m not even top 10, can we duo in ammy?



    Whilst I may not understand the majority of sonic’s article, what I do is see is a lot of stuff about me being amazing.

    So as Addison also saw the need to boast, I shall too. #1 player AGLA. It’s lonely in the 80+ club ;)

    Before people get assey, I obviously don’t regard myself as the best.

    Anyway, for sonic! How does my adjusted value work? I didn’t play in the GGL? I also have the full stats for the agla before this one if you wish to use that?

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    You didn’t play in GGL but what I used GGL stats for was to find the average difference in PR when all the players are in a single league. As a whole, Legacy and Ammy players were both pretty consistently about 20-25% lower than players from the league above in terms of PR in GGL, so the combined AGLA list was generated by reducing Legacy and Ammy players’ stat values by that average PR difference (so Legacy stats were worth 75% of their Pro equivalents and Ammy worth 56.25%). PR for the entire AGLA was then generated based on those adjusted stat values after removing any players who only played 1-2 games. I don’t recall the exact ranges off the top of my head but it ended up being something around 45-70 being the bulk of Pro, 35-50 for Legacy, and 20-40 for Amateur, with a couple of outliers scattered here and there.


    Pro Bidding Predictions


    Not Drafted/Ammy
    Life, Myst, Poptart, SKM



    AGLA Pre-Season rankings:

    1. Saintz/Nets/Silva/AJ
    2. Galv/Rick/Gingy/Ezy
    3. Ace/Rain/Cleak/Stop
    4. Crusader/Sab/Jea/KD
    5. Pig/Drk/Dig/Poptart
    6. Rage/BCN/Larry/Hawk

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    1. Notorious – It’s hard to bet against Nets given his track record of getting lucky/carried, and Saintz, the 2nd-5th best player in the league who is fresh off a GGL ship. The team feels good, and the fact is if we can score goals and win games with someone who hasn’t played in years and still tanks like it’s H3, you should prolly watch out when we unleash the guy who HAS played recently and tanks like it’s H3.

    2. Hammerfell (or whatever) – Whelp, this is where the list gets hard. Honestly any of these teams can be in the 2-6 spots. My predictions are usually wrong, so here we go. I’m giving this team the edge because I feel like it’s the most balanced of the top teams. They have Larry whose pretty good, Rage who is ok, then two driven up and comers with BCN and Hawk. This team has the unique advantage of four players that can all make plays, run the ball, and tank pretty well. They all play really similarly which will be interesting to see. As long as they have their communication down and don’t get discouraged in games I could see them doing very well.

    3. Xbox Record That? – I wanted to put this team 2nd, but the question of their fourth player’s performance remains a question. I can definitely see this team doing some damage with the (presumable) tanking line of Pig, Dark, and Digital. I assume Poptart is running which is good, since otherwise he’d just be hammer jumping and feeding, so it’s best to put the ball in his hands so he has to stay grounded. Anyway, the team has an interesting Final Boss-esque mix of play styles with Digital and Dark being mainly passive tanks and Pig being more aggressive. This has proven before to be a pretty deadly combo. XRT has a strong tanking line, playmaking ability, and a pretty decent runner in Poptart when he isn’t trolling. If this team has their communication and teamwork on point, other teams should watch out. They also have Hide who is pretty good, but I would have no idea who would run for this team if he were to play so yeah ima just assume he’s a backup.

    4. One Hit Wonders – I guess. So everyone thought this team would be grabbing DCleak, but Crusader decided to throw a curve ball and pick up Jeakilla. It’s an odd team that I don’t really know what to make of until I’ve seen them play. You have Sader presumably running, Sab standing still, Jeakilla going for kills, and KDSkill trying not to ask for a trade. Nah but really, this is one of those teams that I can see either being really good or being really last-season-Notorious. Jeakilla just historically isn’t the type of pass/playmaking heavy player Crusader and Sab are used to, and KDSkill has a lot of pressure now to perform in pro officially. It’s definitely a team with a lot of potential, and it’s hard to bet against Crusader (Sab it’s easier to bet against), but we’ll just have to see how they all gel together.

    5. Ghosts of Grif (omg) – Alright Galv first off this is the worst team name I’ve heard in a long time. Second off, I started out by saying this team is my dark horse pick for #2 and I still semi stick by that but decided to play it safe because Galv is trash. Nah but really though, this is one of if not the best team on paper at least. Galv has been tryharding a lot in customs lately and is now getting back into form (finally), Gingy has been playing more as well and it shows. The list kinda stops there though. I haven’t seen Rick since a rush a few weeks ago, and obviously Ezy is nowhere to be found. Which is why this team has a big question mark for me. If these four actually get on and practice a lot then I could really see them doing some damage, but I question Gingy and Ezy’s (and Rick apparently unless he was just hiding) dedication to playing outside of official league games. There are still a couple questions with them even then though, primarily the question of who is going to run. Obviously all of them can hold onto the ball, but I’d also say that you kinda want all of them tanking. If this were Halo 4, Ezy would be the runner no question, but he hasn’t exactly excelled at that in H5 when he actually does get on. More than likely we’ll see a lot of Gingy memeing with the ball and not wanting to drop it which as we know can either end well for them or very badly. So the question is do you put in Boss (2nd best runner, 3rd best sword), their draft pick, to run for them, and if so – in place for who? It’s a tough call. If they can figure out that aspect, and watch out for Gingy betrayals, I could see this team doing very well and climbing the ranks.

    6. Vital Signs (this is your team name deal with it) – This is another team that I could easily see being much higher. It’s not like last season where VS, or any team, is very clearly the worst team in the league. I think this is going to be one of, if not the most, balanced season’s we’ve ever had. That being said, this team does have a few issues which leads me to putting them at 6 currently. We played VS last night multiple times with Diablo with them having Rey in for Stop Killing Me and the fact the games were competitive and the fact we won some games makes me question how this team will work out. Apparently, Ace is the runner for this team. Which I mean that’s fine, he’s pretty good at running obviously, but that also means you don’t have him tanking. Ace is a really aggressive, play making tank – this team will lose a lot with him not doing that. From what I saw, DCleak actually seems to mesh with this team better than I would have thought which is good, but there is still the question of SKM. They had Rey in for SKM, and honestly Rey seemed like a better fit than what SKM has been described as, which is just another kill hungry tank. I feel like this team’s success comes strictly down to SKM’s performance (no pressure). If they just go for kills/spawn, this team might struggle, especially with one of the better tanks in the league running the ball. However, if SKM can tank well with Rain and DCleak, this is another team I could see making a splash.

    Well there you have it. The stereotypical post bidding top ___ list that is usually very wrong and pretty much means nothing :).


    Questions each team faces heading into this season

    I really wanted to make a power rankings of the teams, but it’s too hard, they all look too close. So I’m going to do a community survey for that. If you have a minute, please fill it out:

    Instead, I’m just going to look at the biggest question marks for each team right now. These are things each team will have to overcome to be successful. Let’s dive in….

    (Teams in CCV order)

    Next Dimension

    Question 1: Can Silva run effectively with this team?
    Last season it seemed like Silva got pretty frustrated running. I think it was because of how negative IcyViper went tanking. But Sab/Saintz were BOTH in the top 3 overall k/d spread. I think this team will have a very similar amount of tanking power as NOT last season. Saintz will go positive, and Nets/Aj will both go neutral-to-negative. Is that enough for Silva?

    Question 2: How well can Nets lead everybody?
    This is a hard question for me to answer because I’ve never played with Nets. But when I look at Next Dimension right now, it seems like Nets has assembled a clique team that he’s not even a part of. Silva, Aj, Diablo and Saintz are “the good ‘ol boys” that I associate with Notorious. And I know they’re all cool with Nets, but at the same time, I think they’ll feed off each other more than they will their captain. Saintz is the one who needs to bridge the gap.


    Rain’s Team
    Stop Killing Me
    Unique Rose

    Question 1: Will this team develop chemistry?
    Yeah this team is odd. To start, we heard rumors that Ace was losing faith in Rain after this GGL. The Ace/Larry duo almost happened. So the two captains here will need to forgive and forget. Moving on, they max bid DCleak which was an interesting move. I’m not sure how much he has played with anybody on the roster. DCleak also likes to provide pretty blunt feedback during games about what’s going wrong. That can be a good thing to some teams, but I don’t know how well Rain and SKM will take that sort of feedback. That’s not a dig at either of them, I just haven’t played on a team with them before so I don’t know. Lastly, I have no clue who the fourth actually is. SKM is pretty good as a pure tank, but Rose probably might be a better fit for the team.

    Question 2: Will they have a dedicated runner?
    Cleak is capable of running, but I don’t know for sure if that’s the plan. It would leave them with the most tanking power though. Cleak likes to pass, so he’ll have to teach Rain and Ace the way.


    One Hit Wonders
    Myst the Cold

    Question 1: Can Jea fit in with this team?
    The obvious question. OHW is known for playing a very pass-happy playstyle, and has always had the same type of players on the team. Jea seems to buck that trend. He’s a much more kill-oriented player than the rest of them. So will Jea adapt well to this team?

    Question 2: Can this team survive the tanking teams?
    This is a question for OHW every season. But it is a valid one. This One Hit Wonders roster doesn’t have a single top 10 tank, according to the player grades. Will Ace/Rain, or Gingy/Galv just blaze a hole right through them with hammers? That remains to be seen, but it’s definitely possible.


    Xbox Record That
    Digital Pain
    N I C K Kidzz

    Question 1: How much can Dig and Poptart improve?
    Dig is solid, but he’s basically been dead from grif since the last AGLA ended. He played a bit in GGL before his team broke apart. Even during AGLA, he had his ups and his downs. I think he’ll need to be a little more consistent for this team to be successful. Then there’s Poptart who was also pretty inactive until this last week. I don’t know what sort of form he’s in right now, rumor has it he was basically trying to derank in Late League :eyes: He will also need to improve for this team to win. I lowkey know that they’ll both be on plenty to scrim though. I was scouting them both for my own team.

    Question 2: Runner?
    Same question as Rain’s team. I don’t know who will run. I’m assuming it’ll be a runner by committee until I hear otherwise. They could just dump the ball off to Pop and tank him in though.



    Question 1: How will the newcomers do?
    This is Hawk and BCN’s (kinda) first foray into the pro league. Can they compete? I expect so, but you never know until game time. I think they might need a lot of scrims to reach the championship-level though. That’s just because they’re mostly new to playing with each other. Rage/Larry is the only combo here that has a lot of experience together, as far as I know.

    Question 2: Will Larry be as effective with less support?
    Larry was an absolute monster last season, but he also had a monster team behind him. I know it’s basically a meme to say that Larry gets carried now, but this is the team he can kill the meme with. They’re right at the same level as every other team, so If Larry can carry them far, there’s proof that Larry is top 3.


    Ghosts of Grif

    Question 1: How will the zombies perform?
    I haven’t seen RIck or Ezy in customs for a long time. We know what we’re getting with Galv and Gingy; the rest of the team will decide how their season goes. Luckily they ended up with the best draft pick imo, Boss tycoon. I find it likely that he ends up playing over Ezy if Ezy isn’t able to return to his old form. That will be something to watch.

    Question 2: Will this team’s name hold them back?
    No, really. “Ghosts of Grif”? That’s way worse than Kills Optional.



    GoG too GooD



    Jea will fit perfect into the OHW offense he’s good at killing but is very versatile with the passing game. You’ll love him crusader. If he runs he’ll fit perfect into the OHW offense and be a huge tank off ball.

    I used to do stuff



    And we are officially back with another AJLA Top 6 RUUUUUUNNNNNN DOWWWWNNNNNN

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you know the name, A 2 the J, the One with the Juice. Lets break it down.

    6. Vital Signs – Rain/Ace/DCleak/Stop KIlling Me/D- Rose
    Yea I have ace and co. at 6, but in Pro that’s not a big deal, this season is shaping up to be one of the most balanced H5 Bid leagues yet. It shows when Number 1 player, Ace B Silent is sitting at 6 in my power rankings. DCleak is the ultimate role player and honestly a great pairing with the Ace/Rain Duo. Stop Killing me(Who?) is the question mark on the team, im assuming he/she is just a MM stat padder joining the leagues and we all know how that usually ends. Rose should end up being the Starting 4th for this team because she does everything right when it matters the most.

    5. Ghosts of Griff – Galv/Rick/GIngy/Ezy/D- Boss
    First off I’m spelling the name like a noob would, because that’s the kind of company this name deserves. Honestly galv change it. But the galv/rick duo came into bidding with the most credits and spent the most on the player they wanted, Gingy, a shell of his former dominant tanking self, is now more of a hybrid, which is good, that’s what halo 5 is all about. Ezy is too busy playing THE PC, but im sure he will get on 5 minutes after the games are supposed to start and break even with some plays. Boss isn’t playing so he can enjoy his legacy stardom.

    4. Xbox, Record That! – Pig/Drk/Digital/Poptart/D – Hide
    A wild card duo with a wild card team, D^2+P^2=Wins? A little quick maffs for you. Pig is just good, she makes the right plays, shell get tilted every once and awhile, shell lurk 420’s dreams, but at the end of the day she’s going to make plays to win the game. Up and Comer Invayda Zim has arrived, and he, combined with digital will make a strong tanking line for pig/poptart to make plays behind, poptart throws in super serious LL, so I can see XRT starting hot maybe 4-0 and then pop comes in and hammer jumps the entire game. Hide is a great draft pick who can come in and get kills.

    3. Hammerfell (lul) – Rage/BCN/Eastbrook/ThumpingHawk/D – MrAboveAverage
    Another terrible name from Rage More Nerd, but this season the team looks slightly better. Rage and BCN, aka the Late League All Stars are going to try and carry that off season success into the big leagues. BCN finally gets his fair shot at pro, but hell prob end up on the bench on his own team. Larry without the same support as last season will be a fun highlight filled time. Hawk/Silent/One Hawk has improved greatly from legacy to pro, we shall see if that recent improvements will show when it matters the most. Mr AA is a great draft pick who can offer high kill counts and the occasional teleport.

    2. One Hit Wonders – Sader/Sab/Jeakilla/KDSkill/D – Myst the Cold
    I honestly don’t even know why I have them this high, but I have learned not to doubt Crusader and his bidding strategies. We have half of the GGL Champs WiA in Sader and Sab, who have great on/off court chemistry. Then you throw in KD Skill who torched legacy last season and probably should of won Best Defender, we shall see how she comes into Pro this season. Jea “I’ll See you in the Spawns” Killa is back from his ggl suspension and ready to trap you in the spawns. Coming in as a draft pick, Myst the Cold, should be a very capable 5th on this team, shes a smart player and knows how to tank. If crusader can make this team gel together, you guessed it, the ceiling is the roof for this team.

    1. Notorious – Nets/Saintz/Silva/AJ/D – El Diablo
    YOU GUESSED IT, Coming in at number one, the return of the greatest team name in Bid league history, No-No-No-Notorious. Nets and Saintz formed the top rated duo of the season and naturally were left with the least amount of credits to spend. With unanimous Top 2 player Saintz (and hes not 1) he should be a force to reckon with thanks to having his hype man back(me). Nets will be nets and make the right plays and enjoy bad basketball. Silva will be looking to compete head to head with top 3 runner/sword boss tycoon. I will be looking to continue from my dominating legacy championship season, and putting on for all the Elite 4ths everywhere. Diablo is just here to enjoy life.


    The Eastbrook

    My first list on my iconic thread, it feels good to be back :)

    I do want to clarify that I’m a realist and will keep it real on this list completely, i don’t hate my team or anything and basing this list by the right now outlook on the teams.

    Hammerfell/Limitless: Rage, Hawk, Eastbrook, Bcn

    Worst possible placing- 6th

    Best possible placing- 3rd

    Overall placing- 6th

    We are still working out the kinks on the name so please leave Rage alone :(. I think my team has the highest ceiling of potential and if the planets align and everything clicks then we will become a true FORCE. We played one rush and crushed the rush, beating some stacked teams in scrims last night but our energy died out cause it was late and we decided to start the real grind tomorrow (today now). I think the concerns i have for my own team is really me, I’ve definitely became a better person and leader with the help of Nets, Pig, and Ace and i feel like as a person I’ve definitely improved, but I’m hoping i can keep my toxicity inside like i have been and stay focused and motivate my teammates but if i just let myself go I’ll utterly destroy this team from the inside. My internet has been consistent and that’s all i can ask for at this point and my life has been fantastic making me more optimistic so it definitely won’t be an IGL repeat for me (still made top 4 that season so fuck you guys) also have proven to be a top 10 player for over a year now even with my internet going to shit in IGL, but I’d say my flaws is more of mentality with definite flaws in my overly aggressive play style which I’ll definite work on. I think BCN has top 5 potential but i think the real question with him is translating it to league games and if he can do that then i think we’ll have a serious chance to win the ship but then again basing this off right now outlook instead of looking at potential. Rage is Rage and will be great in the regular season and stay consistent. I just hope he stays consistent through playoffs. As for the wild card pick, Thumping Hawk. He’s improved a shit ton over the last 3 months but he still has some big flaws in his game and it all relates to his individual style of play which isn’t really his fault. It’s just something you develop when you play allot of customs, even myself, i fall into those bad habits when i play too many customs where i just become selfish. But i think the more practice as a team , the habits will fade and Hawk will become a really solid player in the pros and I’m super excited for him to become a top player. Overall, Rage is good needs more consistency in playoffs, BCN is god tier if he translates his play into the pros, I’m still a top player i just got to trust my teammates more and not destroy the team from the inside, and Hawk has top 10 potential and will reach it with team scrims. But as of right now just going based off the on paper team i think we won’t make playoffs but that’s realistically speaking but i see so much potential in this lineup and i think we can win it all if everything goes to plan. I hope my teammates don’t take this the wrong way and if it makes them feel any better, I’m 90% of the reason that i think that this team won’t succeed because i really do have more faith in Hawk and Bcn becoming god tier than i do for myself but I’m going to give it 100% and want to be the best teammate i possibly can to these guys. Let’s be honest that BCN and Hawk are the real future of Grifball.

    Xbox Record that: Dark, Pig, Digital, Poptart

    Worst possible placing- 6th

    Best possible placing- 4th

    Overall placing- 5th

    This team is a true wild card and i respect them a ton. Digital is a great lead tank, Dark is the best support tank in the league, Pig is one of the more balanced players in the league being able to roam court and come in as support. The boi Poptart getting a shot at the big leagues :’) most likely going to run for this team which i think will add balance to the team but he is one of those streaky runners who can get on a hot streak and fail to live up to that performance the next game. Poptart will improve because he’s dedicated. Now the real problem i think i have with this team is with conflict between personalities. Dig is a guy who has his own way of running a team as does Dark and it’ll be interesting to see how these two co exist. If they manage that i think this will be another strong tanking duo who will compete well with the other tanking tandems. Who ends up running for this team will be interesting and who will step up as the leader for the team will be interesting as well. This team brings more questions than it does answers looking at this team initially. We won’t really know what this team will be all about until they get on the court.

    Ghosts of Grif: Gingy, Galv, Rick, Ezy, Boss

    Worst possible placing- 6th

    Best possible placing- 2nd

    Overall placing- 4th

    I didn’t want to play for this team because of Rick to be honest. He’s a quiet player put in a leadership role and that’s not a healthy team if that’s the case. Luckily they got a leader in Gingy now with a real strong tanking duo with Galv by his side. Ezy coming in for this team gives Gingy a buff and Gingy gives Ezy a buff making for a scary team. Gingy’s play style will allow Galv to roam court which is what Galv is best at and i think Galv’s previous teams relied too much on Galv leading tanking lines which isn’t really his style. Gingy will take over as lead tank and Galv will go in roam causing distractions and sweeping defenses from the edge. Now running, if Ezy runs this teams goes up on my rankings but it will most likely be Rick doing the running which has been extremely streaky and Boss can only run for certain systems. It’ll be interesting to see what this team does cause they have allot of utility to work with Rick, Ezy, and Boss to fill in the undecided roles. I think the best case scenarios for this team would be: Gingy lead tanks, Galv court roams, Ezy runs, and Rick supports or Gingy leads, Galv, roams, Ezy supports, and Boss runs. But the way it’s looking is Gingy leads, Galv roams, Ezy support, and Rick runs which is why i have this team at number 4.

    Vital Sings: Ace, Rain, Cleak, St0pKillingMe, Rose

    Worst possible placing- 5th

    best possible placing- 2nd

    Overall placing- 3rd

    This team is an interesting one to say the least. Their big three looks great with Ace being the lead, Rain placed in roam, and Cleak serving as a support/running FLEX, just reading that sounds amazing. But let’s be honest with ourselves here, Rose will be starting over Stop, i think Rose brings chemistry and is quite underrated but i think she’s played so long in pro that she’s kind of stuck in her ways as a player and think she’s improving very slowly after her ship season, a reliable player though as she’s pretty consistent and gets some pretty clutch kills. I think “Stop” has more potential than Rose but Stop is such a gamble as he still is match making warrior at heart. “Stop” in my opinion is a fantastic tank and i think putting him in the starting lineup will boost mechanical skill but it will take some time to get him adjusted to the Pro pace as he’s very aggressive. Overall, Rose coming in will be the better option initially but i think if Rain and the gang actually take time to develop StopKillingMe and he shows out i think Stop will become the better long term option for the team. I think that Rain finally built a team that strengthens his weaknesses and i feel he and this team have a real shot at winning it all this season. I think Rain put himself in a perfect position where he doesn’t overload himself and built a team that allows him to play his game . Rain is a great tank but just like Galv they aren’t lead tanks. Rain is a player who needs space and roam court get kills and in this case allow Ace to lead the line, Rose support, and Rain distract and sneak in plate kills.

    One Hit Wonders: Sader, Sab, Jeakilla, KDSkill, Myst the Cold

    Worst possible placing- 4th

    Best possible placing- 1st

    Overall placing- 2nd

    This team looks great and i think everyone agrees. Sader has been able to lead every team he has been on, Sab and Sader have chemistry and won together and they picked a team of new talent with high potential. I love Jeakilla because he is the first match making warrior who I’ve seen who was a kill/KD whore and developed into a team oriented player with top 5 potential. Jea is put in a perfect position where he can be super aggressive and not have to worry about it costing his team and serve as a strong roaming hybrid who can play make and tank his ass off. Him going up and down the court getting kills and catching/passing the ball will benefit Crusader. Sader’s scheme for this team is actually pretty unique. Sab will lead tank, getting the right kills and using positioning to help Crusader find the routes, KD will support Sab with her passive style, and Jea will play that in your face style. I think that odd mix of passive aggressive play will tire teams out and they’ll take advantage of that in the late game. The defense is very strong on the team as well. I think a big problem this team will face going into the season will be the overall consistency of the team. Whether or not Jea, KD, and Sab can perform night in and night out every game. This team will play some long games and over time that can make consistency an issue even in gaming. Overall i think this team will be in the championship and super excited to watch them play this season.

    Notorious: Nets, Saintz, Silva, AJ

    Best possible placing- 1st

    Worst possible placing- 3rd

    Overall placing- 1st

    Notorious is has allot of experience, have allot of winners, and have allot of chemistry. This team on paper looks like the ship favorites and no one can blame you for thinking that. I told Saintz, as long as he picks up smart players he’ll win and they got AJ and Silva who have been playing Grifball for over a decade now. This team looks really good having the best tank in Halo 5, the best winner in Halo 5 and bid league in general, a solid AJ, and a Silva who i personally think is over looked. I think the only problem this team will have is the running situation, Silva gets hot but when he feels off he does not want the ball at all which could lead to some odd runner choices with AJ running or Saintz running which is bad news bears. Saintz needs to be tanking and so does AJ and i think Silva should run no matter how’s he’s feeling cause it’s for the overall best thing he can do for his team as him and Nets are the best fit to run for this team. Overall this team looks pretty good and i don’t see much flaws in the team.

    2x back to back Pro Runner of the Season AGLA SL17 and FL17 | 2x AGLA Pro All-Star SL17 and FL17 | Sword of the Season AGLA FL17 and IGL 7 | One time AGLA Pro Champion :) Impulse 17-2 |



    Team has no floss

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