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    Hello! I’m pleased to bring you another AGLA mixer! With AGLA signups open, I’m happy to be able to bring some #BidHype back to grifball, and for the first time to

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with my mixer events, basically my goal is to mix together players who have signed up for AGLA into lobbies. The lobbies will then go into grifball custom games, and the lobby host will play pickup games. These events will also be a great way to meet other grifballers, make some friends, and possibly find some good fits for your team in the upcoming season. Some of the custom games may also be streamed, so you may a chance to show your skills live! If you’d like to sign up, please just post below, or PM me and I’ll add you to the list! After that, all you have to do is be online and on Halo 5: Guardians at 9pm EST, and you’ll get an invite from your lobby host!

    As an added bonus, I’m giving away codes for 12 months of xbox live gold! You can do a few things to enter yourself in the drawing for the prizes:

    1) Register on Playgrifball
    2) Sign up for the AGLA
    3) Sign up for events and show up to play

    IF you do any of these, you’ll be entered into the drawing, if you do all three of these, you’ll be entered into the drawing THREE times with a higher chance of winning!

    If you are interested in helping host lobbies for this event, please let me know, as we could have multiple lobbies if we get a lot of signups. So dig up all those dead vets, sign up your friends for a chance to win! It’s great to be back for AGLA bid hype, and I hope to see you all at this event. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact myself about this event, or the rest of the AGLA admin team if you have general AGLA questions. See you on the court!

    Signup List

    NOPLEX- Lobby Host
    Mr Ab0veAverage
    Myst The Cold
    Killerz Legit
    Ming Crusader

    Invayda Zim
    Reyas (maybe)
    SKiYTTLES (maybe)
    Galvann (maybe)
    AJ DaJuiceMayne (maybe)

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    I used to do stuff



    Sign me up I suppose 👍



    Sign me up



    Sign me up



    Sign me up, GT is ThumpingHawk

    GGL WL18 Veterans Division Champion | Next Gen



    Mark me a possible



    Sign me you wonderful being.

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    Sign me you wonderful being.

    I gotchu

    I used to do stuff



    Sign me up



    We’ve got 1 lobby locked down. I started a new group with all the maybes.

    I used to do stuff



    I should be able to play after the first hour :) I won’t be offended if space doesn’t open up though

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