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    Hello everyone, this is where we will be discussing everything Late League.

    If you are unfamiliar of what the Late League is, it’s essentially ranked Grifball customs. It has a ladder league type set up for individual players, when you win you will go up the leaderboards, when you lose, you will drop. The system is heavily based off of moba’s such as League of Legends, Smite, ect…

    This is the current Leaderboard that is 100% updated:

    How to get involved:

    Well it’s pretty simple, Late League is a low commitment league, you don’t have to play every time, and you didn’t sign up the first time you can always sign up the next. A Late League host will simply post signups and what time and you’ll sign up for that day/night.

    How it works: Simplified

    As a player you will gain or lose “LP” (League Points) depending on whether win or lose. When you gain enough LP, you will go into your promo’s which will raise you to a new rank. As an example, you are in bronze and you gain enough LP and win your promo’s you will then raise to Silver. It’s more specific then this and you will be able to find out more about this below.


    As well as ranks, there will also be division which is just a tier within a rank as it is in a lot of other ranking systems, to better filter out players ranks making much easier to create teams. So for example, if you are in Bronze, you will also be in a division, so something like, Bronze 3, and Bronze 2 being the higher rank. Below will be a list of what ranks there are, along with the leagues, every one will have division 1-5, 1 being the highest, 5 being the lowest, with the exception of Masters that will have it’s separate rank.


      • Bronze


      • Silver


      • Gold


      • Diamond




    When a player joins for the first time, they will first do their 5 placement matches to determine their starting rank. Their rank will be determined by their win/loss record.

    5-0 = Silver 5
    4-1 = Bronze 1
    3-2 = Bronze 2
    2-3 = Bronze 3
    1-4 = Bronze 4
    0-5 = Bronze 5


    Every time a player wins they will gain +3 LP, every time they lose, -2 LP. There is a max of 10 LP you can gain in a division and once you hit that you will go into your promotionals.

    Win = +3 LP
    Loss = -2 LP

    Raising Division:

    Once you gain 10 LP, you will go into your “promo’s” at that point you will play a best out of 3 series, if you win, you will raise a division if you lose, you will fail your promo’s, stay in that division and lose LP.

    Raising Leagues:

    Exactly the same as raising division except that it is a best of 5 series that you will have to complete.

    Dropping Divisions:

    Once you hit 0 LP, after your next loss you will drop division.

    Dropping Leagues:

    Unlike dropping divisions, you will not immediately drop leagues if you are at 0. Instead you will continue to lose LP and at -6 LP you will drop starting at 0 in the next lowest division.


    You will not drop from LP or rank on 0 if you have; just placed, just climbed rank or just dropped rank.

    Win Streaks:

    Win streaks will start as soon as you hit 3 wins in a row, attaining a win streak will mean that you will get a buff that will help you climb faster as long as you keep that win streak going, once you lose you will lose all benefits to the win streak.

    3 Game Win Streak = +1 LP
    6 = +2 LP
    9 = +3 LP (if in promo’s, a win will count as 2 wins)
    12 = +4 LP per win/3 wins promo’s (if divisional promo’s start off with 2 LP in division)
    ^ Cont after every 3 wins

    Team Building:

    The Late League host will be in charge of creating teams each game, teams are 100% based off of rank and not of what the host actually thinks of the players. The teams each game will be intended to be as equal as can be according to rank. This will not necessarily mean that the teams will be equal each game.

    Wild West Clauses:

    There is no official timeouts in the Late League, it is all under the players discretion to time out if a player afk’s, lags out, ect…

    The hosts are not here to control how the players decide to play, whether they want to try or not it up to them solely. It will however be up to the host to kick you from LL, if they believe you are trolling/griefing.

    Official Hosts – These are all of the players that have the capability to host and know how the system works.
    Ming Crusader
    The Piggies

    Late League has generally been hosted later in the day/night, and will usually run for 4+ hours.

    As of right now the official schedule is being worked on, and I will post it here once it becomes more consistent.

    We are looking for more people to host LL, so if anyone is interested in this message me.

    Looking for hosts that are:
    Willing to host for 4+ hours at least once a week (That’s like 10 or more games usually)

    If anyone has any questions, go ahead ask in here or send me a message!

    Now go discuss!

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